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Bichpoo Size Full Grown: How Big Do Bichpoos Get? (Toy & Mini)

how big do bichpoos get

If you’ve been wondering “how big do Bichpoos get?” look no further! Bichpoo size may not be something you would typically take into consideration when searching for this lovable pup. But although the Bichpoo breed is a combination of two lovable toy breeds, Bichon Frises and Poodles, they can still slightly vary in size. 

Bichpoos, or as we’ll also call them, Poochons, come in two sizes: toy and miniature. Read on to learn more about these sizes as well as what could impact your Poochon size.

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Toy Bichpoo Size Full Grown

Toy Bichpoos are the smallest version of the breed out there. The toy Bichpoo size comes from breeding a regular Bichon Frise with a Toy Poodle.

Toy Poodles are the smallest type of poodle, standing no taller than 10 inches and weighing around 4-6 pounds. Bichon Frises are similar in height, standing between 9.5 and 11.5 inches, but they typically weigh more, between 12 and 18 pounds.

How Big Do Toy Bichpoos Get?

So how big do Toy Poochons get? You can expect Toy Poochon size to range anywhere from five to 12 pounds and 9-12 inches in height.

toy bichpoo size
This is an example of the toy Bichpoo size.

Mini Bichpoo Size Full Grown

Miniature Bichpoos are the largest available Poochon size. They are slightly bigger than toys because they’re bred with Miniature Poodles, however, the Mini Bichpoo size is still small enough to make these pups great lap dogs. 

How Big Do Mini Bichpoos Get?

How big do Mini Bichpoos get? 12-20 pounds and between 12 and 15 inches is the typical Mini Bichpoo size, not much bigger than their toy Poochon counterparts.

mini bichpoo size
This is an example of the mini Bichpoo size.
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What About the Teacup Bichpoo Size?

The Toy Bichpoo size and Teacup Bichpoo size are actually the same thing. While “teacup” can be a distinctive size for larger breeds, the typical Mini Bichpoo size is already so small, and so similar to that of the Toy Bichpoo size, there simply is no way to go any smaller.

If you see a breeder advertising teacup Poochons, they almost certainly will be the same size as a toy. However, there is always a chance that unreliable breeders may seek to breed the tiniest dogs possible in an effort to create smaller puppies.

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What About Standard Bichpoos?

Standard Bichpoos are not bred, mostly because of the massive size difference between Bichons and Standard Poodles. Instead, the typical Toy and Mini Poochon size is fit for smaller spaces than their larger Poodle relatives. 

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What Impacts the Size of a Bichpoo?

Gender, the generation of your dog and parentage can all play a part in Bichpoo size. Knowing these things can help you roughly calculate the size of your dog! 

Your Poochons parents play a big part in their ultimate size. If the parents were on the larger side, there is a good chance their puppies will inherit that. Overall, Mini and Toy Bichpoos will not be extremely different from each other.  However, you can generally expect your Mini Bichpoo to be bigger than a toy.

Despite this, there can still be some variance in sizes, so you could end up seeing an unusual Toy Poochon size that is a little bigger than average or a Mini Poochon that is smaller than average. 

Next, your dog’s generation can determine their size. A “generation” helps define how close your Bichpoo is to having full Poodle or full Bichon DNA. First generations puppies are born from one purebred Poodle and one Purebred Bichon.

Second and third generations as well as backcrosses can start getting more complex and intricate. These combos can play a role in determining the size of your dog, since they could have more of a smaller breed in them than others.

If you’re having trouble figuring out how generations work or just want to learn more, make sure to read our doodle generations article. Basically, if your dog has more of a smaller breed, it will probably turn out smaller.

Lastly, gender effects the size of Poochons. Males are generally always slightly bigger than females. It’s not a huge difference, but males typically weigh 10% more than females, and are often taller. In Bichpoos, the difference will be harder to spot because the breed is already naturally small. This could also mean that you end up with a male that is smaller than typical females, or vice versa. 

When Do Bichpoos Stop Growing?

So, we’ve figured out how big Bichpoos get, but you might still be asking, “when do Bichpoos stop growing?”

While Poochons are typically considered to have reached their adult size at six months old, it’s not uncommon for them to continue growing well into their first year.

This is the case for both Bichon Frises and Toy Poodles, so there isn’t much variance in the breed. Miniature Poodles do take slightly longer, though they typically finish growing right around the one-year mark.

Most likely, your dog will reach their adult height pretty quickly, but will continue to gain weight and generally fill out for a few months afterwards. Smaller breeds are known for growing much faster than larger breeds, and hitting their adult size sooner, so cherish the time with your tiny pup while you have it!

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