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Sheepadoodle Size Full Grown: How Big Do Sheepadoodles Get? (Micro, Mini, Standard)

how big do sheepadoodles get

A frequent question posed by those looking to add an Old English Sheepdog Poodle Mix to their family is, “how big do Sheepadoodles get?” Size is one of the most important factors when choosing a dog to add to your family, as certain sizes may be better or worse for your living situation and personality. Some sizes even live longer than others!

Already the proud dog-parent of a Sheepadoodle? You may still have some questions about its size. For example, “how big will they get?” or “when do Sheepadoodles stop growing?”

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To start with, let’s go over the basics. There are three main categories of Sheepadoodle sizes to be aware of—micro, mini, and standard. In this article, we’ll talk about how big do Sheepadoodles get, what determines their size, and when do Sheepadoodles stop growing.

Remember that as a mixed-breed, there aren’t specific breed standards. These ranges are estimates based on data from Sheepadoodle owners.

Also, genetics can be unpredictable which means that sometimes there can be a Mini Sheepadoodle that grows larger than some Standard Sheepadoodles or a Standard Sheepadoodle that stays smaller than expected.

Micro Sheepadoodle Size Full Grown

Let’s begin with the smallest type—the Micro Sheepadoodle size. This size can be referred to by a variety of names such as “Toy Sheepadoodle,” “Micro Mini Sheepadoodle,” “Tiny Sheepadoodle,” etc. Regardless of which term a breeder may use, they typically all fall into this size category.

To achieve this small of a dog, it’s not practical to breed the small, Toy Poodle directly with the large, Old English Sheepdog. Instead, usually the Toy Poodle is bred with a Mini Sheepadoodle.

A Toy Poodle usually weighs less than 10 pounds and only reaches 10 inches or less in height as well. A Mini Sheepadoodle, as we’ll talk more about later, weighs between 25-50 pounds and stands roughly 17-18 inches tall.

Something to be on the lookout for when selecting a reputable doodle breeder is making sure the dogs being bred are genetically tested and in good health. Sometimes when breeding super-small versions of large dogs, like the Old English Sheepdog, unethical breeders will prioritize tiny size over health.

This can unfortunately result in medical issues over the course of your dog’s life which can be sad to experience and expensive to pay for. This is just one example of why I always recommend that all responsible dog owners should get pet insurance!

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Keep in mind, I’m not saying that all (or even most) breeders who have Micro Sheepadoodle size puppies are unethical. It’s simply something to keep an eye out for during your puppy search.

How Big Do Micro Sheepadoodles Get?

Wondering how big do Micro Sheepadoodles get? The Micro Sheepadoodle size full grown will be about 15-16 inches tall and usually weigh less than 25 pounds.

micro sheepadoodle size
Hazel the Micro Sheepadoodle is 24 pounds. Photo courtesy of Marc Frisicaro on Facebook.

Mini Sheepadoodle Size Full Grown

Now let’s talk about the Mini Sheepadoodle size. These pups are larger than the Micro Sheepadoodle size yet smaller than the Standard Sheepadoodle size. Don’t let the word “Mini” fool you though—these dogs can still get pretty big!

The Mini Sheepadoodle size usually occurs from the pairing of a Mini Poodle with an Old English Sheepdog. The Miniature Poodle parent will weigh roughly 12-20 pounds and be about 15 inches in height.

The Old English Sheepdog parent will weigh around 60-100 pounds and stand 20-24 inches, but the dog selected will usually on the smaller end of those ranges for the purpose of having Mini Sheepadoodles.

How Big Do Mini Sheepadoodles Get?

How big do Mini Sheepadoodles get? The Mini Sheepadoodle size full grown typically is around 25-50 pounds and 17-18 inches tall.

mini sheepadoodle size
Hemingway the Mini Sheepadoodle is 40 pounds. Photo courtesy of Steve Nickles on Facebook.

Standard Sheepadoodle Size Full Grown

The Standard Sheepadoodle size tends to be the most common. This jumbo-sized breed happens as a result of breeding a Standard Poodle with an Old English Sheepdog. Those are two large dogs!

The Standard Poodle will be roughly 45-70 pounds and 18-24 inches tall. The Old English Sheepdog will be 20-24 inches in height and weigh in at a whopping 60-100 pounds.

How Big Do Standard Sheepadoodles Get?

How big do Standard Sheepadoodles get? The Standard Sheepadoodle size is about 50-85 pounds and 19-24 inches in height. Keep in mind that they can get even bigger—sometimes over 100 pounds!

Their weight can also be deceptive to tell, as some Sheepadoodle dogs inherit the shorter legs of an Old English Sheepdog, while others get the longer legs of a Poodle.

standard sheepadoodle size
Magnolia the Standard Sheepadoodle is 74 pounds. Photo courtesy of Misty Nivens Munson on Facebook.

What is a Moyen Sheepadoodle?

A Moyen Sheepadoodle is a less common size category of Sheepadoodle that comes from the French term “Moyen Poodle.” This term roughly translates to “Medium.”

Moyen Sheepadoodle Size Full Grown

The Moyen Sheepadoodle size usually means that your puppy will grow to be somewhere on the large side of the Mini Sheepadoodle size or the small side of the Standard Sheepadoodle size. If a breeder uses this term, they will be able to give you a more precise range of how they define it.

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What Impacts the Height and Weight of a Sheepadoodle?

Let’s discuss the three main factors that dictate the size your Sheepadoodle will be. These factors are the gender of your puppy, the size of the parents, and which generation of Sheepadoodle your puppy is. While there is no way of knowing exactly how big your Sheepadoodle puppy will be, these factors help your breeder give you a ballpark estimate.

First is the size of your Sheepadoodle puppy’s parents. Their size can be a good indicator of the size their puppies will be. The larger they are, the larger their puppies will typically be. Keep in mind, this gets a bit more difficult when the two parents are significantly different sizes.

Next is which generation of Sheepadoodle your puppy is. Sheepadoodle generations can be confusing to many people, but the basic concept is pretty simple. The generation is just an indicator of how genetically similar your dog is to the Poodle and to the Old English Sheepdog.

Put very simply, the closer genetically your dog is to the larger, Old English Sheepdog the bigger they are likely to be. Of course, this is theoretical and assumes all other factors are equal.

Lastly is the gender of your puppy. Should you get a male vs female Sheepadoodle? All else being equal, males will be about 10% larger on average than females. Keep in mind that this difference becomes less noticeable when you’re talking about the smaller, Micro Sheepadoodle size rather than the larger, Standard Sheepadoodle size.

Sheepadoodle Weight Comparison

This adorable picture helps to display the difference between Sheepadoodles of different weights. The larger dog, Gem, is 67 pounds at the time of the photo while the smaller pup, Ruby, is only 30 pounds at the time of the photo.

Mini Sheepadoodle vs Standard Sheepadoodle
Photo courtesy of Mary Smith on Facebook.

When Do Sheepadoodles Stop Growing?

Now that we’ve discovered how big do Sheepadoodles get, let’s talk about how old Sheepadoodles are when they become full grown. When do Sheepadoodles stop growing?

Old English Sheepdogs reach their full height at around a year, but take 2 or even 3 years to reach their full weight. Standard Poodles take around 18 months to reach their full height and weight.

As a result, Standard Sheepadoodles will take around 2-2.5 years to be fully grown. Smaller Micro and Mini Sheepadoodles may be all done growing at closer to 1.5-2 years.

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