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Schnoodle Haircut Styles: Before & After Grooming Photos!

schnoodle haircuts

Schnoodles can have a variety of fur types and colors, giving each dog a unique and distinct appearance. While they’re born with naturally adorable looks, as an owner you have the ability to customize their appearance with one of numerous Schnoodle haircuts.

Which of the Schnoodle hair styles you choose for your dog will depend on what suits them best and what look you’re hoping to achieve.

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Schnoodles are moderately well-known dogs but they are becoming more popular as time goes on. Most good groomers will at least be familiar with Poodle mixes and the haircut styles that suit them best.

There is a huge array of Schnoodle haircuts to choose from and we’ve compiled pictures and descriptions of the best ones out there. With this information, you can make an informed decision the next time you’re at the grooming salon.

If you’d like, bring along one of the photos in this article so you can easily describe the haircut you’re hoping to achieve!

Traditional Schnoodle Haircuts

Below is a list of the more traditional Schnoodle haircut styles. You’ll likely be familiar with these from seeing Schnoodles online or at your local dog park. These are the cuts your groomer will be most comfortable with.

Schnoodle Teddy Bear Cut

Who doesn’t love the classic teddy bear cut? Like most Poodle crosses, the Schnoodle absolutely rocks this timeless trim.

This Schnoodle hair style works well for both males and females and suits any age.

The Schnoodle teddy bear cut consists of fur that is the same length all over the body—usually 1-2 inches.  The head is kept at a slightly longer length and rounded to resemble the iconic look of a teddy bear.

The fur length along the legs is same as at the paws, making for a straight line that is visually appealing. The ears should be blended evenly around the face and the tail should be left long and flowing.

schnoodle teddy bear cut
Photo Credit: Catherine A. on Facebook

Schnoodle Puppy Cut

There is something utterly charming about puppy fur. Soft and fluffy, it makes you want to snuggle with them all day long!

So, it is little wonder that groomers have recreated the look for dogs of any age to rock.

The Schnoodle puppy cut is similar to the typical teddy bear cut but the fur is an even length from head to tail.

schnoodle puppy cut
Photo Credit: Kim F. on Facebook

Schnoodle Summer Cut

As the name implies, the Schnoodle summer cut is the perfect look for those warmer months. When the sun is out, your Schnoodle will want to keep cool and won’t want lots of fur weighing them down.

Summer cuts ensure the fur is kept tight to the body. A coat length of about half an inch is what we are aiming for in this Schnoodle hair style.

Not only does this short Schnoodle haircut look nice and neat, it also keeps your pet healthy. With long and thick fur, a Schnoodle is at much higher risk of heat stroke during the hotter months.

schnoodle puppy cut
Photo Credit: Jamie F. on Facebook

Shaved Schnoodle

Shaving all of your Schnoodle’s fur off is typically not recommended. This is because their coat keeps them insulated and protects them from the elements. It also acts as a barrier against allergens like grass and pollen.

However, there will be certain situations when a groomer needs to shave some fur off. This may be in just a few section where your Schnoodle may have matted hair.

In some cases though, a Schnoodle will be shaved all over. If this is recommended by your groomer or veterinarian, you should never feel ashamed have your Schnoodle shaved. Your pup will still be adorable and their hair will grow back in no time!

Photo Credit: William M. on Facebook

Fun, Unique Schnoodle Haircuts

While most of us like to travel the beaten path of well-known styles, some owners will want to go for something completely different.

Perhaps your Schnoodle has a photo shoot coming up, or they have a big personality that you want to complement. Why not consider one of these more alternative styles for them?

Schnoodle Poodle Cuts

The Schnoodle is, of course, 50% Poodle. So, they are no stranger to the world of dog shows and over the top styled coats. The Poodle is the quintessential trendy, high fashion dog.

There are a multitude of ‘Poodle cuts’ that work well on most Schnoodles. They look especially good on those Schnoodles who have inherited the curly coat type from their Poodle lineage.

