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Can Dogs Eat Celery? | Is Celery Good for Dogs?

is celery good for dogs

Celery is an extremely healthy part of a human diet, but can dogs eat celery?  Is celery good for dogs? Whether your dog is simply staring longingly at your snack or you’re trying to substitute low calorie treats to fight off canine obesity, we’ll give you all the details on whether celery is healthy for your four-legged friend to have too!

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Can Dogs Eat Celery? (The Short Answer)

Celery is absolutely a healthy treat that you can feed to your dog on a regular basis.  Just don’t over-do it, avoid giving them the leaves, and make sure to watch them while they eat in case choking occurs!

It’s important to remember, that even with the best of intentions, accidents happen and dogs can easily eat things they shouldn’t.  Unfortunately, even if those accidents aren’t fatal, they can result in huge, unexpected veterinary expenses.  That’s why we recommend all responsible dog owners get a free, online pet insurance quote from Healthy Paws.

Is Celery Good For Dogs?

We’ve already answered the question, “can dogs eat celery?” Now, let’s learn about the benefits of feeding your dog this food! Is celery good for dogs?

The main benefit of celery is that it is a low-calorie treat.  This is especially useful for owners who are trying to help their dogs lose weight.  Not only are they low in calories but they’re high in Vitamin A which helps keep your furry friend’s skin and coat healthy.  It also has a lot of Vitamin K which helps keep bones strong and is essential for healthy blood clotting.  Fiber is another healthy component of celery, as it helps in digestion and weight management.  Finally, it consists of 95% water which makes it a good way of keeping your pup hydrated when they’re not drinking from their bowl often.

Is Celery Bad For Dogs?

Like all foods, celery is not without risk and every dog reacts differently to food choices.   The main thing to remember when giving your dog celery is to not over-do it.  Celery should not comprise more than 10% of your dog’s diet, even if you’re trying to help them lose weight.  Additionally, celery can be a choking hazard, particularly for small dogs, so make sure you cut it into small, bite-sized pieces.  Avoid giving your pup the celery leaves as well as they can sometimes contain harmful chemicals.

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Other Varieties & Related Foods:

Now that we’ve answered the question, “can dogs eat celery?” let’s learn about these other related foods!

Can Dogs Eat Celery Sticks?

Due to celery being a common choking hazard, it’s best to give your dog celery in pieces vs. the entire stick.  Simply chop it up into bite-sized chunks to feed your dog as a snack!

Can Dogs Eat Celery Leaves?

While there are mixed opinions on this, it’s best to avoid taking the unnecessary risk of giving your dog celery leaves.  Celery tends to be a vegetable that receives a lot of pesticides while growing and the leaves absorb many of these potentially-harmful chemicals.  For that reason, you should avoid giving your dog celery leaves.

Is Cooked Celery Safe for Your Pup?

Yes, cooked celery is a great choice for our four-legged friends!  Especially if your pup has trouble chewing, the softer cooked celery is a fantastic option.

In Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Celery?

Is celery good for dogs?  Absolutely.  As long as you don’t make it more than 10% of your dog’s diet, avoid the leaves, and watch them carefully to make sure they don’t choke.  Make this an occasional treat or a more reoccurring component of your dog’s diet!

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Disclaimer: We are not veterinarians and this article should not be taken as medical or veterinary advice.  If you have any questions about your pet’s health or dietary needs, please contact your local veterinarian.