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Goldendoodle Lion Cut: 16 Examples of This Unique Haircut for Dogs!

lion goldendoodle haircut

A Goldendoodle lion cut is quite polarizing amongst dog owners.  Some people LOVE the look while others think it’s simply embarrassing.

But, if you and your Goldendoodle have an outgoing, fun-loving personality this could be the look you never knew your pup needed!

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The popularity of this grooming style skyrocketed in 2013 when a hilarious news story broke.  In Norfolk, Virginia a frenzy of 911 calls were placed after people reported seeing a baby lion on the loose.  That “baby lion” turned out to be a Labradoodle with this snazzy haircut!

Check out the video!

Before you commit to such a bold look for your pup, it’s good to have some examples of what to expect.  In this article, we’ll give you 16 adorable photos of the Goldendoodle lion cut that you can use for inspiration and to show your groomer exactly what you have in mind!

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Photo courtesy of Azure Winter Wyssmann on Facebook.

What is a Goldendoodle Lion Cut?

A Goldendoodle lion cut is a fun, unique hairstyle for dogs that makes your pup look similar to a lion!  It’s achieved by trimming your dog’s coat in such a way to give the appearance of having a Goldendoodle lion mane!

While the length of a Goldendoodle lion haircut will vary, the shorter areas typically include the back half of the body, the legs, and sometimes the face.  The areas left longer will be the top of the head, neck, and the front third to half of the body.

Many owners opt for the short areas of your Goldendoodle’s coat to be 1/4 inch long.  However, you can make this longer to achieve a more subtle look.

Photo courtesy of Janet Shanle on Facebook.

Great Occasions for a Goldendoodle Lion Haircut!

If you’re not so bold as to have your pup rock the lion haircut for dogs year-round, there are a few occasions that make great “excuses” to have some fun with this look!

Halloween is most obvious “excuse” to give your Goldendoodle a lion haircut.  Imagine the thrill your neighbors would get seeing a real-life lion walking around!

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You can even take it a step further and make it a family costume, dressing up as a zookeeper, circus performer, or Lion King character to compliment your Goldendoodle.

Local parades, contests, or even virtual photo competitions are other great opportunities to show off your Goldendoodle’s lion haircut!  Your dog will be the star of the show for looking both adorable AND unique!

Photo courtesy of @starwars_doods on Instagram.

How Long Will It Take for My Dog’s Hair to Grow Back?

Not sold that the lion cut is the look you want your Goldendoodle to have?  Don’t worry, even the worst haircuts are only temporary!

If this look isn’t everything you hoped it would be, in just 6-8 weeks your Goldendoodle’s hair will be grown back in and the look won’t be nearly as noticeable.

Luckily, if you don’t want to wait that long, this haircut is easily fixable at the groomers.  It’s incredibly simple to go from a lion cut to a summer cut instead!  We have an entire article dedicated to short Goldendoodle haircuts, so you can check out all the before and after photos here!

Lastly, if you’re still not ready to commit, there’s a much more temporary solution to consider.  There are Goldendoodle lion mane costumes available on Amazon that you can purchase!  It’s not quite the same as a genuine doodle lion cut, but it’s a great temporary option for those who are on the fence!

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More Examples of Goldendoodles Rocking the Lion Haircut for Dogs

Although the face of this Goldendoodle remains fluffy, notice how the hair at the tip of the tail makes the look more realistic.

Photo courtesy of @flounderdoodle on Instagram.

Here is an example of leaving the shorter fur on the back of the body longer to make the hairstyle more subtle.

Photo courtesy of @huffman_jt on Instagram.

This mini Goldendoodle lion cut looks just as good on a smaller dog as it does a larger dog!

Photo courtesy of @krystinamarieroberts on Instagram.

A great angle of that beautiful “lion” mane!

Photo courtesy of @westparkanimalhospital on Instagram.
Photo courtesy of Ali Shia on Facebook.
Photo courtesy of Bruce & Kathryn from Philadelphia.
Photo courtesy of Canine Acres Pet Resort.
Photo courtesy of Emily Garrett on Facebook.
Photo courtesy of Kaylee Slobotski on Facebook.
Photo courtesy of Lance Tophoj on Facebook.

The longer hair at the paws of this Goldendoodle are optional, but add an even more unique touch to this haircut.

Photo courtesy of Marcus Nunes on Facebook.
Photo courtesy of Somer Tangorra on Facebook.
Photo courtesy of Yesenia Rivero Villalobos on Facebook.

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