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Whoodle Size Full Grown: How Big Do Whoodles Get? (Toy, Mini, Standard)

how big do whoodles get

If you’re thinking about adding a Whoodle puppy to your family, you’re probably wondering, “how big do Whoodles get?” After all, size is a huge factor in determining whether a particular dog breed will be a good fit in your family.

Since crossbreeds like the Whoodle don’t have official breed standards, it’s often hard to get a straight answer as to the average size of a Whoodle.

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In this article, we’ll share with you average height and weight measurements for each of the Whoodle sizes. Keep reading to the end, as we’ll go over how you can get even more specific in “predicting” the full-grown size of your Whoodle puppy!

How Big Do Whoodles Get?

Whoodles come in three distinct sizes—toy, mini, and standard. The average size of a full-grown Whoodle is between 20-45 pounds and 10-16 inches tall. However, toy Whoodles can be as small as 10 pounds while standard Whoodles can grow to be as large as 50 pounds or more!

Let’s compare the three most common Whoodle sizes by height and weight:

Whoodle SizeFull Grown WeightFull Grown Height
Toy Whoodle10-20 Pounds8-10 Inches
Mini Whoodle20-35 Pounds10-15 Inches
Standard Whoodle35-50 Pounds15-20 Inches

Don’t forget that these measurements are only averages. Genetics can be tough to predict, so some mini Whoodles may grow larger than expected while some standard Whoodles may stay on the smaller side. Your breeder will be able to give you a more accurate estimate based on the size of a puppy’s parents!

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Toy Whoodle Size Full Grown

The toy Whoodle is a cross between the toy Poodle and either a small Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier or a miniature Whoodle. As you might be able to imagine, it’s important that the size difference between the two dogs used for breeding isn’t too drastic.

The toy Whoodle is the smallest size of this breed. Sometimes breeders will use the terms teacup Whoodle, tiny Whoodle, or micro Whoodle. However, when it comes to this crossbreed, they all essentially mean the same thing.

Let’s first talk about the size of the two parent breeds. The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier parent usually ranges from 30-40 pounds and stands 17-19 inches tall. The toy Poodle is much smaller on average, falling in the range of 6-9 pounds and only 10 inches tall.

toy whoodle full grown
Bubba is one example of a toy Whoodle. Photo courtesy of @bubbathewhoodle on Instagram.

How Big Do Toy Whoodles Get?

The average size of a toy Whoodle is between 10-20 pounds and 8-10 inches tall.

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Mini Whoodle Size Full Grown

Mini Whoodles are bred using a miniature Poodle crossed with a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. That basic cross produces a first-generation mini Whoodle, also known as an F1. However, mini Whoodles can also be bred by backcrossing a Whoodle to the mini Poodle or even pairing two Whoodles together.

This has quickly become the most common size of Whoodle.

The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier parent will weigh roughly 30-40 pounds while the mini Poodle parent is usually a touch smaller at around 12-20 pounds.

mini whoodle full grown
Bentley is one example of a miniature Whoodle. Photo courtesy of @bentley_thewhoodle on Instagram.

How Big Do Mini Whoodles Get?

Expect an average full-grown mini Whoodle to weigh between 20 and 35 pounds while measuring 10 to 15 inches at the shoulder.

Standard Whoodle Size Full Grown

The standard Whoodle is the first size of this breed where the Poodle parent will typically be larger than the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier parent.

The standard Poodle parent will likely weigh 45-70 pounds and be 18-24 inches in height. Compare that to the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier parent who will come up short of those numbers at only 30-40 pounds and 17-19 inches.

One thing to note is that some breeders may refer to smaller standard Whoodles or larger miniature Whoodles as medium Whoodles.

standard whoodle full grown
Wilson is one example of a standard Whoodle. Photo courtesy of @willy_whoodle on Instagram.

How Big Do Standard Whoodles Get?

An average adult standard Whoodle will measure 15-20 inches at the shoulders and weigh between 35-50 pounds.

When Do Whoodles Stop Growing?

Whoodles will reach their full grown height and weight when they’re between 6 months and 2 years of age. Toy Whoodles and miniature Whoodles tend to reach their adult size on the shorter end of that range while standard Whoodles will take longer.

Photo courtesy of @juniperthewhoodle on Instagram.

Factors that Influence a Whoodle’s Stature

For prospective Whoodle owners, the first question you’ll probably want to know is how big your puppy will grow to be as an adult. Of course, whether you choose a toy Whoodle, mini Whoodle, or standard Whoodle is the biggest factor in this.

However, there are still significant fluctuations even within each Whoodle size category. So, what information can we use to better answer how big do Whoodles get?

Gender is the first factor that plays a role in size. On average, male Whoodles tend to be a tad bigger than their female littermates. You may not notice this difference in toy Whoodles or mini Whoodle sizes since it’s so slight, but it’ll be a bit more obvious in the larger, standard Whoodle size.

The second contributing factor to size is the generation your Whoodle is. If you’re not familiar with how generations work, the basic explanation is that they describe how close in DNA your Whoodle is to its parent breeds. How this influences size is that the more DNA your puppy has of the larger parent breed, the bigger they may end up growing.

Finally, the last factor you’ll want to consider is the size of your Whoodle puppy’s parents. Not just what size category the Poodle parent falls under, but also whether their height and weight is on the small or large side for their category.

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