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Mini Goldendoodle vs Goldendoodle: Which Size is Best? (QUIZ)

mini goldendoodle vs goldendoodle

Choosing which size of Goldendoodle to get can be an incredibly tough decision.  While there are five sizes of Goldendoodles, today let’s compare the two most popular types—the Standard Goldendoodle vs Mini Goldendoodle.

Before we dive into the factors that might influence your decision, let’s look at the physical differences between these two Goldendoodle sizes…

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Standard Goldendoodles generally weigh between 40-85 pounds and stand 19-25 inches tall.  Mini Goldendoodles are a fraction of the size, typically weighing in between 20-30 pounds and standing 16-18 inches tall.

Average MeasurementsMini GoldendoodleStandard Goldendoodle
Average Weight20-30 pounds40-85 pounds
Average Height (Shoulders)16-18 inches19-25 inches

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While personal preference can play a part in your decision, there are a lot of factors that can make one size or the other a better fit for your family.  Getting a dog is a huge commitment and as a potential Goldendoodle owner, it’s your responsibility to make an informed decision.

Get started by taking the quiz below!  Afterwards, be sure to keep reading so you can understand the significance of each factor and make the best decision possible!

Should You Get a Mini Goldendoodle or Standard Goldendoodle?  Take the Quiz!

Standard Goldendoodle vs Mini Goldendoodle: Pros and Cons

Average Lifespan & Health Concerns

With all the excitement of getting a new dog, thinking about the day they’ll no longer be with us isn’t what anybody wants to do.  However, this is an important factor to consider seeing as the average lifespan of the Miniature Goldendoodle vs Standard Goldendoodle is distinctly different.

On average, a mini Goldendoodle will live 2 years longer than a standard Goldendoodle.  Standard Goldendoodles have an estimated lifespan of 10-13 years while the average lifespan of miniature Goldendoodles is 12-15 years.

The correlation between a smaller size and a longer lifespan happens with all dogs, not just Goldendoodles.  Larger dogs have increased strain on their physiological processes which means that they’ll experience aging more rapidly.

In addition, due to their size, standard Goldendoodles are at risk for some health issues that mini Goldendoodles aren’t as susceptible to.  Some of these include bloat, hip dysplasia, and osteoarthritis.

These health issues can not only shorten your Goldendoodle’s lifespan, but they can be extremely costly as well.  For example, hip dysplasia can cost around $1,000-$5,000 to treat.

These expensive costs for accidents and illnesses are we we recommend pet insurance for ALL Goldendoodle owners, but especially so if you have a standard Goldendoodle.  For a reasonable monthly payment you’ll be able to sleep soundly knowing that up to 90% of your veterinary expenses will be covered in an emergency.  While there are lots of companies to consider, lots of Goldendoodle owners rave about Healthy Paws and Embrace.

Purchase Price

The price you pay for a Goldendoodle puppy can depend on a number of factors including what generation they are, where you’re located, and their color.

While the average price of a Goldendoodle is $1,500, one of the biggest influences on this amount is what size you choose.

Expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,000 more for a mini Goldendoodle puppy than you would a standard Goldendoodle puppy.

Of course, you can save a lot of money by rescuing a dog instead of purchasing one from a breeder.  However, standard Goldendoodles are far more common at shelters and there are pros and cons to consider before adopting a Goldendoodle.

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Yearly Cost of Ownership

While miniature Goldendoodles will cost more up-front, expect to save money over the years compared to standard Goldendoodles.

We discussed above how mini Goldendoodle owners may save money by potentially avoiding some health issues that are common in standard Goldendoodles.  However, health problems are always a roll of the dice as there are many serious issues that impact miniature Goldendoodles as well.  That’s why we recommend ALL Goldendoodle owners get pet insurance as early in their dog’s life as possible.

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However, there are three other categories of expenses where owners of miniature Goldendoodles are almost certain to save money—grooming, food, and other supplies.


Grooming prices almost always vary by breed and size of your dog.

Expect to pay between 20-40% more to get a standard Goldendoodle groomed compared to a mini Goldendoodle.

Here are a few example differences between the grooming prices of these two sizes…

Grooming SalonMini GoldendoodleStandard Goldendoodle
Petco Grooming$56$72
PetSmart Grooming$72$82
Independent Groomer #1$75$105
Independent Groomer #2$70$90

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It’s only natural that a larger dog is going to eat more food.  What does that mean for the owners of standard Goldendoodles?  More money.

Expect to pay around 50% more to feed a standard Goldendoodle compared to a miniature Goldendoodle.  That can add up to a difference of $1,000 or more over your dog’s lifetime!

The math will be roughly the same no matter which brand of dog food you choose.  However. let’s use one of the most popular brands as an example—Purina Pro Plan.  My Goldendoodle eats the Savor line in Beef & Rice flavor, so let’s use that.

Purina Pro Plan Adult Shredded Blend Beef & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food

Purina recommends that dogs 21-35 pounds eat 1 2/3 – 2 1/2 cups each day.  For dogs weighing 51-75 pounds they recommend 3-4 cups per day.  That’s 68% more food on average!

That’s just one example.  You can click here to compare other brands of dog food on Amazon or Chewy!  And that’s just dog food—don’t forget to consider treats as well!

Other Supplies

In general, it costs more for companies to make larger products which means it costs us more to buy them.  Dog toys, brushes, crates, bowls, etc. will almost always have price differences between sizes.

