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27 Hilarious Photos That Prove Doodles Are The Cutest Sleepers

If you’re a doodle owner, you’re already familiar with the classic sleeping position of choice for these adorable breeds.

Photo courtesy of Amber Elliott on Facebook.
Photo courtesy of Jess Adamski on Facebook.

These adorable sleepers waste no time honing their craft from a young age.

Photo courtesy of Cossey Doodles on Facebook.
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Doodles pick some weird snoozing locations of their own…

Photo courtesy of Madison TerBoss on Facebook.
Photo courtesy of Andrea Marshall Sorgen on Facebook.

…but more often than not they’re perfectly content stealing yours.

Photo courtesy of Nancy O’Donnell Smith on Facebook.
Photo courtesy of Sheila Davis Flowers on Facebook.

Car rides are no exception to the silly sleeping rule.

Photo courtesy of Samantha Reed on Facebook.

When the immature friend gets dog sitting duties.

Photo courtesy of Nancy Suranyi on Facebook.

This is an expert-level sleeper if I’ve ever seen one.

Photo courtesy of Joy Hunter Pritchard on Facebook.

When Mom says you’re not allowed to sleep on the couch.

Photo courtesy of Sherri Glaser on Facebook.
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I don’t know how this is comfortable, but I’ll take their word for it.

Photo courtesy of Casey Renea on Facebook.
Photo courtesy of Katie Carey on Facebook.

Anything is a pillow if you try hard enough!

Photo courtesy of Jasmine White on Facebook.

When the food coma hits earlier than expected.

Photo courtesy of Megan Jounquay on Facebook.

You didn’t actually think you were going to get work done, did you?

Photo courtesy of Greta Loren Branford on Facebook.
Photo courtesy of Joanne Pichman on Facebook.

When it’s your sworn duty to protect the house from intruders, but you could also go for a good snooze.

Photo courtesy of Suzanne Newlen on Facebook.
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We all have that one cover hog in our life.

Photo courtesy of Euna Kim Turner on Facebook.

When you’ve had a rough day and barely make it to bed.

Photo courtesy of Jess Schrock on Facebook.

Stairs?  Challenge accepted.

Photo courtesy of Cynthia Solis on Facebook.

The Monday morning drag-yourself-out-of-bed struggle.

Photo courtesy of Cathy Uhl on Facebook.

Maybe I’ve been using these machines wrong all along?

Photo courtesy of Julie Fausz on Facebook.

Sometimes you just need a little alone time…

Photo courtesy of Laura Enerson Castro on Facebook.

…other times snuggling up with a stuffed animal companion is perfect…

Photo courtesy of Elyana Goldwater on Facebook.

…but on special occasions, only your best friend will do.

Photo courtesy of Karen Rodemer on Facebook.
Photo courtesy of Dani Kelly on Facebook.