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Havapoo Haircuts: Top 6 Grooming Styles (with Photos!)

havapoo haircuts

The Havanese and Poodle cross, or Havapoo, is one of the newer hybrids on the scene. Both parent breeds are well known for their attractive and hypoallergenic coat, so it is little wonder the Havapoo is making waves in the fashion-conscious canine community.

Their lustrous locks are typically crimped, curly or wavy and they come in a variety of shades.

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Most owners turn to professional groomers when it comes to keeping their coat looking good. Even so, with the multitude of Havapoo haircuts available, it can be tricky to know which is the right one to go for.

Most experienced groomers will be well used to grooming Poodle mixes such as the Havapoo, Cavapoo, and Cockapoo. These dogs have relatively similar fur types, so they often suit the same styles.

Read on to learn about the current Havapoo hairstyle trends that are taking the world by storm! If you find one you love, take the photo along to your groomer, so they’ll know exactly what appearance you’re after.

Most Popular Havapoo Haircuts

The Havapoo is a gorgeous little dog that resembles a real-life teddy bear. Given how adorable they are, it is little wonder that their owners want to accentuate their looks by giving them great Havapoo haircuts. The right style will ensure a dog is looking their very best.

Remember, your Havapoo is an individual. Their fur type will depend on their genetics.

As they are a cross breed, you may find they have more curls if they inherit more genes from the Poodle side. Alternatively, a Havapoo can take more after their Havanese parent and have a straighter coat.

Your groomer will work with you to pick the style that best suits your Havapoo’s fur type.

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Havapoo Teddy Bear Cut

As briefly mentioned, the Havapoo is the quintessential real-life canine teddy bear. With their circular, brown eyes, floppy ears and button nose, there’s little wonder one of the most common Havapoo names is ‘Teddy’.

The Havapoo teddy bear cut is the most popular style available and one that all groomers will be very familiar with.

The fur on the head is left fairly long, but trimmed to give it a more ‘rounded’ shape. The fur is kept the same length all over the rest of their body—about 1-2 inches. Importantly, the rounded paws resemble those of teddy bear.

havapoo teddy bear cut
Photos courtesy of Katherine Scogin on Facebook.

Havapoo Puppy Cut

The Havapoo puppy cut is a hairstyle that suits Havapoos of all ages—even seniors. Dogs are groomed to resemble the innocence of a puppy, with their fur being one length all over.

This Havapoo haircut is typically on the shorter end, with a length usually less than 2 inches.

As different groomers may interpret the ‘puppy cut’ in their own way, be specific with your requirements. For example, if you don’t want the fur trimmed any shorter than two inches, be sure to say this beforehand.

havapoo puppy cut
Photos courtesy of Michelle Larsen on Facebook.

Havapoo Summer Cut

As the days get long and balmy, you’ll want to do what you can to ensure your Havapoo is cool and comfortable. Havapoo summer cuts are ideal for the warmer weather, with the fur being cut to around half an inch.

This Havapoo hair style helps your pup be less prone to over-heating and heat stroke.

Of course, a ‘summer’ cut is just another name for a short Havapoo haircut. A dog can technically sport this hairstyle any time of the year.

Despite this, this look usually isn’t advised during extremely cold weather as you may find your Havapoo shivers when outdoors and really feels the chill.

havapoo summer cut
Photos courtesy of Susie Du Toit on Facebook.

Shaved Havapoo

When an owner first sees their shaved Havapoo, they may find their new appearance a little alarming. The fur is clipped off and the skin underneath is visible. 

Fur is important as it keeps your dog warm and protects them from the elements. However, sometimes Havapoo fur can get badly matted and needs to be shaved.

In other cases, such as in dogs with mange or bacterial skin infections, fur may be shaved for medical reasons.

Remember, even if you’re unhappy with your Havapoo’s new appearance, their fur will start regrowing quickly.

shaved havapoo
Photo courtesy of Lisa Ann O’Brien on Facebook.