Here’s just one example.  Below is the crate I use for my Goldendoodle, the MidWest iCrate (Double Door).  You can see the price differences on both Amazon and Chewy for the large 42” size compared to the small 24” size.

MidWest iCrate Fold & Carry Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

Ease of Travel

Traveling with your dog can be fun for everyone, but it’s not always easy!  I took my first trip with my Goldendoodle last year and it taught me a lot of lessons.

In general, the smaller your dog is the easier it is to travel with them.  If you intend on going on long-distance adventures with your pup, a mini Goldendoodle may have an advantage in this category.

Many hotels—even “dog friendly” ones—have weight restrictions for the furry guests they’re willing to accept.  Luckily, we have a list of the actual dog-friendly hotel chains that you can check out!

Neither the mini Goldendoodle vs standard Goldendoodle are small enough to carry on a plane with you.  Only toy and teacup Goldendoodles would be small enough to potentially fit under the seat in front of you.  You can check mini and standard Goldendoodles as “luggage,” but that’s a complicated process that’s stressful for dogs and pet parents alike.

Travel by car is a bit easier for mini Goldendoodles, simply because they take up less space.  My standard Goldendoodle has his own dog hammock that takes up my entire back seat!

Active Pets Back Seat Car Hammock for Dogs 

Effects of Bad Behavior

While Goldendoodles tend to be fairly easy to train, it all depends on your individual dog’s personality as well as your knowledge and persistence.

While size doesn’t make a difference in how easy your Goldendoodle is to train, the larger your dog is the more their bad behavior is “amplified.”

What do I mean by this?  For example, if your miniature Goldendoodle jumps on Grandma, it’s cute.  If your standard Goldendoodle jumps on Grandma, there could be broken bones involved.  While jumping typically isn’t a desirable behavior for any dog, when you have a larger dog the results of bad behavior can have more of a negative impact.

Jumping isn’t the only negative behavior where this is true.  Leash pulling is another prime example along with “counter surfing.”

Again, both of these Goldendoodle sizes are just as easy to train.  However, if you’re a first-time dog owner, a mini Goldendoodle may give you more peace-of-mind knowing that you’ll have a little bigger “margin for error” when it comes to bad behavior.

Your Activity Level

How active you are can make a big difference in your choice between a standard Goldendoodle vs mini Goldendoodle.

On average, an adult standard Goldendoodle needs about 33% more exercise than an adult mini Goldendoodle.

The recommendation for an adult standard Goldendoodle is 60-120 minutes of exercise, 1-2 times per day.  An adult mini Goldendoodle, on the other hand, needs “just” 45-90 minutes of exercise, 1-2 times per day.  You can see the complete exercise guidelines for Goldendoodles here.

If you live a more active lifestyle, a standard Goldendoodle may have an advantage here.  Especially if you want a running or hiking partner, a larger dog will do a better job at keeping up.

If you’re more moderately active, a miniature Goldendoodle might be a better fit.  However, don’t be fooled—mini Goldendoodles are still active dogs!  If you live a more sedentary lifestyle, you may want to consider a teacup Goldendoodle, toy Goldendoodle, or a less active breed altogether.

Current & Future Living Arrangements

One of the most important factors when weighing the Mini Goldendoodle vs Standard Goldendoodle is your living arrangements.  You’ll need to consider both where you live now and where you might move to in the next 10-15 years.

The first step is learning about any relevant rules.  Some landlords or homeowners associations  may have weight limits for dogs that live there.  This may rule out getting a standard Goldendoodle completely.

You’ll also want to consider how big your house is as well as how big your yard is.  Standard Goldendoodles will prefer a bit more space to stretch their legs and run around in.  However, mini Goldendoodles also would appreciate a big yard!

While neither one of these sizes are ideal apartment dogs due to their energy levels, the mini Goldendoodle would fare better than a standard Goldendoodle.

Other Family Members

You’ll want to not only consider yourself when making this decision, but also anybody else in your household or who would be around your new dog regularly.

Young children under 10 years old often will do better with a standard Goldendoodle.  This is because smaller dogs can be more easily injured by rambunctious children.

If you have an elderly member of your family living with you, a mini Goldendoodle may be more their speed.  You’ll have to worry less about a large dog being wild and accidentally injuring them.

In case of emergencies, if you choose a standard Goldendoodle you’ll want to be sure someone in your household is capable of carrying their full weight from the house to the car.

Finally, you’ll want to think about any other pets you have in the household.  If you have a very small dog already, will a standard Goldendoodle frighten them?  If you have a large dog already, perhaps a standard Goldendoodle would make for a similarly-sized playmate!

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Personal Preference

The last piece of the puzzle when it comes to the Mini Goldendoodle vs Standard Goldendoodle is personal preference.

Some people LOVE big dogs.  In fact, there are people who purposely choose one of the top 6 largest doodle breeds just for their size!

Big dogs can be huge teddy bears and great for cuddling with!  As friendly as they may be, they also can be a good “security system” for your house.

On the other hand, who can resist the small, fluffy appearance of the mini Goldendoodle?!  They make amazing companions and are an incredibly practical size for many situations.

Hopefully, after reading this article and taking the quiz above, you feel more empowered to make an educated decision that’s best for you and best for your future Goldendoodle!