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Goldendoodle Exercise Needs by Age & Size

how much exercise do goldendoodles need

Getting the appropriate amount of daily physical activity is the number one way to keep your Goldendoodle healthy, happy, and well-behaved! But, how much exercise do Goldendoodles need?

Whether you’re a current or prospective owner of this breed, there are minimum Goldendoodle exercise needs you should know about. On the opposite end of the spectrum, too much exercise can be dangerous for your Goldendoodle!

In this article, we’ll help you find the perfect amount of physical activity for your Goldendoodle based on their size, age, and personality. We’ll also show you which common exercise ideas for dogs are safe and which can actually do more harm than good!

How Much Exercise Do Goldendoodles Need?

Full-grown, adult Goldendoodles require between 30-120 minutes of exercise, 1-2 times per day. Standard Goldendoodles will fall on the higher end of this range while toy and mini Goldendoodles won’t need quite as much physical activity.

The table below is a helpful resource that allows you to find the appropriate amount of exercise for your Goldendoodle based on their age and size.

 Teacup / Toy Goldendoodle
Exercise Requirements
Mini Goldendoodle
Exercise Requirements
Standard Goldendoodle
Exercise Requirements
2 Months
(8 Weeks)
10 Minutes
10 Minutes
10 Minutes
3 Months
(12 Weeks)
15 Minutes
10 Minutes
10 Minutes
4 Months
(16 Weeks)
20 Minutes
15 Minutes
15 Minutes
5 Months
(20 Weeks)
25 Minutes
20 Minutes
15 Minutes
6-12 Months30 Minutes
25 Minutes
20 Minutes
12 - 18 Months30-60 Minutes
30-60 Minutes
25 Minutes
18 - 24 Months30-60 Minutes
45-90 Minutes
30-60 Minutes
(2+ Years)
30-60 Minutes
45-90 Minutes
60-120 Minutes
(8-12+ Years)
20-30 Minutes
30-45 Minutes
30-60 Minutes

As a disclaimer, this table should only be used to get a ballpark estimate. Talk to your veterinarian about what exercise level is appropriate for your dog based on their health and individual needs.

Have a question to ask a veterinarian? Click here to be connected via live chat to a real, verified veterinarian!

Negative Effects of Too Little or Too Much Exercise

If a Goldendoodle doesn’t get enough exercise they are likely to become overweight or obese.

Just like with humans, excess weight can lead to a host of health issues in Goldendoodles including heart disease, kidney disease, and cancer! Even just being a little overweight can decrease the lifespan of your Goldendoodle.

Exercise will help reduce the risk of many health issues, but it can’t guarantee your dog will avoid accidents and illnesses. That’s why I always recommend Goldendoodle owners get a health insurance policy for their dog through a reputable provider such as Healthy Paws or Embrace.

For a reasonable monthly premium, these companies will pay up to 90% of your veterinary expenses. Over the course of your dog’s life, this can potentially save you thousands of dollars! My Goldendoodle is personally covered with Healthy Paws, but I recommend getting quotes from a few companies to find the best policy for you.

In addition to health-related issues, behavioral issues are common in Goldendoodles that don’t get a sufficient amount of daily physical activity. Lack of exercise can be a contributing factor to loads of common negative behaviors such as excessive barking, jumping, and destructiveness.

In fact, most dog trainers would agree that the number one thing you can do to improve obedience is to get your dog enough exercise. A tired dog is a happy dog and a tired dog is an obedient dog!

However, too much of even a good thing like exercise can be bad.

From puppyhood until they’re 1-2 years old, the bones and joints of your Goldendoodle are still developing. Too much exercise during this crucial phase can cause life-long joint and bone problems for your Goldendoodle.

Even as an adult, too much exercise can lead to heat exhaustion or over-exertion in canines.

What Factors Do Goldendoodle Exercise Needs Depend On?


Goldendoodles come in five sizes—teacup, toy, mini, medium, and standard. Which of these sizes your Goldendoodle is can help determine how much exercise they need.

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As a rule of thumb, the larger your Goldendoodle is the more physical activity they will need on a daily basis. However, the bones and joints of larger Goldendoodles also take longer to fully develop so you’ll need to ramp up their exercise regimen more slowly than you would a smaller size of Goldendoodle.

