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6 Facts About Shaving a Goldendoodle That Groomers Wish You Knew!

shaving a goldendoodle

Maybe you picked up your dog from the groomer only to find a shaved Goldendoodle waiting for you.  Now you’re left wondering, what happened to your fluffy, teddybear-like dog?  How soon will your Goldendoodle’s hair grow back after being shaved?

On the other hand, maybe you’re thinking ahead to your dog’s next grooming appointment and wondering whether your Goldendoodle should be shaved?  Is it safe for them or will it harm their coat?

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No matter which situation you find yourself in, this article will tell you the things your groomer WISHES you knew about shaving your Goldendoodle!

1. Shaving a Goldendoodle (Typically) Won’t Harm Their Coat

There is a lot of debate in the doodle community about whether Goldendoodles should be shaved or if it’s bad for their coat.  Along with this debate comes the spread of various myths and misinformation.

In the vast majority of cases, shaving a Goldendoodle will NOT harm their coat.  There are two exceptions to this rule—Goldendoodle puppies and flat coat Goldendoodles should both NOT be shaved.

Goldendoodle puppies have a thin, soft puppy coat that will eventually be shed and replaced with their adult coat.  Until this occurs at around 6 months of age, you shouldn’t shave their puppy coat.  Doing so may cause permanent damage to their future adult coat.

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If your Goldendoodle has straight hair and lacks furnishings, they may have a double coat which should NOT be shaved.  If your Goldendoodle sheds, this is also a good indicator that they may have a double coat.

Shaving a double coated Goldendoodle can result in permanent damage as well as a reduced ability for your dog to regulate their body temperature.  Double coats provide insulation from both the cold and the heat.

However, the vast majority of Goldendoodles have only a single coat and are able to be shaved with no risk of health issues as long as they are adults.

Photo courtesy of @ted.thegoldendoodle on Instagram.

2. Groomers Aren’t Mean or Incompetent

I’ve heard countless owners complain, “my groomer shaved my Goldendoodle!”  Irritated pet parents are quick to blame their groomer after a shave down.  While I can totally understand the disappointment, their frustration may be misdirected.

Groomers don’t shave your dog because they’re incompetent or mean…they do so for the comfort and well-being of your four-legged family member!

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Your groomer likely had your Goldendoodle shaved because their hair was severely matted.  Matted hair is extremely uncomfortable and even painful for your dog to tolerate every day.

While minor matting can sometimes be brushed out, once it gets past a certain point it can put your dog in more pain to attempt this.  Shaving now becomes your only option.

While it’s not a groomer’s fault if your dog must be shaved, experienced groomers will do their best to communicate this to you ahead of time so you’re not shocked and disappointed at the result.

matted goldendoodle being shaved
A severely matted Goldendoodle in the process of being shaved. Photo courtesy of @sitstaystyle on Instagram.

3. Your Goldendoodle’s Hair Will Grow Back!

While your Goldendoodle may temporarily be a little scrawny-looking after a shave down, it won’t be long before their hair grows back!

How long does it take for a shaved Goldendoodle’s hair to grow back?  You’ll notice your Goldendoodle’s coat will start to look more normal and full 2-3 weeks after being shaved.  It’ll take between 2-4 months for your shaved Goldendoodle’s hair to grow back to full length.

For some perspective, below is an image of my Goldendoodle, Chewie.  The photo on the left was taken after he was recently shaved.  The photo on the right was taken about 3 months later.  As you can see, he’s transformed back from “deer” to “teddybear!”

4. It’s Easy to Prevent Shaving Your Goldendoodle in the Future

Goldendoodles can be very prone to matting, particularly those with very dense, curly, Poodle-like hair.  However, matting is usually avoidable by making sure you brush frequently, brush correctly, and use a good-quality brush.

Goldendoodles should be brushed at least every other day if not daily.  If your dog is getting matted, one step to take is to simply increase the frequency of your brushing.

If more brushing isn’t helping, it could be time to examine how you’re brushing.  A simple technique called “line brushing” is the common best-practice on how to approach brushing a Goldendoodle.  This method ensures you’re getting all the way down to your dog’s skin and not just brushing the top of your Goldendoodle’s coat.

Here’s a very quick and simple line brushing tutorial for Goldendoodles…

Finally, now that you’re brushing correctly and brushing enough, the last key to the puzzle is making sure you’re using the right equipment.  A cheap, generic brush that you’ll often see for $10 at the pet store typically doesn’t cut it when it comes to Goldendoodles.

Instead, I recommend investing in the Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush.  It’s expensive, but this brush works wonders on long, curly Goldendoodle hair.  Since purchasing it, my Goldendoodle hasn’t had to be shaved once due to matting!  That’s well worth the investment, in my opinion!

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In addition, you’ll also want to purchase a metal comb that can easily be found on Amazon as well!

5. Your Shaved Goldendoodle is Still Cute!

At the end of the day, our dogs are still adorable—shaved or not!

While we all love the classic, teddybear-look of Goldendoodles, many owners are actually choosing to have their Goldendoodle’s hair cut short year-round.  While these short summer cuts are slightly longer than shaving down to the skin, the end result is fairly similar!

Not only is short hair still cute, but it’s practical as well!  Brushing is easier, bathing is easier, and it’s easier to keep your dog’s paws clean in the mud and snow…especially if you have a MudBuster!  

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My favorite thing about it is how soft and velvet-like my Goldendoodle’s hair is when it’s short.  It feels so amazing and I love petting and cuddling with him even more!

6. Your Shaved Goldendoodle Will Thank You!

Not only will your Goldendoodle be free of the discomfort and pain that comes from matting, but there are also some other benefits for your Goldendoodle that come along with getting shaved.

In the summer months, they’ll be able to stay much cooler thanks to their short hair.  Just make sure they stay out of the sun too much as they could get sunburnt when they’re completely shaved!

Another added benefit is that there’s less pesky hair around their eyes and they’ll be able to see much better without having to peer through stray hairs!

Photo courtesy of @rocco_the_goldendoodle on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

Having your Goldendoodle shaved down to the skin isn’t something you want to do regularly, to avoid irritation.  However, if necessary due to matting it’s completely safe as long as your Goldendoodle is an adult and doesn’t have a double coat.

If your dog does need to be shaved, don’t freak out.  It’s not the end of the world.  Enjoy the advantages of a short haircut and know that your four-legged best friend is likely a lot more comfortable now!

Finally, to avoid having a shaved Goldendoodle in the future, it may be time to upgrade your brushing technique, frequency, and equipment.  

Perhaps most importantly, there’s no judgement here.  Just because your Goldendoodle needed to be shaved doesn’t mean you’re a bad pet parent.  We’re all learning as we go and trying to be the best doodle moms and dads we can!

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