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Cockapoo vs Goldendoodle: Which is Best for You? (Comparison & Quiz)

cockapoo vs goldendoodle

Can’t decide between the Cockapoo vs Goldendoodle?  You’re not the only one! Both of these doodles are popular due to their adorable features and friendly personalities!

Finding a doodle breed that fits your lifestyle and personality is important. Certain dog breeds may mesh better with your day-to-day lifestyle. While the Cockapoo and Goldendoodle are both great choices, one may be better suited for you than the other. Read on to dive deep into the similarities and differences to find out which is the better fit for you! 

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Should You Get a Cockapoo or Goldendoodle? Take the Quiz!

Please use this quiz as a quick reference, not a comprehensive decision or recommendation.  As an informed prospective dog owner, I’d encourage you to read the entire article and do additional research to completely understand the two options and make the best decision for your family!

Cockapoo vs Goldendoodle: Puppy Selection

Availability / Popularity

Goldendoodles are by far the most popular variety of poodle mix in the United States. You’ll have no trouble finding a Goldendoodle breeder near you. While Cockapoos are a tier down from Goldendoodles in popularity, Cockapoo breeders still won’t be much of a struggle to find.

Remember to do lots of research to ensure you are choosing a legitimate and ethical breeder, regardless which of these dog breeds you go with.

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Litter Size

There’s slight variation in litter sizes between the Goldendoodle vs Cockapoo. The Goldendoodle litter size can vary widely from 2-10 puppies.  Cockapoo litters tend to be a bit more consistent and range from 4-7 puppies! 


Both the Cockapoo vs Goldendoodle have similar price tags, due to their designer dog status. These dog breeds run between $1,500-$2,500. Prices may vary based on the breeder’s reputation and geographic location as well as the puppy’s color, sex, and size.

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Goldendoodle vs Cockapoo: Appearance


Size is a notable difference between the Goldendoodle vs Cockapoo. Both of these breeds come in multiple sizes! 

Goldendoodle sizes range all the way from 13 pounds up to 85 pounds depending on the size!  Mini Goldendoodles are in between the Toy and Standard Goldendoodle and weigh between 20-40 pounds, with the Toy being smaller and the Standard being larger. 

Although there are three Cockapoo sizes, they all tend to be smaller than their respective Goldendoodles sizes. The smallest size is the Teacup Cockapoo. These weigh in at a maximum of just 7 pounds! The Toy Cockapoo weighs between 7-13 pounds, the Mini Cockapoo between 13-25 pounds, and the Standard Cockapoo maxing out between 25-40 pounds!

Keep in mind, all these size ranges are “unofficial” as both the Goldendoodle and Cockapoo are mixed dog breeds. That means they don’t have specific standards set by the American Kennel Club.

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Due to their Poodle side, these breeds can look fairly similar. There are some key differences in their build. The size difference is one of them—Cockapoos are generally smaller than Goldendoodles. Additionally, Cockapoos generally have longer ears and shorter legs. Goldendoodles are taller and leaner, while Cockapoos are shorter and more compact. 


This category is similar between the Cockapoo vs Goldendoodle. Both have a wide variety of possible color combinations. They both may be single colored, bi-colored, or tri-colored. Their coat could be colored brown, apricot, cream, black, white, chocolate, and more!  For both breeds, a tan or cream color is often the most popular. 

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Cockapoo vs Goldendoodle: Grooming & Maintenance


The Cockapoo vs Goldendoodle are very similar when it comes to their coat. This is due to the common Poodle DNA in them. The coat is mostly influenced by their generation, meaning how much Poodle is in their DNA vs. Golden Retriever or Cocker Spaniel DNA.  

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An F1 Goldendoodle or Cockapoo generation is 50% Poodle and 50% the other dog breed. This results in a coat that could be curly, wavy, or straight. When you get a doodle mix that contains more Poodle than the other dog breed, such as an F1B, which is 75% Poodle, you will see more consistently curlier coats.  

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Grooming Requirements

Due to their Poodle heritage, when it comes to the Goldendoodle vs Cockapoo, frequent grooming is going to be necessary. The more Poodle DNA in them, the more maintenance their coat will require to avoid any matting.  

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The easiest way to prevent matting is frequent brushing! Goldendoodles and Cockapoos require brushings at least every other day. However, if you do have an F1 doodle that has a straighter coat, you may be able to space out brushing to every 2-4 days.

I have a Goldendoodle with a gorgeous, but extremely curly coat. Despite brushing him almost daily, he was still getting matted. I finally upgraded to the Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush and it worked like a charm—he was no longer getting matted! Yes, this brush is more expensive than a lot of other brushes on the market, but splurging a little on this brush was completely worth it.

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Shedding & Allergies

With the Cockapoo vs Goldendoodle, it’s impossible to guarantee a hypoallergenic dog. Both of these breeds are allergy friendly, but due to the genetics, they can’t be classified as hypoallergenic. 

