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Male vs Female Labradoodle: How Do You Choose?

male vs female labradoodle

Finding the perfect puppy is never easy, but now that you’ve decided on a Labradoodle, you’re almost there! While you’ve probably considered many factors that play into puppy health, personality, and behavior, it’s important to take gender into account as well.  To help you, we’ve created a list of the major differences between a male vs female Labradoodle.

After reading this, you’ll be able to choose the perfect Labradoodle puppy for you and your family. Just remember, although a male or female Labradoodle may work better for your situation, don’t stress about the decision too much. The minute you take your new fur baby home, you’ll be too enamored to second-guess yourself!

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NOTE: For our purposes, we’ll be assuming that you’ll spay or neuter your Labradoodle puppy in a timely manner as recommended by your vet. The recommendations in this article apply to Australian Labradoodles as well.

Male vs Female Labradoodle Health Differences

When it comes to health problems in a male vs female Labradoodle, gender luckily doesn’t make much of a difference. Both have the same lifespan on average, and the majority of health issues Labradoodles are prone to are not based around their gender. It is important to note however, that dogs who are not neutered or spayed can suffer from health issues later in life related to their reproductive organs, which is why most veterinarians recommend these procedures early in a puppy’s life.

Of course, life can be unpredictable, which it is so highly encouraged to invest in pet insurance as soon early in your puppy’s life as you can. This way, if any unexpected illnesses or accidents pop up, you can rest assured that up to 90% of your dog’s medical bills will be covered.

Female vs Male Labradoodle Grooming & Coat Differences

Coat differences are another attribute of Labradoodles that will not be affected by gender. A female vs male Labradoodle will have very similar coats and grooming needs, with the only big difference coming from what Labradoodle generation your dog is.

It is however, important to keep in mind that both Labs and Poodles have significant grooming needs, so your Labradoodle will need to be regularly brushed and groomed. Doing this will help prevent matting and keep your dog healthy.

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Once you’re the proud parent of a Labradoodle, you’ll quickly realize that a cheap, generic brush isn’t going to cut it.  That’s why I highly recommend the Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush. It was created with your dog’s coat health in mind, and helps prevent matting on even the fluffiest of Labradoodles!

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Male and Female Labradoodle Size Differences

Every dog is unique, and different environmental factors can affect the size of your Labradoodle. Over time, your dog’s weight may fluctuate, but on average female Labradoodles will always be slightly smaller than male Labradoodles. The average difference in size between a male and female Labradoodle will typically be around 10%.

If you opt for a smaller version of the breed, like a Toy or Mini Labradoodle, it will be harder to see the size difference between the genders because of their already small size. However, the difference in stature will likely be more noticeable in the Standard Labradoodle size. If you are certain you want a larger dog, it might be best to opt for a male Labradoodle, whereas if you prefer a smaller dog, a female Labradoodle might work better for your needs.

It’s also important to note that it is common for female Labradoodles to mature faster than their male counterparts, so female puppies may grow faster and be larger than males until they’re of age.

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Female and Male Labradoodle Behavioral Differences

Every Labradoodle is going to end up with its own unique personality. While many factors can impact a puppy’s behavior, there are two main behavioral traits that you need to consider when deciding between a male or female Labradoodle. These are humping and the marking of territory.

Labradoodle Humping

Humping is an undesirable behavior across all dog breeds, but it isn’t a problem that should be solely blamed on just male Labradoodles. While we typically consider humping to be sexual, it is often used by both male and female Labradoodles during play or to assert dominance. Spaying and neutering can help some of the sexually driven instances of humping, but in general it is simply a behavior that can be trained out of dogs of either gender. 

Labradoodle Territory Marking

When you think of territory marking, it is common to associate males with this behavior. This however, isn’t a fair association, because it is also common for females to mark their territory. The main difference between these acts with male vs female Labradoodle is how it’s done. Males will usually lift their leg while females prefer to squat. 

Neutering your male Labradoodle can discourage this behavior, and it’s even common for males who are neutered early to squat when peeing as well. In the end, there isn’t a real difference between these acts except for the outward appearance. 

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Male vs Female Labradoodle Personality Differences

One of the most common misconceptions about a male Labradoodle vs female Labradoodle is that males are more aggressive where as females are gentler and most submissive. It is true that some studies have seemingly added credence to this belief, but in general scientists and veterinarians believe that a dog’s personality is based more on nurture than nature. 

You could easily find a female Labradoodle that has a sassier and more independent side than her male littermates, or a male who is friendly and especially gentle. Each puppy, whether a male vs female Labradoodle, is going have their own innate personality, which, with a lot of love and training can complement any family.

Should You Choose a Male or Female Labradoodle?

When you’re considering male and female Labradoodle personality differences, the truth is that there is no real way to determine exactly how your dog will behave. The stories about the differences in behavior may ring a little truer if your dog isn’t spayed or neutered, but generally most of the “evidence” we have for these differences is anecdotal, and can’t be 100% applied to each dog individually.

So, should you get a female or male Labradoodle?  At the end of the day, base your decision on an individual puppy’s personality and not arbitrary stereotypes people like to assume based on human gender norms.

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