Havapoo Poodle Cuts 

Some Havapoo owners will opt for elaborate ‘Havapoo Poodle cuts’ such as the continental cut, Miami cut, lion cut, or town and country cut.

On the whole though, these cuts tend to be reserved for pedigree Poodles competing in the show ring.  Many owners of Poodle mixes hate this look with a passion!

That being said, if your Havapoo has a Poodle-like coat and you fancy seeing them sporting a flashy, unique hairstyle, consider asking your groomer about one of these options.

havapoo poodle cut
Photo courtesy of Michael Clinton on Facebook.

Full Length Havapoo

On the other side of the coin to Poodle cuts are hairstyles that are similar to the Havanese parent breed.  The most common of these is the Havapoo full length cut.

This hairstyle keeps your Havapoo’s coat very long and straight, mimicking the appearance common in Havanese show dogs.

It’s best to only attempt this look if your dog has straight hair. Otherwise, your Havapoo may end up looking like a mess of long curls.

full length havapoo
Photo courtesy of Cathy Smith Simon on Facebook.

Which Havapoo Hairstyle Should I Try?

Deciding which of the many Havapoo’s haircuts to choose from isn’t an always easy thing to do.

The first step is to ask yourself what you’re hoping to achieve from the cut. Are you looking for something fashion forward or something more functional? Of course, you’ll also be considering your Havapoo’s needs and the grooming style that would best fit their personality.

What’s your personality? 

Are you someone who likes to blend in or stand out from the crowd?

If you’re after a show-stopping look, consider something more high-end like a Havapoo Poodle cut. However, if you’d rather your dog looked like their friends in the doggy park, you’re probably after a Havapoo teddy bear cut.

What is the weather like?

If you’ve noticed your Havapoo is getting hot under the collar and panting more often, they may need some help coping in the heat.

During the summer months, it’s best to opt for a short Havapoo haircut of less than 2 inches. Longer than this can make it harder for your pooch to dissipate heat. Not only is this uncomfortable for them, it puts them at higher risk of heatstroke.

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Does your Havapoo get dirty often?

How high maintenance is your prince or princess? If they’re not one to get their fur wet and they spend most of their time indoors, they’ll do just fine with a longer Havapoo teddy bear cut or intricate Havapoo Poodle cut.

On the other hand, if your dog is always jumping in muddy puddles and getting dirty, they’ll probably do best with a Havapoo summer cut or a shorter Havapoo puppy cut.

You’ll also want to consider investing in a MudBuster.  This nifty device is a favorite of Poodle mix owners because it makes cleaning muddy and snowy paws a breeze!

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How often can you commit to brushing?

Some Havapoo hair styles are higher maintenance than others. Most will require daily brushing, especially around the face and ears. This prevents tangles and mats.

If your dog hates being brushed with a passion, opt for a nice, short Havapoo haircut.

Havapoo Grooming Tips

Compared to other pedigrees and cross-breeds, the Havapoo is quite high maintenance when it comes to grooming.

Due to this, it is important to have a grooming plan in place from day one. This sets you up for success and will help keep your Havapoo looking great in between their trips to the grooming salon.

Start Havapoo Grooming Early

This is potentially the most important tip of all. A Havapoo that accepts being groomed as ‘just another part of their day’, is one that will make your life a lot easier.

If your pet is reactive to being brushed and trimmed, you have many battles ahead of you. The best way to ensure your dog is tolerant of being groomed is to start from the moment they are brought home.

For puppies, grooming sessions are really just for fun. Keep them short and sweet and lavish your dog with tons of praise and tasty treats as a reward for their calm behavior.

Work on looking inside their ears, opening their mouth, picking up their paws and touching sensitive places such as their armpits and belly.

Take it slow as you introduce different brush types, nail clippers, and the tooth brush.

Find the Right Groomer or Try DIY Grooming

It is not always easy to find the right groomer, especially if you live rurally. Have a look at reviews on Google and Facebook and ask around for the experiences of other local dog owners.

You might even consider visiting some local groomers in person, to see if you’re happy with the set up and to chat with the owner or employees.