Experienced groomers will be well acquainted with a number of Poodle cuts including:

  • Continental Cut – When we think of a show Poodle standing proudly in a show ring, we are probably picturing them with a continental cut. The classic pom poms of fur on their wrists, ankles and tail and their long, crimped ears and ‘afro’ ensure they stand out from the crowd. 
  • Miami Cut – This style means that the Schnoodle is clipped short all over except for some longer fur on their lower limbs, head and tail.  This is sometimes also referred to as the Bikini Cut.
  • Town & Country Cut – For this interesting style, the face, feet, belly and neck are trimmed short. Not only do these dogs look classy, they stay nice and cool too.
  • Lion Cut – With hairless limbs, a large mane, and furry ears the lion cut is one of the most dramatic there is. Popular with owners around Halloween, this is a style that is sure to get a reaction from passers-by on the street.
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Schnoodle Schnauzer Cut

Of course, not every Schnoodle will look like a Poodle and some will have more of the physical characteristics of the Schnauzer. The Schnauzer’s fur is wiry and does not lend itself to as many styles as the Poodle’s.

Groomers leave these dogs with their characteristic mustache and beard but trim their coat all over so it looks lovely and neat.

schnoodle schnauzer cut

Schnoodle Mohawk 

For the more adventurous owner, why not treat your dog to a mohawk?

A Schnoodle mohawk is a sure-fire way for your dog to stand out from the crowd. Most often paired with a Schnoodle summer cut or teddy bear cut, the strip of fur on the top of their head is the added cherry on top of the cake.

You can see some examples of this style on Goldendoodles here!

Which Schnoodle Hairstyle Should I Try?

With such an array of hairstyles, it is difficult for an owner to make a choice. When it comes to picking one of the many Schnoodle haircuts, you should consider the following…

What’s Your Personality?

If you’re an owner who likes to blend in and go with the flow, a Schnoodle teddy bear cut is probably for you. If you’re someone who likes to be chic and elegant, consider opting for one of the glamorous Poodle cuts.

Looking to show off your dog’s care-free, fun-loving personality? Well, surely the Schnoodle mohawk is a good choice for your pooch!

What is the Weather Like?

When it comes to our Schnoodle’s coat, while it can be fun to get carried away, we do need to be practical.

Some of the hairstyles listed above mean your Schnoodle is left with very short fur. This wouldn’t work as well in the wintertime if you live in a very cold climate.

Does Your Schnoodle Get Dirty Often?

If your Schnoodle loves to swim, jump in muddy puddles and roll around in the grass, it makes sense to stick to a style with shorter fur. Otherwise, you’ll cause yourself a lot of heartache trying to detangle and clean their fur at the end of every day.

Pro Tip: Using a MudBuster works wonders at cleaning mud and caked-on snow off your dog’s paws!

Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer / Paw Cleaner

How Often Can You Commit to Brushing?

Some Schnoodle hairstyles are more high maintenance than others. While some of the more elaborate cuts may look divine, they require a lot of uptake.

If your dog is not one to sit still for long brushing sessions or if you don’t have the time to maintain a longer hairstyle, consider a short Schnoodle haircut.

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Schnoodle Grooming Tips

Start Grooming Early

As a vet, if there is one tip I can give a Schnoodle owner it would be to start their grooming from day one.

They need to get used to us looking inside their ears, brushing their teeth, clipping their nails, and grooming the more sensitive parts of their body.

Keep the initial sessions short and sweet and always remember to praise your pup heavily for remaining calm and cooperative.

Find the Right Groomer or Try DIY Grooming

There is a real difference between a ‘just okay’ groomer and an outstanding groomer. Finding one that understands your Schnoodle and their coat is key if they are to look their best.

Ask around in your area, as good groomers will always have plenty of positive reviews from loyal clients.

