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Havapoo Size Full Grown: How Big Do Havapoos Get? (Toy & Mini)

how big do havapoos get

Let’s talk about how big do Havapoos get? Havapoos are an adorable Havanese Poodle mix. This breed comes in two sizes—the Toy Havapoo size and the Mini Havapoo size, so they’re ideal for smaller spaces. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that Havapoo sizes can vary and depend on several factors. 

So, if you’re wondering “how big do Havapoos get?” keep reading to learn all about it!

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Toy Havapoo Size Full Grown

Toy Havapoos are the smallest option available for this breed. The distinct Toy Havapoo size is created by breeding the already small Havanese with a Toy Poodle. As the smallest type of Poodle, Toys don’t typically get taller than 10 inches and normally weigh between 6 and 9 pounds.

Havanese dogs are a popular breed on their own, weighing between 7 and 13 pounds and coming in at between 8 and 11 inches tall. This means that Toy Havapoo size will always be small when compared to lots of other breeds. 

How Big Do Toy Havapoos Get?

So exactly how big do Toy Havapoos get? Because of their heritage, Toy Havapoo sizes are never very big. Usually, they don’t get taller than 12 inches, and typically weigh between 7 and 15 pounds. They usually end up a little larger than a Toy Poodle but slightly smaller than a Havanese.

toy havapoo size - how big do toy havapoos get
Weighing 11 pounds, Lucy is an example of the toy Havapoo size. Photo courtesy of Natasha Lynn.

Mini Havapoo Size Full Grown

The Miniature Havapoos size is the largest option available for this breed. Because they are bred with Miniature Poodles instead of Toy Poodles, they end up being larger than Toy Havapoos.

However this difference is sometimes so small that it’s barely noticeable. Miniature Poodles are only about 5 inches taller than Toy Poodles on average.

How Big Do Mini Havapoos Get?

By now you’re probably asking, “okay, well how big do Mini Havapoos get?” The Mini Havapoo size normally caps out at 15 inches in height and can weigh between anywhere from 15 to 30 pounds. 

Weighing 19 pounds, Sparky is an example of the mini Havapoo size. Photo courtesy of Dan Miller.
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What About the Teacup Havapoo Size?

The Teacup Havapoos size doesn’t exist in the way that Teacup sizes do for popular, larger doodle breeds like Goldendoodle sizes and Labradoodle sizes. Havapoos, whether Mini or Toy, are already small, so breeding a “Teacup” version doesn’t add much to the appeal of the breed.

If you encounter someone telling you that they have Teacup Havapoos size puppies, you can pretty much conclude that the dogs they are offering are simply Toy Havapoos and you won’t notice much size difference.  

What About Standard Havapoos?

There is no such thing as a Standard Havapoo, simply because they are not bred. To create them, a Havanese would have to be bred with a Standard Poodle. Because of the massive difference in stature, this could lead any puppies born to have unforeseen health issues. 

Keeping them small is the best option for the health of the parents and the offspring. So, all of the Havapoos sizes we have today are tiny little dogs! 

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What Impacts the Size of a Havapoo?

Things like parentage, gender, and the generation of your Havapoo can all play a part in answering the question of “how big do Havapoos get.” This information should help you roughly estimate the size your Havapoo puppy will be when they’re full grown 

The individual parents of your Havapoo will have a big impact on their adult size. If the parents were smaller than average, there is a good chance their puppies will be as well. Overall, Mini and Toy Havapoos will be pretty similar in size. However, your Mini Havapoo will typically be slightly larger than a Toy.

Of course, there is always a chance that your puppy is unique, and could end up smaller or larger than other dogs of its breed. As long as they are healthy, this shouldn’t be a problem!

Next, your Havapoo’s generation plays a big role in their ultimate size. Havapoo generations tell us how close your Havapoo is to being 100% Poodle or 100% Havanese. First generation, F1 Havapoo puppies come from purebred Poodles and Havanese dogs, which means their DNA is 50/50 in theory.

What’s interesting is that further Havapoo generations beyond F1s can be made by breeding two Havapoos together or by breeding a Havapoo with another Poodle or Havanese. This could create puppies that have a higher percentage of Poodle DNA or more Havanese DNA in them. If this is the case, the traits of that breed will shine through more, so your dog could end up with different fur texture, patterns, height, or weight.

If you’re confused about how generations work or want to learn more, head on over to our doodle generations article!  It uses Aussiedoodles as an example, but Havapoo generations work the same way.

Lastly, gender is a big determiner of the size of Havapoos. Males will almost always be slightly bigger than females. Because Havapoos are already a small breed, you might not always be able to notice this difference. Male dogs typically weigh 10% more than females, and are often taller as well. But again, you should keep in mind that there are always exceptions to the rules, so you could find yourself with a larger female or an unusually small male. 

It’s important to remember that genetics can have an impact on the overall health of your dog. Even if your dog is from a reputable breeder, you can never be too safe.  This is why I always recommend pet insurance for all responsible Havapoo parents.

When Do Havapoos Stop Growing?

So, we’ve answered the question “how big do Havapoos get?” but now you’re probably asking, “when do Havapoos stop growing?” Toy and Mini Havapoos tend to grow faster than larger dogs, so you can expect yours to be done growing around 8 months old.

Still, you may encounter a dog that continues growing until around 18 months. If this is the case, it doesn’t mean that your dog will end up larger than normal, just that it’s growing a little slower than average.

Miniature Poodles do take a little longer than Toy Poodles to reach maturity, so you may notice some difference between a Toy and Mini Havapoo. Generally speaking, your dog will but will continue to gain weight for a few months after they reach their full height, and it could naturally fluctuate through the years.

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