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11 Hilarious Yet True Warnings for New Doodle Owners

If you’re a future doodle mom or dad, you better be prepared!

We previously published an article filled with great tips and advice from members of the Popular Doodle community. If you haven’t already, I’d highly encourage you to check it out!

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But sometimes as doodle owners, we have to take a step back from the serious advice and simply laugh at ourselves and our silly pups! As always, our community didn’t disappoint…

Here are a few hilarious (but totally accurate!) warnings we received that almost all doodle owners can relate to!

If you can’t find a shoe or a sock, find your Doodle!

– Sarah Thomas

Photo courtesy of Kirsty Wright Stalder on Facebook.

If it CAN be chewed on, it WILL be chewed on.

– Heather Miller

Photo courtesy of Alisha B Baptiste on Facebook.

You’ll never go to the bathroom alone ever again!

– Betsy Springer

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Talley‎ on Facebook.

Watch out for those zoomies, they will scare the crap out of you!

– Cathy Contratto

Photo courtesy of @paisleydoodette on Instagram.

Get a bigger bed, they like to sleep sideways.

– Megan Renee

Photo courtesy of Carla Johnson on Facebook.
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You may not realize it yet, but you’ll probably end up making them their own Instagram account.

– Seana DeMarco

Photo courtesy of @adventures.of.taco on Instagram.

Stock up on tennis balls.

– Leah Stow

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Finch Nigh on Facebook.

Doodles will help you meet people. I barely got a nod when pushing my children in the stroller, but my doodles turn LOTS of heads!

– Lanna Marinaccio Lebet

Photo courtesy of Patty Kilduff Van Wagoner on Facebook.

Push any food on your countertops all the way to the back!

– Stephanie Simon Surratt

Photo courtesy of Linda Mishler on Facebook.

Clear your phone to free up space for lots and lots of photos!

– Cynthia Mackin

Photo courtesy of Stacey McChristy Niemann on Facebook.

Get ready to get another. It’s impossible to stop at just one.

– Melissa Willis

Photo courtesy of @wrigleyandtheo on Instagram.