If you’re unsure about your local groomer, consider becoming your dog’s own beauty technician!

While some may not be up for the challenge, if you feel confident to do so, it may be the start of a great new hobby. Not to mention, you’ll save a lot of money by going down the DIY route.

Bring Photos of Your Favorite Havapoo Hairstyle

As there are many different names for the various Havapoo haircuts and the specific requirements are not set in stone, it is best to bring along a photo of the style you’re after. This way, your groomer will know exactly the appearance you’re looking for.

It can also help to bring along a photo of your dog after a grooming session you were happy with, so your groomer knows what to aim for.

Additionally, if your dog has a trim you weren’t pleased with, a photo of this can be useful too. This way, your groomer will be aware of exactly what you don’t want!

Brush Frequently to Avoid Havapoo Matting

It cannot be over-stated, you need to be brushing your Havapoo every single day. Not only does this keep their coat tangle free, it also means your Havapoo will accept their routine as part of normal life.

Use the Right Equipment

Grooming sessions are much easier when you have the right tools. Set yourself up for success by purchasing the most suitable equipment from the get-go.

The Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Dogs is a good option for Havapoo owners. It is sharp and cuts claws quickly, minimizing discomfort.

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The Chris Christensen Baby G Slicker Brush is a top-of-the-line Havapoo grooming tool that is used by many Poodle cross owners. Rather than pulling fur it gently teases it, minimizing tangles in the coat. The “baby” model is great for the Havapoo’s small size!

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Don’t Forget your Havapoo’s Teeth 

The Havapoo is prone to dental diseases as they are a smaller dog and can suffer with overcrowding in the mouth. Start brushing their teeth during puppyhood and do it frequently for the rest of their life—ideally daily.

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More so than any other intervention, tooth brushing reduces the risk of periodontal disease. On top of tooth brushing, your Havapoo may benefit from being fed dry kibble rather than canned food and from being given plaque reducing products such as Plaque Off.

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Havapoo Grooming FAQs

Do Havapoos need haircuts?

Havapoos need regular haircuts. Most owners will get their dogs professionally groomed at least a few times each year.

If Havapoo grooming isn’t done regularly, their coat will become overgrown and matted which can impede both vision and hearing.

How much does a Havapoo grooming appointment cost?

Expect to pay between $60-100 for a Havapoo grooming appointment.  This cost varies widely depending on where you are and what style you’re seeking.

This price will not include extra services like nail trims or fur conditioning treatments. Always ask your groomer about the cost before the cut is done.

How fast does Havapoo fur grow back?

Havapoo fur grows quickly, especially in puppies and young adults. Expect a regrowth rate of about half an inch per month.

How often do you groom a Havapoo?

Most Havapoo owners will groom their dogs about every 2-3 months. However, you may want your furry friend groomed more often than this if you’re after a neat and closely trimmed look year-round.

When should a Havapoo puppy’s first haircut be?

Most groomers offer ‘puppy trims’ from about the age of 3-4 months. These are shorter sessions than normal, getting your pup acclimated to the grooming salon. During a puppy trim, the groomer may only bathe your pup and trim a very small amount of fur.

A Havapoo’s first ‘real’ haircut will be at about 8 months of age after their adult coat is fully grown in.

Can you shave a Havapoo?

While a Havapoo can be shaved, this should only done when absolutely necessary due to matting. Fur is required to act as an allergen barrier, protect the skin, keep your dog warm and prevent sunburn.

If you have a badly matted Havapoo, you may have to shave them for their health and comfort.

While minor matting can sometimes be fixed with brushing, attempting to brush serious matting will only your dog further pain. In these cases, a shaved Havapoo is the only solution.

Dr. Linda Simon

Contributing Professional

Dr. Linda Simon is a small animal veterinary surgeon who works as a locum vet in the UK. She qualified in 2013 from UCD, Ireland and was top of her year in small animal medicine. Linda writes for a range of animal-related publications and is the resident vet for Pooch & Mutt dog food. She is a proud doodle owner who shares her life with a 3 year old Cavapoo named Raffie!