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These 21 Photos of Doodles With Santa Would Make Even the Grinch Smile

Whether your pup made naughty or nice list this year, there’s no better photo opportunity than a picture with Santa!  Not every dog is a fan of Jolly Old Saint Nick, but sometimes the outtakes make for the cutest memories.

Ready to get in the holiday spirit?  Check out these adorable photos with Santa from the Popular Doodle community!

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This is the only appropriate reaction to meeting a doodle.

Photo courtesy of Dawn Jackson on Facebook.

When you meet a celebrity as big as Santa, you make sure to wear your finest Sunday sweater.

Photo courtesy of Anna Blank on Facebook.

This fluff ball better hope Santa doesn’t mistake him for a stuffed animal!

Photo courtesy of ZEDRIC on Facebook.

Blending in perfectly with Santa’s beard! 😎

Photo courtesy of Patricia Gregovics Stetz on Facebook.

“Is sitting on his lap required or just a suggestion?”

Photo courtesy of Breanna Brown on Facebook.
Popular Doodle LOVE Doodles T-Shirt

If the Claus family had a Christmas card, this would be it.

Photo courtesy of Kaela Ann Powers on Facebook.

Pro Tip: There’s no limit on how many years in a row you can ask Santa to bring you a doodle for Christmas.

Photo courtesy of Kim McNamara / That Dood Squad on Facebook.

Sometimes friendship takes a bit of time…

Photo courtesy of Mallory Marsh‎ on Facebook.

Just another reason why it should be totally acceptable to wear PJs out in public.

Photo courtesy of Samantha Levine on Facebook.

Look at this love! 💕

Photo courtesy of Amy Wolf Shackelford on Facebook.

When Santa hits just the right spot. 🙌🏻

Photo courtesy of Jill Carpenter Swan on Facebook.

This looks straight out of a Hallmark movie.

Photo courtesy of Lori Dykhuizen on Facebook.

Game over, friends. These two have won Christmas!

Photo courtesy of @buster.adventure.doodle on Instagram.

My expression every time I pass a doodle on the street.

Photo courtesy of @minidoodlemoo on Instagram.

Santa is looking especially cute in this photo, but why is there no doodle?!

Photo courtesy of @stogiemonster on Instagram.

Bowties make everything better!

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Ayers on Facebook.

The look of pure betrayal.

Photo courtesy of Mya Thao‎ on Facebook.

They say Santa’s pretty big…but have they met a Newfypoo?

Photo courtesy of Whitney Bennett Turner on Facebook.

In Pittsburgh, Santa knows exactly where to find the goodest boys and girls all in once place…at a doodle romp!

Photo courtesy of Lindsey McConnell on Facebook.

Who wore it better: Santa or the Sheepadoodle?

Photo courtesy of Nanci Despond on Facebook.

Santa can be a very polarizing figure.

Photo courtesy of Vera Maria Pereira Cardoso on Facebook.

Have a great photo of your doodle with Santa? We’d love to see it! Join the community and share it with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!