Your veterinarian will be able to help you determine when your Goldendoodle puppy is done growing and ready for less restrictive exercise. For teacup, toy, and mini Goldendoodles this usually occurs when they’re 8-12 months old. For medium and standard Goldendoodles, it can take up to 2 years.

Have a question to ask a veterinarian? Click here to be connected via live chat to a real, verified veterinarian!


How old your dog is plays a crucial factor in the suggested Goldendoodle exercise requirements.

While Goldendoodle puppies are full of energy and always ready to play, we’ve discussed above how too much exercise can impact the health of their developing bones and joints.

With the excitement of bringing a new pet home, it can be tempting to go jogging or for long hikes together. However, it’s important that you limit both the time and intensity of physical activity while your Goldendoodle is still growing. While some activities may be off-limits for now, they’ll be plenty of time to enjoy them when your dog is older.

Puppies aren’t the only ones who need lots of rest. Senior Goldendoodles will also need a more scaled-back version of their exercise routine as they grow older.


Some Goldendoodles are naturally hyper and will need a lot of exercise to keep them happy. Others are couch potatoes and only need a short, daily stroll to stretch their legs.

Your Goldendoodle’s generation and the DNA inherited from their parents can influence their desire for exercise. However, you should assume that Goldendoodles of ANY generation will be high-energy.

In general, Goldendoodles are a high-energy breed. Not being prepared for the appropriate amount of exercise this breed requires is one of the top reasons Goldendoodles end up in rescues and shelters!

Over time. you’ll naturally get a feel for the energy level of your individual dog. Be on the lookout for signs that your Goldendoodle is getting too much or too little exercise…

Signs Your Goldendoodle Is Getting Too Much Exercise

Signs Your Goldendoodle Isn’t Getting Enough Exercise

  • Disobedience
  • Destructiveness
  • Hyperactive Behavior
  • Weight Gain
Photo courtesy of @littlerudyray on Instagram.

How Much Exercise Do Goldendoodle Puppies Need?

As a rule of thumb, a Goldendoodle puppy should get about 5 minutes of exercise per month of age, 1-3 times per day.

Let’s get even more specific and see the Goldendoodle exercise needs for puppies of each size!

Toy Goldendoodle Puppy Exercise Requirements

Both teacup and toy Goldendoodles won’t need as much exercise as larger sizes of this breed. Due to their small stature, they’ll be able to reach their adult exercise levels very quickly.

Toy Goldendoodles should start out with short, 10 minute exercise sessions 1-3 times per day as puppies.

At 3 months in age, this can be increased to 15 minutes, at 4 months to 20 minutes, at 5 months to 25 minutes, and at 6 months to 30 minutes.

Once your toy Goldendoodle is one year old, they’ll likely be fully-grown and able to exercise for 30-60 minutes, 1-2 times each day.

As your toy or teacup Goldendoodle becomes older, you’ll need to scale back their exercise regimen a bit to 20-30 minutes, 1-2 times per day.

Mini Goldendoodle Puppy Exercise Requirements

Many prospective owners underestimate how much exercise mini Goldendoodles will need…they can be quite active!

As an 8-week old puppy, you should start them off slow with 10 minute activity sessions, 1-3 times per day. This can be short potty walks or small games of tug or fetch.

When your miniature Goldendoodle reaches 4 months in age, you can increase their physical activity to 15 minute sessions, still occurring 1-3 times daily.

At 5 months, increase session lengths another 5 minutes. At 6 months, do the same again for a total of 25 minutes, 1-3 times a day. Keep this rate until they’re a year old.

Once your mini Goldendoodle is one, they can exercise in 30-60 minute sessions, 1-2 times daily.

At 18 months, they’ll reach their adult exercise levels of 45-90 minutes, 1-2 times per day.

Once your mini Goldendoodle reaches their golden years, they’ll need slightly less exercise. Around 30-45 minutes, 1-2 times per day is usually a good amount.

Standard Goldendoodle Puppy Exercise Requirements

Standard Goldendoodles require the most exercise of any size of this breed. Because of their large stature, however, you need to gradually increase the amount of physical activity extremely slowly as they grow up.

Until they’re 6 months old, keep session lengths between 10-15 minutes of exercise, 1-3 times per day. At 6 months this amount can increase to 20 minutes and at 12 months it can increase to 25 minutes.

