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Irish Doodle Size Full Grown: How Big Do Irish Doodles Get? (Mini & Standard)

how big do irish doodles get

Have you found yourself wondering if the Irish Doodle size would fit your lifestyle? If you have ever thought of adding an Irish Setter Poodle mix to your family, size is an important determining factor to help you decide if this breed is right for your lifestyle. And if you already share your life with an Irish Doodle, you may wonder how much more your furry best friend will grow!

Irish Doodle sizes vary depending on the variety. You will find two main sizes: mini and standard. So if you have ever found yourself asking, “how big do Irish Doodles get?” we can guide you!

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Mini Irish Doodle Size Full Grown

The smallest of the Irish Doodles is called the Miniature Irish Doodle. The Mini Irish Doodle size comes from breeding a Miniature Poodle with an Irish Setter.

The average Mini Poodle stands between 11-14 inches in height and weighs about 12 – 20 pounds. The Irish Setter is a larger, sporting breed, standing between 25-27 inches with an ideal weight between 60-70 pounds.

How Big Do Mini Irish Doodles Get? 

So how big do Mini Irish Doodles get? An adult Mini Irish Doodle will average between 20-40 pounds and will grow to about 15-22 inches tall.

mini irish doodle size
Evie Mae the Mini Irish Doodle is 25 pounds. Photo courtesy of @evie_mae_doodle on Instagram.

Standard Irish Doodle Size Full Grown

The Standard Irish Doodle size will be larger. Like it’s Miniature Irish Doodle relative, the Standard Irish Doodle is the result of the breeding of an Irish Setter, standing between 25-27 inches and weighing between 60-70 pounds.

To get a larger dog, the Setter is bred with a Standard Poodle which is about 18-24 inches in height at the shoulder and weighs about 45-70 pounds. 

How Big Do Standard Irish Doodles Get?

How big do Standard Irish Doodles get? The full grown Standard Irish Doodle size is typically between 40-70 lbs, with a height between 22-28 inches.

standard irish doodle size
London the Standard Irish Doodle is 50 pounds. Photo courtesy of Kristi Jones LeBlanc on Facebook.
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What About the Toy Irish Doodle Size?

The Toy Irish Doodle size would be smaller than the Mini Irish Doodle, however they are rarely, if ever, bred. If a breeder is advertising Toy Irish Doodles, be cautious. You want to be sure that the breeder is responsible and not prioritizing small size over the health of the puppies.

This is one of several great reasons to invest early in quality pet insurance and maintain it though your Irish Doodle’s life.

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What About the Medium Irish Doodle Size?

What is the Medium Irish Doodle Size? While the Medium Irish Doodle is not an official size, it is often used to describe a larger Miniature Irish Doodle or or a small Standard Irish Doodle. 

What Impacts the Size of an Irish Doodle?

There are many factors at play that will help determine the size of a full grown Irish Doodle. And while we cannot make an exact prediction, looking at all of these factors will help us make an educated estimate. Among other factors, your Irish Doodle size is determined by gender, the height and weight of the parents, and the generation of your Irish Doodle.

First, their gender offers a large clue in determining the answer to “how big do Irish Doodles get?” Many potential Doodle parents will ask:  Should I get a male or a female?

Typically, the height and weight of a male Irish Doodle will be slightly more than a female Irish doodle.  It is generally about a 10% difference. In the smaller Mini Irish Doodle size, the height and weight difference between males and females may not be as noticeable as with the larger Standard Irish Doodle size.

A Standard Irish Doodle male would be roughly 1-4 inches taller and may weigh around 5-10 pounds more than his female counterparts.

You also want to ask about the size of your Irish Doodle’s parents. The genetics that are passed from the parents to their offspring can play a part in how large an Irish Doodle will get.

If one of the parents is smaller, this is often passed down to their puppies. Genetics is not an exact science though, so while it is good information to have, it is not a size guarantee.

Finally, the generation of your Irish Doodle plays a big part in their adult size.  A Doodle’s “generation” refers to the theoretical genetic makeup of your dog and how close it is to that of a Poodle or an Irish Setter.  If you’re confused by generations, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Read  our article on generations of doodles to learn all about it!

In general, if an Irish Doodle has more Poodle than Irish Setter, they could be smaller than an Irish Doodle that has more Irish Setter than a Poodle.  This is because the Poodle average size is slightly smaller than the Irish Setter.

Of course, this is excluding all other contending criteria that may affect a dog’s size.  But in the simplest terms: the higher percentage of the larger dog, the larger the puppy is likely to be.

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When Do Irish Doodles Stop Growing?

Puppyhood is fleeting, so don’t wish it away. But as your puppy keeps getting bigger you may ask yourself “when do Irish Doodles stop growing?” While we have answered “how big do Irish Doodles get”, now let’s look at how long it will take for them to reach that size.

We need to look at the breeds of each parent to estimate the answer. Both Standard Poodles and Irish Setters generally take between 18-24 months before growth completely stops.  In contrast, Miniature Poodles are generally done growing by 6-8 months of age.

So based on that info, Standard Irish Doodles will likely take longer to reach their final size than Miniature Irish Doodles.  Larger dogs grow slower over a longer period of time, compared to their smaller counterparts.

A Standard Irish Doodle will grow faster over the first 12 months. But they typically continue to grow throughout the next 6-12 months, though it it may not be as noticeable.  Considering the mixes that create the Mini Irish Doodle, they will likely stop growing between 7-12 months old.

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