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Love BIG Dogs? Meet the 6 Largest Doodle Breeds!

largest doodle breeds

From tiny doodle breeds with their striking resemblance to teddy bears to huge doodle breeds with their fun-loving personalities, Poodle mixes come in all shapes and sizes.

If you think bigger is better when it comes to dogs, you’re in the right place!  In this article, we’re counting down the top 6 largest doodle breeds based on height and weight.

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While the “standard” size of many doodle breeds can get pretty big at times, these 6 breeds stand above the rest…literally!

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#6 Largest Doodle Breed: Bernedoodle

The extremely popular Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle mix comes in at number six on our countdown.

Bernedoodles range in size significantly and can be bred to be as tiny as just 10 pounds.  However, this breed is most well-known for it’s unique color patterns as well as the standard Bernedoodle’s large stature.

Standard Bernedoodles weigh in at 70-90 pounds on average, but can easily climb upwards of 100 pounds on the high end!  As far as height is concerned, they’ll usually stand between 23 and 29 inches tall.

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#5 Biggest Doodle Breed: Rottie Poo (Rottle)

The Rottie Poo, also known as the Rottle, is a cross between the Rottweiler and the Poodle.  One of the more recent additions to the Poodle mix family, these dogs were bred with size in mind.

Expect adult Rottie Poos to weigh between 50 and 110 pounds while measuring 15 to 27 inches in height.  Toy and mini Rottie Poo sizes aren’t common, so if you’re thinking about this breed, anticipate it being big!

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#4 Largest Doodle Breed: Great Danoodle

While not an incredibly common mix, you had to expect that the Great Dane and Poodle cross would show up on our largest doodle breeds list!

Thanks to the massive size of Great Dane, Great Danoodles can rival just about any breed in both weight and height.  On average, they’ll measure 75-110 pounds and 22-27 inches as full-grown adults.

#3 Biggest Doodle Breed: Newfypoo (Newfydoodle)

Photo courtesy of Laurie Dyer Kirtley on Facebook.

One of the “gentle giants” of the doodle world, the Newfoundland and Poodle mix lives up to that title in both stature and personality!

Newfypoos, also commonly called Newfydoodles, will weigh 65-120 pounds on average with a height of 22-25 inches.

To put this giant doodle breed in comparison, the “mini” Newfypoo can weigh up to 65 pounds.  That’s more than the weight of most “standard” size Poodle mixes!

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#2 Largest Doodle Breed: Mastidoodle

While one of the more rare breeds on this list, what Mastidoodles lack in popularity they make up for in sheer size!  A cross between the Mastiff and the Poodle, these dogs are sure to impress (and sometimes intimidate) based on stature alone.

An average adult Mastidoodle will stand a towering 28-36 inches in height and weigh 90-140 pounds.  While this makes them the tallest breed on our list, their overall size is no match for our #1 biggest doodle breed…

#1 Biggest Doodle Breed: Saint Berdoodle

Photo courtesy of Kelsey Ouzts on Facebook.

Our number one biggest doodle breed is the Saint Berdoodle.  This cross between the massive Saint Bernard and the Poodle results in the largest Poodle mix breed available.

While the 22-30 inch height of a St. Berdoodle doesn’t seem exceptional compared to the other giant doodle breeds in this countdown, it’s the weight of this breed that impresses!  An average Saint Berdoodle can weigh from 70 up to 200 pounds!

Now, THAT is a BIG dog!

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