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Aussiedoodle Size Full Grown: How Big Do Aussiedoodles Get? (Toy, Mini, Standard)

how big do aussiedoodles get

How big do Aussiedoodles get?” That’s a frequent question posed by families looking to add an Australian Shepherd Poodle mix to their life. Needless to say, size is hugely important to factor into your decision-making process when adding a new puppy to your family. After all, some sizes of dogs may be a good fit for your family while others may not.

Even if you have an Aussiedoodle already, you still may have questions regarding its size. How big will they get? When do Aussiedoodles stop growing?

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Let’s start with the basics. There are three popular Aussiedoodle sizes to know about—toy, mini, and standard. In this article, we’ll learn about how big do Aussiedoodles get, what elements play a role in this breed’s height and weight, and when do Aussiedoodles stop growing!

It’s important to keep in mind that these sizes aren’t set in stone and can vary based on the height and weight of individual parents. Therefore. a Mini Aussiedoodle can be smaller than a large Toy Aussiedoodle or larger than a small Standard Aussiedoodle.

These sizes are simply estimates based on data from Aussiedoodle owners.

Toy Aussiedoodle Size Full Grown

Let’s begin with the smallest variety—the Toy Aussiedoodle size! To achieve this tiny stature, a toy poodle is bred with a mini Australian Shepherd or a Mini Aussiedoodle.

Particularly with smaller sizes of dogs, you want to be careful to make sure you’re choosing a quality, reputable breeder. Some unethical breeders will prioritize tiny size over health which may result in medical issues throughout your dog’s life. Just one more reason I recommend that all responsible dog owners get pet insurance!

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The Toy Poodle will weigh under 10 pounds and stand about 10 inches tall. The Miniature Australian Shepherd will weigh between 20 pounds and 40 pounds while standing 14-18 inches in height.

How Big Do Toy Aussiedoodles Get?

Wondering how big do Toy Aussiedoodles get? The Toy Aussiedoodle size full grown will be 10-12 inches tall and weigh in at just 10-20 pounds.

toy aussiedoodle size
Trudy the Toy Aussiedoodle is 12 pounds. Photo courtesy of Kathleen Cofer-Johnson on Facebook.

Mini Aussiedoodle Size Full Grown

The Mini Aussiedoodle size is the happy middle ground between the tiny Toy Aussiedoodle size and the large Standard Aussiedoodle size. This variety can sometimes be referred to as a Medium Aussiedoodle as well.

The Mini Aussiedoodle size is usually the result of pairing a Mini Poodle with a Mini Australian Shepherd.

The first parent, the Miniature Poodle, weighs roughly 12-20 pounds and measures about 15″ in height at the shoulders. The second parent, the Mini Australian Shepherd, is slightly larger at 20-40 pounds and 14-18 inches tall.

How Big Do Mini Aussiedoodles Get?

So, how big do Mini Aussiedoodles get? The Mini Aussiedoodle size full grown will be between 20 and 45 pounds while standing 12-17 inches in height.

mini aussiedoodle size
Riley the Mini Aussiedoodle is 22 pounds. Photo courtesy of Don Bragg on Facebook.

Standard Aussiedoodle Size Full Grown

Finally, we reach the largest variety—the Standard Aussiedoodle size. This large breed of dog is bred using a Standard Poodle and a Standard Australian Shepherd. Both of these parents are relatively big dogs.

The Standard Poodle usually is around 18-24 inches tall and weighs 45-70 pounds. The Standard Australian Shepherd is just a tad smaller at 18-23 inches tall and 40-65 pounds on the scale.

How Big Do Standard Aussiedoodles Get?

How big do Standard Aussiedoodles get? The Standard Aussiedoodle size is roughly 45-70 pounds and 17-22 inches in height.

standard aussiedoodle size
Masie the Standard Aussiedoodle is 60 pounds. Photo courtesy of Maureen D. Wheeler on Facebook.
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What Impacts the Height and Weight of an Aussiedoodle?

There are a few basic factors that control the size your Aussiedoodle will end up once they are an adult. The major ones are the height/weight of the parents, which generation of Aussiedoodle the puppy is, and their gender.

Genetics can be unpredictable, but these factors help your breeder in making a rough estimate of how large the puppies in a litter will be as adults.

First and most importantly is the size of a puppy’s mom and dad. The larger the parents are, generally the larger the puppies will be. However, this is never a sure thing, especially when there is a significant size differential between the parents.

The next factor in determining how big do Aussiedoodles get is whether the puppy is a male or female. Should you get a male vs. female Aussiedoodle? Not taking into consideration other factors, males will be slightly larger than females—about 10% on average.

Keep in mind, there will be less of a size difference between genders in the smaller Toy Aussiedoodle size than in the large Standard Aussiedoodle size.

The third main factor that determines size is which generation of Aussiedoodle your dog is. An Aussiedoodle’s “generation” is a term that is used to describe the genetic makeup of your pup and how alike it is to that of a Poodle or an Australian Shepherd.

Sound confusing? Luckily, it doesn’t have to be! Learn more in our article on Aussiedoodle generations.

To put it simply, the greater the percentage of the larger dog (sometimes the Australian Shepherd and sometimes to the Poodle depending on their size) the larger the Aussiedoodle will typically be.

Mini Aussiedoodle vs Standard Aussiedoodle Size

These adorable photos help display the difference between the Mini Aussiedoodle vs Standard Aussiedoodle size. This Standard Aussiedoodle, Ruger, is 50 pounds while this Mini Aussiedoodle, Oakley, is 26 pounds.

mini aussiedoodle vs standard aussiedoodle size
Photos courtesy of Marleena Ghattas on Facebook.

When Do Aussiedoodles Stop Growing?

Now that we’ve learned how big do Aussiedoodles get, let’s answer how long it takes on average for Aussiedoodles to reach their adult height and weight. When do Aussiedoodles stop growing?

Australian Shepherds are usually done growing at around 16 months. Poodles also take roughly the same time to reach their adult height and weight.

Large, Standard Aussiedoodles will typically take the full 16 months to mature into their full size. Smaller Toy and Mini Aussiedoodle sizes will be done growing sooner, around 12 months or even a bit earlier.

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