When it comes to this breed, DIY Schnoodle grooming is not for the faint of heart. Consider going to a course beforehand, to ensure you’ve mastered the basics. If you are able to become proficient at this skill, it can save you lots of money over your Schnoodle’s lifespan.

Use Before & After Photos of Your Favorite Schnoodle Hairstyle

Nowadays, it is easy to pull up a photo on to your phone to show your groomer as an example. In fact, you can even use the photos from this article! This way, there is no confusion when it comes to the style you’re after.

If your Schnoodle comes out of the grooming salon looking particularly adorable, snap a pic so you can ask for a copycat look the next time!

Brush Frequently to Avoid Schnoodle Matting

Unfortunately, most Schnoodles can get matted fur easily, especially on their face, ears, paws and under their armpits. To prevent this from happening, brush them daily and focus on these ‘problem’ areas.

The Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush is a favorite of many Schnoodle owners and can help keep fur knot and mat free. Rather than tug at the fur, it glides through it, prevent any unnecessary discomfort when brushing.

Chris Christensen Big G Dog Slicker Brush

If you have a smaller size of Schnoodle, you’ll want to opt for the Baby G variety of this brush instead.

Chris Christensen Baby G Dog Slicker Brush

Don’t Forget the Teeth & Nails

Many owners overlook their Schnoodle’s teeth and nails, but this can lead to serious repercussions down the line.

Brush their teeth daily with a doggy toothbrush and pet-safe toothpaste. This prevents plaque from building up and minimizes gingivitis and painful periodontal disease.

Overgrown nails can lead to painful walking and even skin infections. As dogs get older, they are less able to keep their nails short—don’t forget their dew claws (thumb nails) as well! 

The Safari Professional Nail Trimmer is a good product that many Schnoodle owners have found easy to use and effective.

Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Dogs

Schnoodle Grooming FAQs

How Much Does a Schnoodle Grooming Appointment Cost?

The cost of a Schnoodle grooming appointment can range between $50-150, mostly depending on your dog’s size.  Nail grinding, teeth brushing, and specialty shampoos can add to this price.  On top of all that, don’t forget to tip!

How Fast Does Schnoodle Hair Grow Back?

A Schnoodle’s hair typically grows at a rate of 1/2 to 1 inch in length per month.  That means after being shaved it could take about 2-4 months for your Schnoodle’s hair to grow back to 2 inches in length.

Keep in mind, this timeframe depends on your dog’s genetics and coat type. As a cross-breed, this varies dramatically from individual to individual. Fur regrowth also depends on things like health status, nutrition and age.

How Often do Schnoodles Need Haircuts?

Schnoodles usually need haircuts every 1-3 months.  The frequency in which you get your Schnoodle groomed varies depending on how quickly their hair grows as well as how consistent you want their look to be.

When Should a Schnoodle Puppy’s First Haircut Be?

A Schnoodle puppy should visit the groomer for the first time at about 4 months old. Typically this is called a ‘puppy trim’ and is primarily to get them used to the environment.

Most Schnoodles don’t need their first ‘real’ groom until about 7 or 8 months old.  In fact, giving a Schnoodle a full haircut before they’ve shed their puppy coat can result in permanent damage to their developing adult coat.

What is the Best Schnoodle Winter Cut?

When the weather is cold, you’ll want your Schnoodle to have some protection. Go for your Schnoodle hair style of choice, but ensure the fur is at least an inch long all over.

Typically, Schnoodle owners will opt for a teddy bear cut or a longer puppy cut in the cold climate.

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Dr. Linda Simon

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Dr. Linda Simon is a small animal veterinary surgeon who works as a locum vet in the UK. She qualified in 2013 from UCD, Ireland and was top of her year in small animal medicine. Linda writes for a range of animal-related publications and is the resident vet for Pooch & Mutt dog food. She is a proud doodle owner who shares her life with a 3 year old Cavapoo named Raffie!