At 18 months, a standard Goldendoodle should be getting 30-60 minutes of exercise, 1-2 times each day.

On their second birthday, they’ll be able to “take the training wheels off” and exercise 60-120 minutes, 1-2 times daily.

This is a big range, but it depends on the personality and individual needs of your dog. For best results, combine walks with games of fetch and other fun activities!

Once your standard Goldendoodle reaches 6-8 years old, you can begin to lower their total amount of physical activity slightly. 30-60 minutes, 1-2 times each day is typically a good amount.

Photo courtesy of @bodethedoodle2020 on Instagram.

How to Tire Out a Goldendoodle Puppy (Safely!)

Everyone knows that walks are a great option for getting your pup some exercise, but there are a lot of other great ways too!

Just as important as how long your Goldendoodle puppy exercises for is what kind of exercise they do. It’s important to avoid high-impact activities until your pup is fully grown, as they can do permanent damage to developing bones and joints.

Safe Exercise Ideas for Goldendoodle Puppies

  • Short Walks – Go slow and allow your puppy to sniff. This is fantastic mental stimulation for them!
  • Puppy Play Dates – This makes for a great socialization opportunity as well as a chance for physical activity! Just make sure they aren’t too intense with their playing.
  • Tricks & Training – Keep training sessions short and fun. They’re a great way to tire your puppy out mentally and physically.
  • Playtime – Games such as fetch and tug of war are fun options many Goldendoodles love. Keep games in control and avoid lots of jumping or high-impact movements.

Dangerous Exercise Ideas for Goldendoodle Puppies

  • Running or Jogging – Even for short periods, this activity will do lasting damage to your puppy’s joints.
  • Climbing or Jumping – This applies to both indoor and outdoor activities. Even climbing stairs on a daily basis can do damage to developing bones. Opt to carry your dog instead.
  • Catching Balls or Frisbees in the Air – Jumping and landing over and over again is super high-impact and dangerous to your Goldendoodle’s development.
  • Extended Hiking Trips – Long distances with uneven trails combine to make hiking an unsafe activity while your puppy is still growing.

Indoor Exercise Ideas for Goldendoodles

Sometimes the weather isn’t great for exercising your dog outside. Maybe it’s too hot, too cold, snowy, or rainy. How do you use up all that energy and wear out your Goldendoodle on days like these?

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Here are some of my favorite indoor activity ideas for Goldendoodles!

Snuffle Ball or Mat

Snuffle balls or snuffle mats are great ways to turn dinnertime into a fun challenge for your Goldendoodle!

In case you’re not familiar, these snuffle toys use folded flaps of fabric to hide pieces of your pup’s dry food. They then have to use their creativity and sense of smell to find and eat them!

While not physically taxing, studies show that mental stimulation can have the same tiring effect on dogs that exercise does.

If you’re a DIYer, we have a simple snuffle ball tutorial here that you can use to make one at home! Otherwise, there are plenty of great options available on Amazon,, and Etsy.

Tug of War

A classic game that most Goldendoodles will naturally love, short games of tug-of-war can contribute to meeting your Goldendoodle’s exercise needs.

Hide and Seek

Trust me, this game will be fun and take you back to your childhood days! Start easy and work your way to harder hiding spots as your dog attempts to find you!

Brain Games

These fun “brain games” for dogs not only provide your Goldendoodle with plenty of mental stimulation, but they help with obedience training! They combine practical training concepts with fun activities making it a blast for your dog!

Brain Training for Dogs Program

How Far Can a Goldendoodle Walk?

An adult Goldendoodle can comfortably walk 5-10 miles or more assuming they have built up sufficient stamina and the weather isn’t too harsh. Goldendoodle puppies shouldn’t walk longer than 1-2 miles at a time until they are fully grown.

Keep in mind that standard Goldendoodles with their longer legs can walk further than toy or mini Goldendoodles can. You’ll also want to factor in how fast you’ll be walking, what the terrain is like, and the weather before embarking on a long walk with your dog.

In Conclusion

It’s not always easy to meet the exercise needs of your Goldendoodle. While it can be a balancing act to make sure your dog is getting the right amount of physical activity, the information above should make it easier to know what’s right for your Goldendoodle.

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