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Can Dogs Eat Plantains? | Are Plantains Good for Dogs?

can dogs eat plantains

Plantains, also known as cooking or vegetable bananas, are a relative of the banana. Plantains are simply starchier and contain less sugar than normal bananas. If your dog is anything like mine, they love bananas, so maybe they’d want to try a bite of their starchy relative! But of course, before giving our pups a new food we must ask, can dogs eat plantains? Are plantains good for dogs? 

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Can Dogs Eat Plantains Safely? (The Short Answer)

Yes, dogs can eat plantains! Plantains are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Like most treats, they shouldn’t be given too often, or in too large of quantities. Additionally, it’s important to make sure they’re cooked properly before giving them to your dog, as raw plantains can cause digestive issues. 

It’s important to remember, that even with the best of intentions, accidents happen and dogs can easily eat things they shouldn’t.  Unfortunately, even if those accidents aren’t fatal, they can result in huge, unexpected veterinary expenses.  That’s why we recommend all responsible dog owners get a free, online pet insurance quote from Healthy Paws.

Are Plantains Good For Dogs?

We’ve already answered the question, “can dogs eat plantains?” Now, let’s learn about the benefits of feeding your dog this food! Are plantains good for dogs?

Yes, plantains are good for dogs! That being said, they shouldn’t be a regular on your dog’s menu, but a treat for special occasions. Plantains are packed with nutrients! There’s a long list of all the vitamins and minerals that are in plantains, along with a high amount of fiber which makes this a nutritious new treat option. 

The good and bad part about plantains is its fiber content. Fiber, of course, is good for digestive health. That being said, too much can have a negative effect on the digestive system. It’s important to remember to only give plantains in moderation, because while fiber is healthy, too much can be a bad thing. 

Let’s look at some of the vitamins and minerals in plantains! Plantains contain vitamins A and C.  Minerals consist of magnesium and potassium. Here’s how these can help your pups!

  • Vitamin A: Responsible for growth, immune function, and cell function.
  • Vitamin C: Reduces inflammation, slows cognitive aging, and rids the body of free radicals. 
  • Magnesium: A cofactor used in hormone secretions, and maintaining balance across the cell membranes.
  • Potassium: Functions include electrical charges that operate the heart, nerves, and muscles .

Are Plantains Bad for Dogs?

We’ve already answered the question, “can dogs eat plantains?” Now, let’s learn about the dangers of feeding your dog this food! Are plantains bad for dogs?

There are few dangers associated with dogs eating plantains.  Plantains aren’t bad for dogs, as long as they’re prepared correctly! Just like when humans eat plantains, we have to cook them before serving. 

First and foremost, plantains MUST be cooked before giving them to your dog. Plantains have a high starch content which makes them difficult to digest, and may cause an upset tummy for your puppy. Cooking plantains transforms the starch into a more easily digestible form.

If plantains have to be cooked, how should you do it? Well, plantains can be baked, boiled, grilled, or fried, but they should only be given to your dog boiled. We recommend you boil a plantain for 25-30 minutes. Frying or baking plantains will often add calories or other ingredients that are not good for dogs. Additionally, fried foods can be very dangerous for dogs and cause pancreatitis. Plantains should also be cut into small pieces appropriately sized for your dog to avoid any risk of choking. 

It’s also important to note that a plant by a similar name, “Plantains Lily” is, in fact, poisonous to dogs. This plant resembles a lavender plant, and does not bear fruit. 

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Other Varieties & Related Foods:

Can Dogs Eat Fried Plantains?

No, no, no! Dogs can not eat fried plantains. As delicious as they may be, fried and fatty foods can be very dangerous for dogs. It can cause inflammation of the pancreas and lead to pancreatitis, which can be deadly. If your dog has eaten fried foods and you notice vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, or lethargy, you should contact your veterinarian promptly. 

Can Dogs Eat Sweet Plantains?

Yes, dogs can have sweet plantains! This is simply another term used for plantains that are ripened. They’re generally softer, yellow, and sweet, but also just as starchy.  Therefore, the same rules apply, they should be boiled before being fed to your furry companion, and should only be given as a special treat! 

Are Raw Plantains Safe For Your Pup?

No, dogs can not eat raw plantains! Plantains have a high amount of starch in them, which is virtually indigestible before they’re cooked. Cooking plantains transforms the starch into a more easily digestible food. This is the same reason why humans don’t eat raw potatoes

In Conclusion: Can Dogs Have Plantains?

Yes, dogs can have plantains. The cooking banana is a great source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals! With not quite as much sugar as bananas, they’re a great treat option that both you and your pup will love! Be sure to boil the plantains before you serve them!

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Disclaimer: We are not veterinarians and this article should not be taken as medical or veterinary advice.  If you have any questions about your pet’s health or dietary needs, please contact your local veterinarian.