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Sheepadoodle Haircut Styles (Before and After Grooming Photos)

Owners of the Old English Sheepdog and Poodle mix have the privilege and enjoyment of experimenting with different Sheepadoodle haircuts. A Sheepadoodle hair style is often just as much about personality as it is about practicality.

Popular Sheepadoodle haircuts include puppy cuts, teddy bear cuts, summer cuts, close shaves, and shaggy cuts. More eclectic Sheepadoodle hair styles include mohawks, lion cuts, and topknots.

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Just like with humans, every Sheepadoodle is bound to have some great haircuts and some not-so-great haircuts over the course of their lifespan. Learning to accurately describe and communicate your expectations to a professional groomer will hopefully give you more successes than failures!

The goal of this article is to help you select your preferred Sheepadoodle haircut and communicate that effectively with your groomer.  We’ll also share some fantastic Sheepadoodle grooming tips along the way, so keep reading!

Do Sheepadoodles Need Haircuts?

All Sheepadoodles need haircuts from time to time—usually every 1-3 months.  How frequently you’ll be visiting the grooming salon depends on your Sheepadoodle’s generation and the hair style you choose.

Without regular grooming appointments, a Sheepadoodle’s coat will quickly overwhelm its owners. Thanks to its length and often curly texture, a Sheepadoodle’s hair is prone to matting.

A matted Sheepadoodle can lead to skin irritation, hot spots, parasite infestations, and general discomfort. 

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The Cost Of Grooming A Sheepadoodle

Just like the cost of a Sheepadoodle puppy is expensive, getting your dog groomed is also not cheap.  In fact, a Sheepadoodle is one of the more expensive dog breeds to have professionally groomed due to their large size and challenging coats.

A Sheepadoodle grooming appointment will typically cost between $80 and $200 for a basic brush, bath, and haircut. Your Sheepadoodle’s size, age, coat condition, and the requested hair style will determine whether you pay the low or high end of this range.

Extras like nail clipping, teeth cleaning, anal gland expression, and specialty shampoos are additional costs added to the final bill. Don’t forget to add in a tip as well!

Common Sheepadoodle Haircuts

These styles are common amongst Sheepadoodle owners for their cute looks and practicality. Most Sheepadoodles you see around town or on the internet will have one of these grooming styles.

Sheepadoodle Puppy Cut

Despite what you might think, puppy cuts are perfect for Sheepadoodles of all ages. The name comes from the innocent appearance this grooming style gives—like that of a puppy.

To achieve a Sheepadoodle puppy cut, the coat is cut to an even length of 1 to 3 inches.

A well-executed Sheepadoodle puppy cut should have no clipper lines, jagged edges, or lopsided cuts. Instead, your Sheepadoodle should walk out of that salon looking like a soft, cuddly puppy!

This style is relatively easy to maintain and requires minimal grooming between salon appointments. This makes the puppy cut ideal for wriggly puppies short on patience and older dogs intolerant of extended Sheepadoodle grooming sessions.

sheepadoodle puppy cut
Photo Credit: Caroline T. on Facebook

Sheepadoodle Teddy Bear Cut

Many professional groomers don’t differentiate between the Sheepadoodle teddy bear cut and the puppy cut. Although both of these Sheepadoodle haircuts are incredibly similar to each other, there are distinct differences.

The Sheepadoodle teddy bear cut is characterized by slightly longer facial hair, particularly around the muzzle, ears, and eyebrows. The hair around the eyes should still be short enough for your Sheepadoodle’s cute, little button eyes to be visible.

The longer head and face area is blended into the body of your Sheepadoodle, which is typically kept around 1-2 inches in length.

sheepadoodle teddy bear cut
Photo Credit: Connie P. on Facebook

Sheepadoodle Summer Cut

A Sheepadoodle summer cut is perfect for hot climates, active dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors, and those pups that love to get dirty!

Don’t be confused by the name—some owners prefer a short Sheepadoodle haircut year-round.  Just be sure your dog doesn’t get too cold!

While length can vary, an average Sheepadoodle summer cut is about half an inch in length.  Where there is some differences in interpretation is when it comes to your dog’s head and tail.

Some groomers leave these areas longer in a summer cut, while others make this short Sheepadoodle haircut extend from head to tail.  Be sure to communicate which look you prefer.

This hair style is incredibly practical for a few reasons…

First, shorter hair means you’ll spend less time constantly brushing your Sheepadoodle.  Secondly, a short Sheepadoodle haircut means your furry friend will be easier to keep clean!  Finally, if you let your summer cut grow out to a longer length and repeat this process, you’ll save money at the groomer vs going in for regular trims every few weeks.

sheepadoodle summer cut
Photo Credit: @runnergirl_fitness on Instagram

Shaved Sheepadoodle

A shaved Sheepadoodle isn’t just another short haircut like the summer cut.  This cut involves shaving your Sheepadoodle down all the way down to the skin.

