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Do Goldendoodles Like Snow? (+Cold Weather Safety Tips!)

do goldendoodles like snow

For some, snowfall is a magical event where the world gets covered in a beautiful blanket of white. It means snowmen, sledding, and days off from school! For others it means slick roads, shoveling for hours, and other inconveniences.  But what about Fido…do Goldendoodles like snow? 

Do Goldendoodles Like the Cold Weather?

Before we get to answering, “do Goldendoodles like snow?” let’s answer “do Goldendoodles like the cold weather?” In general, the cold weather doesn’t affect dogs nearly as much as it affects humans. They usually don’t mind the cold weather at all.

Goldendoodles may not tolerate the cold weather as much as other doodle breeds that are mixes of dogs were bred for cold weather such as Huskydoodles, Saint Berdoodles, or Newfypoos, but their fluffy coats allow them to withstand the cold fairly well. Dogs, kind of like kids, don’t have a good sense of if they’re getting too cold or if they should go inside and take a break, which is why we, as their humans, have to make sure they enjoy the weather safely. 

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Do Goldendoodles Like Snow?

Yes, a large majority of Goldendoodles love snow! But just how it is with humans, some dogs love the snow and others despise it. Snow is a new experience and a new material to interact with, which can be lots of fun for dogs! For other Goldendoodles, it is cold, wet, and they’d rather be curled up somewhere warm and cozy.

The fluffy coat of the Goldendoodle is one factor that allows them to enjoy the snow more than say, a Chipoo would. Signs that your dog is a huge fan of the snow could be them running around, rolling in the snow, burrowing their face in the snow, or bowing down to play.

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How Long Should Goldendoodles Stay in the Snow For?

The answer can vary based on a few different things. The first is age—young puppies and older dogs can’t tolerate the cold and snow quite as well as other dogs and extra caution should be taken. Mainly, if you are getting cold, it’s very probable that your dog is also cold.

Many Goldendoodles would happily romp in the snow all day long if we let them, but to be on the safer side, it’s best to limit their time in the snow to about a half an hour at a time. Unlike humans, dogs will keep playing until they’re feeling really, really awful, which is why they need us to create a structured time for them to enjoy their play safely. 

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How to Protect Your Goldendoodle’s Paws From the Snow 

Frigid temperatures, snow, ice, and salt can wreak havoc on your dog’s paws if you’re not careful. Your dog’s paws go through everything from salt, to snow, to ice, and then to their mouth, which is why it’s so important to protect your dog’s paws, especially in the winter. 

There are a few options that can work to keep your dogs paws in tip top shape. Some people opt for shoes or boots for their dog. Just like human shoes, they protect your dog’s pads from anything they may step in.

Some dogs aren’t huge fans of snow boots, so if that’s the case you can opt for a paw wax such as Musher’s Secret Paw Wax, which acts sort of like an invisible boot. It adds a layer of protection between your pet’s paws and the snow, road salt, or whatever else they may step in. As a bonus, it also helps to protect against hot pavement in the summer!

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Additionally, after coming in from outside you should be sure to wash off your dog’s paws. If you don’t, they will. That means any salt that was on their paws is now in their mouth, which can have serious consequences. The MudBuster is a great tool for cleaning paws, it takes care of mud and snow stuck in your dog’s fur with ease! It’s simple to use—just add lukewarm water and then insert your dog’s paw.

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How to Keep Your Goldendoodle Warm & Healthy in the Winter 

Winter weather is horrible for the skin! The low humidity, the cold and windy air, and going back and forth between a warm house and the great outdoors is a recipe for disaster. In the cold winter months, your dog’s coat and fur may require extra maintenance to keep them at their best. 

In the winter months, baths should be limited to only when they’re absolutely necessary. Frequent bathing will just dry their skin out more. If your pup desperately needs a bath, be sure to use a moisturizing shampoo to help lock in moisture. 

A humidifier and regular brushings may also help keep your dog’s skin in tip top shape. Many families use humidifiers in the winter to combat congestion and dry skin, and it can do the same for your dogs as well! Additionally, regular brushings stimulate the hair follicles and natural oil glands in the skin and remove any dead hair which gives the skin a chance to repair itself.

In the winter, you may want to opt for a longer haircut to help keep them warm. If you prefer a short Goldendoodle haircut year-round, a dog coat or sweater would work well too.

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