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These 20 Hilarious Doodles Prove That “Lap Dog” Isn’t a Size, It’s a State of Mind!

All dogs start as puppies that can fit perfectly in our laps.  But for many doodle owners, they don’t stay that small for long!  They grow…and they grow fast!

Don’t worry though—doodles won’t let something as “insignificant” as size stop them from thinking they’re still lap dogs!  Don’t believe me?  Check out these 20 hilarious photos of doodles making themselves comfy in the best place in the world…right on top of their humans!

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It might not always be comfortable, but how can you say no to this cuteness?

Photo courtesy of @kerry_hen on Instagram.

Be glad your pup chose YOU to crush.  That’s true love.

Photo courtesy of @maciandjeterthedoodles on Instagram.

“I can fit.  No measurements required.  Trust me!”

Photo courtesy of Dana Flowers on Facebook.

“We’re ready for dinner!”

Photo courtesy of Chel Sea on Facebook.

Have to run errands?  Go to the bathroom?  No chance.  This is your life now.

Photo courtesy of Danie Marie on Facebook.

Somewhere, there’s a human back there!

Photo courtesy of Debbie Cotton Strasser on Facebook.

“If I fits, I sits!”

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So much better than a weighted blanket!

Photo courtesy of Jayson Messimore on Facebook.

Don’t worry, this is worth getting kicked in the stomach repeatedly.

Photo courtesy of Jill Morgan on Facebook.

Big dog, little lap.

Photo courtesy of Kate Fortenbacher Wiggerman on Facebook.

“I’m not allowed on the chair? You never said anything about your lap!”

Photo courtesy of Kelsey Ouzts on Facebook.

180 pounds of pure love!

Photo courtesy of Laurie Dyer Kirtley on Facebook.

The fact that he managed to avoid spilling his drink is quite impressive.

Photo courtesy of Linda Mcnab on Facebook.

Don’t try to convince her that she’s not a lap dog.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Myers on Facebook.
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It must be nice to have a best friend that doubles as a seat cushion.

Photo courtesy of Nickie Doyle on Facebook.

This chair comes complete with a fluffy headrest!

Photo courtesy of Rick Hall on Facebook.

No matter how large, they’ll always be your baby.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Graudins Seger on Facebook.

Who looks more comfortable? 🤔

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Wear Bonsey on Facebook.

Sometimes you need a higher vantage point than a lap!

Photo courtesy of Sue Eicher on Facebook.

Bigger dogs just mean bigger snuggles!

Photo courtesy of Vicki Lyman on Facebook.

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