You shouldn’t have your Sheepadoodle shaved unless it’s for a good reason—usually due to matting or a health issue.

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There are good reasons to avoid shaving your Sheepadoodle unless absolutely necessary. A Sheepadoodle’s coat protects their skin from sunburns and trauma inflicted by passing twigs, branches, and thorns.

Many Sheepadoodles have large patches of white fur with pink skin, particularly on their tummies. A close shave exposes this delicate skin to the harsh sun, increasing the risk for sunburns and skin cancer.

Not to mention, in the colder months a Sheepadoodle’s fur keeps them warm!

Groomers may be forced to do a close shave on Sheepadoodles with extreme matting.  Even when this occurs, your groomer may try to only shave the matted portions while “saving” the other areas in an attempt to create a “makeshift” summer cut.

All that being said, don’t be ashamed if your groomer recommends shaving your Sheepadoodle. Too many owners avoid shaving their dog when it would be best for their pet’s comfort due to fear of embarrassment. I promise, your pup will still look cute and their beautiful coat will grow back soon!

shaved sheepadoodle
Photo Credit: @sheepadoodlebertie on Instagram

Shaggy Sheepadoodle Cut

A Sheepadoodle shaggy cut has the most adorable “what-a-mess” vibe. Unlike the neat, put-together look of a Sheepadoodle puppy cut or teddy bear cut, a shaggy cut has a more relaxed, purposefully messy look to it.

A shaggy cut is created using hand scissors to cut individual hairs in a rough approximation of the desired hair length. This style will have a coat as long or slightly longer than a teddy bear cut or puppy cut—usually around 2.5 inches as a minimum.

The more-or-less approach to hair length makes this a forgiving cut for owners to attempt while DIY Sheepadoodle grooming. If you accidentally snip some hairs too short or long, it is unlikely that anyone will notice these minor errors. 

The shaggy Sheepadoodle cut, while easy to execute, requires extensive grooming to keep it mat-free. Sheepadoodles with shaggy cuts are prone to matting, particularly on the legs, stomach, groin, and armpit areas. 

A discrete shave along your Sheepadoodle’s groin, inner thighs, and armpits will help keep these areas mat-free without ruining the shaggy look.

This cut is perfect for noise-sensitive Sheepadoodles who hate the motor sound of the clippers, but it is time-consuming. Your Sheepadoodle needs to be patient when receiving a shaggy cut. 

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Eclectic Sheepadoodle Haircut Styles

These styles like the mohawk, lion cut, and topknot are more about the fashion statement than practicality. These exotic haircuts are also known as “personality cuts.”

Sheepadoodle Mohawk

The Sheepadoodle mohawk is all about owners with a rock n’ roll sense of humor. This funky look is created by trimming your Sheepadoodle’s body, legs, tail, and face to an even length.

A wedge of fur between the ears (and occasionally along the spine) is left much longer and allowed to happily spring upward, forming the Sheepadoodle mohawk.

sheepadoodle mohawk
Photo Credit: Becky A. on Facebook

Sheepadoodle Lion Cut

A Sheepadoodle lion cut creates a striking dog with a top-heavy appearance. While some people claim this style makes a Sheepadoodle look fierce, others say it looks like they missed leg day at the gym!

The coat is trimmed short, except for a flowing mane of hair around the head, neck, and shoulders. 

Sheepadoodle Topknot 

The Sheepadoodle topknot is a fashion statement borrowed from Pekingese, Bearded Collies, and Old English Sheepdogs. The coat is cut to a mid to long length while the flowing fountain of hair along your Sheepadoodle’s crown is left untouched.

Sheepadoodle Grooming Tips

Whether they like it or not, Sheepadoodle grooming is going to be an important part of your dog’s life.  Here are some tips that can help you and your pup have a successful experience!

Start Grooming Your Sheepadoodle Early

From the day you bring your Sheepadoodle home, start getting them used to letting you handle and touch various parts of their body.  Particularly sensitive areas that will take some getting used to include the tail, paws, ears, and mouth.

Once your puppy has all their shots, you’ll want to take them in for a “puppy trim” at your local groomer.

This is more about getting them used to the sights, sounds, and smells of the grooming salon than getting a haircut.  However, they’ll have a bath and a little trim while they are there.

By the time they’re 5-12 months in age they’ll be ready for their first full Sheepadoodle grooming appointment.  Wait for this until their adult coat is fully grown in, otherwise you risk damaging it.

Professional Grooming vs DIY Grooming

Grooming any dog isn’t easy, let alone a large breed with long, curly hair like the Sheepadoodle.  For that reason, most Sheepadoodle owners prefer the convenience of professional groomers.

