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Can Dogs Eat Cranberries? | Are Cranberries Good for Dogs?

can dogs eat cranberries

Cranberries are a popular snack among health-conscious humans, so it is only natural to wonder “can dogs eat cranberries too?”  After all, they’re likely eyeing up your supply already!  Especially around Thanksgiving time, when cranberry sauce is a crowd favorite, this question gets posed more and more.  Are cranberries good for dogs? Let’s get right to the answer!

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Can Dogs Eat Cranberries? (The Short Answer)

Cranberries are, by themselves, safe for dogs.  The key to this is making sure they are fed only in moderation and plain.

It’s important to remember, that even with the best of intentions, accidents happen and dogs can easily eat things they shouldn’t.  Unfortunately, even if those accidents aren’t fatal, they can result in huge, unexpected veterinary expenses.  That’s why we recommend all responsible dog owners get a free, online pet insurance quote from Healthy Paws.

Are Cranberries Good for Dogs?

We’ve already answered the question, “can dogs eat cranberries?” Now, let’s learn about the benefits of feeding your dog this food! Are cranberries good for dogs?

Cranberries have a huge array of health benefits for your dog!  They are a low-calorie snack that are filled with antioxidants that help boost your pup’s immune system and decrease inflammation.  Additionally, they are high in fiber potassium, and vitamin C.  Fiber is particularly important in your dog’s diet as it helps reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal diseases, and hypertension.  Finally, cranberries can help your dog fight off bacteria and even reduce their chances of cancer.  It really is a little miracle fruit!

Are Cranberries Bad for Dogs?

Are cranberries toxic to dogs?  Are cranberries poisonous to dogs?  The answer to both of these questions is no.  Cranberries are safe for our pups in limited quantities.  If too many are consumed in a short period of time, it could result in some gastrointestinal issues that won’t be particularly fun for you or your pup.  Additionally, cranberries are highly acidic and eating too many could lead to urine alteration and potentially kidney stones, especially in smaller pups.

The major catch to whether they are safe in various food items is what they are mixed with when prepared or eaten.  Keep reading for an exhaustive list of cranberry food items and whether they are safe for your four-legged companion!

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Cranberry Alternatives for Dogs

If your dog is allergic to cranberries or you don’t have plain cranberries available, there are some other similar alternatives to try:

Varieties of Cranberries & Cranberry Products:

Can Dogs Eat Cranberry Sauce?

Cranberry sauce is a fantastic treat enjoyed by us humans around the holidays, but can we let our pups partake?  The answer is maybe.  It’s important to know every ingredient that is contained in the cranberry sauce as it can contain a few popular, but very dangerous foods for dogs.  Grapes, raisins, and currents are all common ingredients that need to be avoided at all costs as they are highly toxic to dogs.  Another ingredient sometimes included is brandy which should be avoided as alcohol is also toxic to dogs.  Finally, remember that even if these ingredients are all excluded, cranberry sauce is very high in sugar so make sure to feed your dog very small portions or, even better, just a taste.

Can Dogs Eat Dried Cranberries?

Yes, dried cranberries are safe for dogs!  However, be sure they aren’t mixed with raisins which are very dangerous to dogs.  Also, keep in mind that many commercial brands of dried cranberries contain lots of sugar so keep portions in moderation and try to opt for lower or no-sugar brands.

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Can Dogs Drink Cranberry Juice?

Many people believe that cranberry juice will help their dogs with UTIs.  The facts are that there aren’t enough scientific studies completed to back this up, so be sure to get conventional veterinary care to help with UTIs.  With that being said, cranberry juice is a safe treat for dogs to drink as long as it isn’t mixed with too much sugar or, even worse, grape juice which is toxic.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Cranberries?

Yes, cranberries are safe and healthy when eaten completely raw.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Cranberries?

Yes, cooked cranberries are safe and healthy as long as no additional ingredients are added.

In Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Cranberries

Cranberries have amazing health value for dogs and are definitely a great treat to give in moderation.  As long as you avoid excess sugar and more importantly grapes, raisins, alcohol, and other toxic ingredients commonly added, your dog will be safe and healthy!

Disclaimer: We are not veterinarians and this article should not be taken as medical or veterinary advice.  If you have any questions about your pet’s health or dietary needs, please contact your local veterinarian.