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Do Goldendoodles Like to Cuddle?

do goldendoodles like to cuddle

Goldendoodles are known for being one of the most friendly and affectionate dog breeds. They’re adorable and lovable, but do Goldendoodles like to cuddle? After a long day of work sometimes there’s nothing I want more than to cuddle with my Goldendoodle, Chewie. But, does he enjoy it as much as I do? And if he does, is it for the same reasons? Let’s find out!

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Do Goldendoodles Like To Cuddle?

For the most part, Goldendoodles love to cuddle. Goldendoodles are friendly dogs who love human companionship and affection. They also tend to form very close bonds with their humans which is one reason they make great family pets. All of this means that they’ll be eager to show their love through some snuggling. 

While most Goldendoodles do like to cuddle, that’s not true for all of them. Without proper socialization from a young age, some Goldendoodles may not be too keen to cuddle. Just like with humans, some Goldendoodles just may not like it as much as others. 

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Reason 1: Oxytocin

The first reason that Goldendoodles often like to cuddle is because it simply makes them feel good!  In both humans and dogs, cuddling releases a hormone that makes us feel good. Oxytocin, commonly known as the love hormone, is released when cuddling. Just like you may want to cuddle your Goldendoodle to relieve stress, they may want to cuddle with you for the same reason!

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Reason 2: Affection

Goldendoodles enjoy snuggling for one of the same reasons you do—to show how much they love you! Humans and dogs generally show affection in different ways, but cuddling is a universal way to show love. Showing affection through cuddling is one way Goldendoodles have to increase the bond with their humans. 

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Reason 3: Warmth

Cuddling dates back to long ago when dogs had to cuddle up together for warmth. Similarly, they’ll often cuddle up next to you if they’re chilly. You may have noticed your Goldendoodle is a bit more snuggly when it’s cold out than in the heat of summer. If you’ve ever seen a litter of young puppies, you’ll notice that they’re generally huddled all together cuddling—this is for warmth! 

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Why Do Some Goldendoodles Like to Cuddle More Than Others?

Genetics is certainly part of why some dogs like to cuddle more than others. Some dogs are naturally more independent and less affectionate and those breeds are less likely to want to cuddle. Some dogs, especially lap dogs such as the Toy Goldendoodle size, are especially fond of cuddling because their temperament is predisposed to enjoy it.

Additionally, just like humans have love languages, dogs also show their love in different ways. Some may like to cuddle, some may follow you around wherever you go, some may just gaze into your eyes, and some may bring you all of their toys to share!

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How to Tell if Your Goldendoodle Enjoys Cuddling

You may be asking the question, “do Goldendoodles like to cuddle” because it’s hard for you to tell if your pup loves snuggling up to you! Dogs and humans don’t communicate the same way, but by observing a dog’s body language you can deduct whether or not they like to cuddle. Some signs of a happy pup include them being relaxed and calm, a gentle wagging of the tail, nuzzling you, rolling over, or inviting more attention. 

This being said, many dogs do not enjoy being held or being cuddled. For dogs, this isn’t always natural to them. While we may view hugs as a sign of affection, they may view it as a threat because you’re constricting their ability to move. This can cause anxiety and negative behaviors.

Some signs your Goldendoodle doesn’t like to cuddle is if they seem tense, they’re avoiding eye contact, they have their tail low, they’re frequently licking their lips, or they’re frequently yawning. These may be signs that they’re merely tolerating it, but not enjoying it.

Although the Golden Retriever and Poodle mix may look like it, they’re not stuffed animals. Their preferences need to be respected so that both of you can enjoy your time. Some children may want to give giant hugs, but that’s not always acceptable for dogs. This is one reason why it’s especially important to teach young children how to correctly handle dogs.

How to Train Your Goldendoodle to Cuddle

Do Goldendoodles like to cuddle? Usually, but even if your Goldendoodle doesn’t seem to love cuddles now, there can be ways to help them become more comfortable and even start to enjoy snuggling.

It’s important to start a lot of these things early to ensure that your Goldendoodle will be well socialized. That being said, some dogs start to enjoy cuddling once they get a little older and are more calm. Basically, it depends on the individual dog, but regardless, there are some things you can do to improve your next snuggle session. 

There are a few situations which may be more conducive to initiating a cuddle session. When your dog is both physically and mentally exhausted they’re more likely to enjoy a cuddle session. If they’re all wound up and ready for a walk, the last thing they’ll want to do is lie down next to you. So, if you give them enough physical exercise and mental stimulation, they’ll be more tired and more likely to cuddle.  Try going for a walk, giving them a snuffle ball, or doing some Brain Training games ahead of time. 

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If it’s colder out, your dog may also be more likely to cuddle to stay warm. It’s best to try to initiate any cuddling in these situations. 

So how do you train Goldendoodles to enjoy cuddling?

  1. You want to reward your Goldendoodle when they lie down next to you or plop down on your lap. You can do this with treats or by giving them lots of affection and pets. 
  2. Place your dog on your lap regularly. Do this when they’re already calm.
  3. Hand feeding your dog food, rather than having them eat out of a bowl while gently petting them with the other hand may also allow your dog to create a positive association with being touched. 
  4. Show other signs of affection towards your dog such as making eye contact, petting them, praising them, etc.

Essentially, it’s all about providing affection towards your dog and then giving them positive reinforcement when they respond well. You may not be able to cuddle them the next day, but rather work up to a cuddle.  If they correlate that pets and cuddles are associated with food or praise, they may be more excited to cuddle!