However, some owners have opted to try DIY Sheepadoodle grooming at home.  There are a few reasons why this is an attractive alternative for some pet parents…

  1. The exorbitant cost of Sheepadoodle grooming
  2. Their dog’s car sickness during the ride to the salon
  3. Their Sheepadoodle’s extreme anxiety and fear during grooming sessions

Sheepadoodle haircut styles, like the Sheepadoodle puppy cut or teddy bear cut, can be tricky to recreate at home. However, more forgiving hair styles like the summer cut and shaggy cut can be more easily achieved.

Your first few attempts at DIY Sheepadoodle haircuts may be a bit wonky, but your Sheepadoodle won’t care! With time and practice, your Sheepadoodle grooming skills will rival the pros.

Finding And Keeping The Best Professional Sheepadoodle Groomer

Your local vet and dog trainer are often the best people to give you a reference for a well-respected dog groomer, whom they endorse.

However, many professional groomers are often reluctant to take on the enormous task of tackling Sheepadoodles.

Doodle breeds are notoriously prone to matting and tangles. Sadly, owners of these dogs often have the reputation of not brushing enough.

Remember, even Sheepadoodles who look mat-free may be hiding a catastrophe of impenetrable matts under their topcoat.

Additionally, a Sheepadoodle will often take 4 hours or longer to groom, and poorly behaved Sheepadoodles can make a groomer’s already difficult task impossible.

Finding a groomer who kindly and effectively handles your Sheepadoodle while executing a perfect Sheepadoodle haircut is a priceless treasure not to be taken lightly.

To stay on your Sheepadoodle groomer’s good side:

  1. Ensure you brush your Sheepadoodle frequently to avoid matting and tangles.
  2. Exercise your dog before your grooming appointment so they’re tired and well-behaved.
  3. Make appointments as far in advance as possible and arrive on time.  The best option is to schedule your next appointment as you leave your current one!
  4. Tip your groomer well!
  5. Express your expectations clearly, but be respectful.

Learn The Lingo And Use Example Photos

The dog grooming industry does not have specific standards regulating the various Sheepadoodle haircut styles. When taking your Sheepadoodle to the salon, you must communicate with the groomer what haircut you want your dog to receive.

Using an example photo is often the best way to avoid miscommunication and ensure your Sheepadoodle receives the haircut you want.

If your Sheepadoodle has previously received a haircut you really liked—use a photo of that!  Otherwise, feel free to use one of the examples from this article!

I Hate My Sheepadoodle’s Haircut…Now What?

It can be a shocking discovery to arrive at pick-up time and find your beloved Sheepadoodle looking…unlike themselves. You won’t love your Sheepadoodle any less for sporting a bad hairdo, but you can’t help the horrifying kick of disappointment every time you see that ugly cut.

A Sheepadoodle’s haircut style will start blending and become less noticeable within a month, while 2 to 3 months of hair growth will leave your Sheepadoodle looking splendidly shaggy once more.

Certain Sheepadoodle haircut styles can be transformed into another look with a simple scissor snip or pass with the clippers. Sheepadoodles given a continental Poodle cut, for example, can have their showy cut turned into a more elegant variation of a summer cut.

Regular Brushing Is Key To A Healthy Sheepadoodle

Sheepadoodles are high-maintenance dogs that need regular brushing. Sheepadoodles with longer cuts, like the shaggy cut, teddy bear cut, or puppy cut, should be brushed every day.

Shaved Sheepadoodles or Sheepadoodles with a summer cut will usually manage with a quick brush 2 to 3 times a week.

You’ll quickly find that brushing is an exercise in futility if you are not equipped with the right tools.

I recommend investing in a quality slicker brush like the Chris Christensen Big G. This brush has a cult-like following amongst doodle owners—and for a good reason! The amount and length of the pins allows you to brush all the way down to the bottom of your Sheepadoodle’s coat and prevent matting!

Chris Christensen Big G Dog Slicker Brush

How Often Should A Sheepadoodle Visit A Professional Groomer?

High-maintenance Sheepadoodle haircut styles need regular trims to keep your Sheepadoodle looking neat and tidy. Sheepadoodles sporting exotic cuts, teddy bear cuts, and puppy cuts should go to the salon every 3 to 6 weeks.

If you opt for a short Sheepadoodle haircut and let your dog’s hair grow out to a longer length, you can go up to 3 months without visiting the groomer!

What To Do If Your Sheepadoodle’s Coat Is Matted

Life happens and sometimes all those balls you were juggling begin to fall. It is easy for a Sheepadoodle’s grooming to be neglected in the chaos of day-to-day living.

If your Sheepadoodle’s coat has got into a bad condition, speak to your groomer about what options are available to you. Small mats can often be teased apart or discretely trimmed off without affecting your Sheepadoodle’s overall look.

Extensive matting often requires more dramatic intervention. You may have to pay the price for all those skipped grooming days by having your Sheepadoodle sport a summer cut or even be shaved down.

The good news is your Sheepadoodle’s coat will grow back, and you can reestablish a strict brushing schedule to meet your Sheepadoodle’s grooming needs.

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