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Male vs Female Bernedoodle: Which Gender Should You Choose?

should you get a male or female bernedoodle puppy

When selecting a Bernedoodle puppy, how do you know which gender to pick?  Does it even matter?  What’s the difference between a male vs female Bernedoodle?

Ask owners and breeders alike and you’ll get lots of differing opinions.  Sadly, there are more myths out there than facts when it comes to the differences between boy and girl puppies.

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In this article, we’ll talk about the similarities and differences between male Bernedoodles and female Bernedoodles.  By the end, you’ll know for sure which gender is the best fit for your family!

NOTE: For the purposes of this article, we’re going to operate under the assumption that you’ll be getting your Bernedoodle puppy spayed or neutered.

Photo courtesy of @iambentleybernedoodle on Instagram.

Health Differences Between Male vs Female Bernedoodles

The Bernese Mountain Dog is known for experiencing high rates of some health issues, so naturally Bernedoodles may be susceptible to these as well.  Some common Bernedoodle health issues include Hip Dysplasia, Heart Disease, and Von Willebrand’s Disease.

These health issues, along with the Bernedoodle’s large stature, contribute to a relatively shorter average lifespan of 12 years.

Luckily, health issues and lifespan are both NOT affected by gender, so your selection matters little in this category.  What’s far more important is preparing for unexpected medical emergencies throughout your Bernedoodle’s life.

Getting a good quality pet insurance plan can be a great way to protect yourself and your four-legged family member against some of the health risks of this breed.  I personally use Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, which means that 90% of my dog’s vet bills will be covered in the event of an emergency accident or illness.

Size Differences Between Male vs Female Bernedoodles

While Bernedoodles are often known for their huge size, did you know that they can come in a wide range of sizes?  While a standard Bernedoodle can easily weigh over 100 pounds, a tiny or toy Bernedoodle may weigh as little as 10 pounds!

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How does the gender of your Bernedoodle impact their size?  Male Bernedoodles, on average, will grow to be about 10% larger than their female littermates.

If you’re looking for a particularly large Bernedoodle you may want to lean slightly towards a male.  If you’d prefer your dog to be on the smaller side, a female may be the better choice.  Keep in mind, individual dogs don’t always conform to averages so be prepared for your Bernedoodle puppy to grow significantly larger or smaller than your breeder may estimate.

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Grooming & Coat Differences Between Male vs Female Bernedoodles

The coat of your Bernedoodle is determined by their genetic makeup, not their gender.  Whether your Bernedoodle has curly or straight hair, whether they’re hypoallergenic, and whether they shed are all determined by their DNA.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to make sure you choose the right generation of Bernedoodle for your family!  Generations, put simply, describe how much Poodle DNA and how much Bernese Mountain Dog DNA is in your Bernedoodle.

While no generation can guarantee particular traits, you can stack the odds in your favor depending on your generation selection.

While there are not advantages to either gender when it comes to their coat and grooming, it should be noted that a Bernedoodle’s coat tends to be high maintenance.  This means you’ll want to be brushing them about every other day.

You’ll also want to consider investing in a professional-quality slicker brush to avoid matting and tangles—I personally use and recommend the Chris Christensen Big G.

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Behavioral Differences Between Male vs Female Bernedoodles

The two most common objections I hear to getting a male Bernedoodle puppy are that they hump people and that they mark their territory.  Let’s talk more about each of those behaviors and see if they should really be deal-breakers!

Bernedoodle Humping

Nobody wants to deal with their dog constantly humping!  Whether your dog’s preferred “partner” is you, your houseguests, or your couch pillows, this behavior can be embarrassing and annoying.

While people associate humping as a male behavior, the bad news is that both male and female Bernedoodles are guilty of this.  The reasoning behind this is that humping isn’t always sexual—it’s often viewed as a form of play or a show of dominance by your puppy.

The good news is that a Bernedoodle puppy’s obsession with humping will naturally lessen over time and a bit of training can help curb this unwanted behavior fairly easily.

Bernedoodle Territory Marking

Territory marking is another “nuisance” behavior that is often unfairly blamed exclusively on male Bernedoodles.  Much like humping, both genders are equally guilty!

Female Bernedoodles will still want to pee all around the neighborhood, just like males do.  The only difference between male vs female Bernedoodles when it comes to marketing territory is how they do it.  Male dogs tend to lift their leg to pee while females squat.

Some owners prefer the “classier” squatting technique of female Bernedoodles.  Others prefer the “manlier” leg lifting technique.  Personally, my only preference as to how my dog pees is that it’s not in the house!

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Personality Differences Between Male vs Female Bernedoodles

There are so many stereotypes and myths about the differences between male vs female Bernedoodles.  At the end of the day, every opinion you hear needs to be taken with a giant grain of salt.

One example of a common myth is that male Bernedoodles are more aggressive and that they’ll bite more than female Bernedoodles.  This is simply not true.  Experts on canine behavior have come to the consensus that aggression is influenced by behavior and training, NOT gender.

Another common claim is that female Bernedoodles are more social while male Bernedoodles are more independent.  There is no conclusive evidence that supports this theory and it is likely based more on human gender stereotypes than actual canine behavior.

Put simply, there are no “typical” personality differences between a male or female Bernedoodle.  The personality of your Bernedoodle puppy is solely influenced by their lineage and their upbringing.  Anyone who says otherwise is likely conjecturing based on their limited personal experience with a handful of dogs over their lifetime.

Photo courtesy of @bennett.the.bernedoodle on Instagram.

Should You Choose a Male or Female Bernedoodle?

Hopefully, by now you’ve realized that whether you choose a male or female Bernedoodle simply doesn’t matter that much.  Assuming your dog will be spayed or neutered in a timely manner, you won’t notice much of a difference either way.

This should come as a relief!  There are so many factors to take into consideration when purchasing a new puppy.  How much should you pay?  What size of Bernedoodle should you get?  Where do you find a reputable Bernedoodle rescue or breeder?  Luckily, gender is one less thing to worry about!

Do yourself a favor and don’t limit your options based on myths and individual opinions.  You never know, the perfect Bernedoodle puppy for you may be the gender you were least expecting!

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