Cockapoos and Goldendoodles have one hypoallergenic parent and one parent that is not hypoallergenic. This means that they’ll generally shed less than a purebred Cocker Spaniel or Golden Retriever would, but they still may shed. If you have mild allergies, or just don’t like shedding, both of these breeds should still be better than their non-Poodle parent.

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Once again, the Goldendoodle or Cockapoo generation comes into play here. The more Poodle in the doodle, the less likely they are to shed. If shedding or allergies are an important factor for you, choose a doodle that contains more Poodle, such as an F1BB, F2BB, or F1B. Genetics are hard to predict, and while they aren’t always 100% accurate, they do help predict what kind of coat a doodle will have.

Goldendoodle vs Cockapoo: Temperament


Both the Cockapoo vs Goldendoodle are loving and affectionate companions. Both can be great family dogs.  They’re friendly and love meeting new people. These dogs rarely show aggressive behaviors or herding tendencies which makes them ideal fit for families with other pets or young children. These mild-mannered dogs would make poor guard dogs as they’re much too friendly to ward off any intruders. 

Goldendoodles or Cockapoos that have nervous tendencies are generally a result of bad breeding or poor socialization. This is not a normal characteristic of a Cockapoo or Goldendoodle.

These breeds are both very family oriented, and because of that, may develop separation anxiety if left alone too long. Of course, proper training can help manage this, but if you know you aren’t home for long periods of time, you may need to consider a different dog breed.

Activity Level

The difference between Goldendoodle vs Cockapoo activity level is significant. Cockapoos require just moderate activity, while Goldendoodles are a more active breed. 

Cockapoos would be happy with 30+ minutes of exercise in the form of a walk. This could be followed by a relaxing afternoon of cuddling on the couch. 

On the other hand, Goldendoodles require a minimum of an hour of exercise daily. The form of exercise should be switched up from walks, to jogs, to games of fetch to keep them entertained. Without proper physical and/or mental stimulation, Goldendoodles are prone to destructive behaviors.

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These breeds are both highly intelligent, so trainability isn’t a drastic difference in the debate between Goldendoodle vs Cockapoo. Both of these dogs pick up new commands fairly quickly.  They’re fairly easy to train, and could be a good choice for first time dog owners. 

One thing to note is that Goldendoodles and Cockapoos (and most dogs for that matter!) do better with positive reinforcement training. Harsh tones and raised voices don’t bode well with either breed. Another noteworthy piece is that Goldendoodles may take a little longer to house train, so patience is needed. 

Mental stimulation is important for the Goldendoodle or Cockapoo to prevent them from getting bored and engaging in destructive or dangerous activities. Mental stimulation is easy to incorporate into daily activities through walks, learning new commands, and snuffle balls!

Maximize your dog’s mental stimulation and obedience with this Brain Training for dogs program!

Good with Kids & Pets?

Both the Cockapoo and Goldendoodle are great family dogs! They tend to get along well with both kids and pets. Their calm demeanor and loving personality is what makes them a great fit.  The biggest thing to be cautious of is the size. Mini, Toy, and Teacup sizes of Cockapoos and Goldendoodles are very small in size. They can easily be injured by a rambunctious toddler. Supervision is always required with young children and dogs. 

There are pros and cons of larger dogs with younger children. An energetic child is less likely to accidentally injure a larger dog, as the dog is likely larger than the child! That being said, if the dog happens to jump or dart through a room, they may accidentally knock over a small child. 

Cockapoo vs Goldendoodle: Health & Wellness

Life Span

In the debate between a Goldendoodle vs Cockapoo, the Cockapoo has an advantage in this category. On average, Cockapoos live for 14-16 years! This is notably more than the Goldendoodle’s lifespan which ranges from 10-15 years.  

Potential Illnesses

Many people opt for mixed breeds because they’re less prone to developing hereditary conditions than purebreds are. Genetic diversity does decrease the risk of the Cockapoo or Goldendoodle developing health issues, but that doesn’t mean they’re not at risk.

Some health concerns that may affect the Cockapoo include Entropion, familial nephropathy, glaucoma, cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, and hip dysplasia. 

Health problems in Goldendoodles often can include hip dysplasia, atropic dermatitis, cranial cruciate ligament rupture, Von Willebrand disease, as well as frequent ear infections.

Regardless of breed, most health issues that arise are going to cost an arm and a leg to treat. The diagnosis of hip dysplasia should not be a death sentence. That’s why I recommend all new dog owners make the decision to get quality pet insurance. Pet insurance can cover up to 90% of veterinary bills for accidents and injuries. This means you’ll never need to choose between your dog’s life and your wallet.  I personally use Healthy Paws and find that they offer a great combination of low prices, great coverage, and piece of mind! 

Should you get a Goldendoodle or Cockapoo? The conclusion…

  • If you want a small dog, the Cockapoo may be a better fit, unless you opt for the Teacup or Toy Goldendoodle.  If a larger dog is what you’re after, a Medium or Standard Goldendoodle may be for you!
  • Consider how active your lifestyle is. Goldendoodles require much more exercise than the Cockapoo. 
  • In general, Cockapoos have a longer lifespan.

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