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These 10 Doodles Show Why Working From Home With a Dog is an Impossible Task!

With more and more people working from home lately, employee productivity has taken a huge hit at the hands of a new, fluffy variety of coworker.

The newly discovered photo evidence below suggests that office productivity isn’t likely to improve anytime soon. Sorry boss!

Lori’s coworker has a quickly diminishing sense of personal space.

Photo courtesy of @galwaydahms on Instagram.

Britta’s coworker has started requesting an abnormally large amount of bathroom breaks.

Photo courtesy of Britta Johnson on Facebook.

Caiti’s coworker is under the impression that desk chairs are assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Photo courtesy of Caiti Manzano on Facebook.
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Lauren’s coworker has taken over her office with his personal belongings and refuses to stay in his cubicle.

Photo courtesy of @themightymaverick_ on Instagram.

MacKenzie’s coworker keeps dropping off high-priority assignments at her desk.

Photo courtesy of Caiti Manzano on Facebook.

Margie’s coworker has been a little clingy lately and it has started to affect office productivity.

Video courtesy of Margie Castro on Facebook.

Patricia’s coworker was caught sleeping at his desk.  This is beginning to become a habit.

Photo courtesy of Patricia Lane on Facebook.

Patt’s coworker isn’t the best at social distancing.

Photo courtesy of Patt Krejci‎ on Facebook.

Sally’s coworker just keeps staring at her and it’s starting to get weird.

Photo courtesy of @sweatoutthesmallstuff on Instagram.

Kailee’s coworker rudely shut off her computer and walked away.

Video courtesy of Kailee Vencil on Facebook.