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Aussiedoodle Haircut Styles: Before & After Grooming Photos!

aussiedoodle haircut styles

Getting your Aussiedoodle groomed can be a stressful experience for both you and your dog.  If you’re like most Aussiedoodle owners, not only are you concerned about the safety and comfort of your fluffy best friend, but in the back of your mind you can’t help but worry about what they’ll walk out of the groomer looking like.

One of the most common complaints I hear from owners is about Aussiedoodle haircuts gone wrong.  While the details may vary slightly, the result of all these stories is that the Aussiedoodle haircut style their dog received was NOT what they had in mind.

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While a bad haircut doesn’t make us love our dogs any less, it’s definitely an upsetting experience to say the least.  Luckily, with some preparation and communication, we can greatly increase our odds of a successful grooming experience!

In this article, we’ll show you the most common haircuts styles for Aussiedoodles.  We’ll not only teach you what they mean, but we’ll provide you with real-life before and after photos to show your groomer an example of the exact look you’d like!

Keep reading to the end for some additional FAQs and tips to help make your Aussiedoodle’s next trip to the groomer their best one yet! 

Common Aussiedoodle Haircuts

Aussiedoodle Puppy Cut

Contrary to what the name may suggest, an Aussiedoodle puppy cut is a popular grooming style for dogs of ALL ages!

This basic haircut trims the coat to an even length all over the body of your Aussiedoodle.  While you can choose the length that looks best for your dog, Aussiedoodle puppy cuts are usually between 1-3 inches long.

It’s a very simple, yet adorable style that gives your Aussiedoodle the fresh, innocent look of a puppy!

example of an aussiedoodle puppy cut
Photos courtesy of @pennytheaussiedood on Instagram.
aussiedoodle puppy cut before and after photos
Photos courtesy of Breanna Purdy on Facebook.
brown aussiedoodle puppy cut
Photos courtesy of @aussiedoodle_kalle on Instagram.

Aussiedoodle Teddy Bear Cut

The Aussiedoodle teddy bear cut is more of a trim than a full haircut, giving your dog the appearance of a fluffy, cuddly teddy bear.  This is probably the most common Aussiedoodle winter haircut as it keeps the coat longer to battle the cold weather.

To achieve this look, the body should be around 1.5-3 inches in length.  The difference between the Aussiedoodle teddy bear cut and the puppy cut is the length and shape of the face.  For a teddy bear cut, the facial hair will be left long and rounded compared to the even length of the puppy cut.

If you choose this haircut style, be prepared for a LOT of brushing.  You’ll definitely want to invest in a quality slicker brush such as the Chris Christensen Big G.

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teddy bear haircut style on an aussiedoodle
Photos courtesy of Jen Denton on Facebook.
aussiedoodle teddy bear cut
Photos courtesy of Joey Friedlander on Facebook.
white aussiedoodle with a teddy bear cut
Photos courtesy of Mandy Davenport on Facebook.

Aussiedoodle Summer Cut

The Aussiedoodle summer cut is probably the most misunderstood style on this list.  Some interpret this short Aussiedoodle haircut to mean a full shave while others assume it’s just a tad shorter than a puppy cut.

The reality of the situation is that an Aussiedoodle summer cut doesn’t have one true meaning, but is left to be interpreted and customized to your liking.  The best way to achieve the length and look you desire is to use a picture like one of the before and after photos below to your groomer!

summer cut hairstyle on an aussiedoodle
Photos courtesy of Nicole Evans on Facebook.
aussiedoodle summer cut
Photos courtesy of Marylou Blatchley on Facebook.
short aussiedoodle haircut
Photos courtesy of Debra Andres on Facebook.

Unique & Uncommon Aussiedoodle Haircut Styles

Aussiedoodle Kennel Cut

The Aussiedoodle kennel cut is one variation of the Aussiedoodle summer cut.  This basic haircut trims your Aussiedoodle’s coat to 1/2 inch or less and is a completely uniform length from head to tail.

The kennel cut was made for practicality and many owners don’t prefer it.  However, some owners need to have their Aussiedoodle shaved due to matting, so this is the resulting look.

Other owners choose a slightly longer version of this look (not shaved to the skin) due to how simple it is to maintain.

aussiedoodle kennel cut
Photos courtesy of @motleyscrewcuts on Instagram.

Aussiedoodle Terrier Cut

Much as the name would suggest, the Aussiedoodle terrier cut mimics the classic facial styling of the terrier breeds.

For this look, you’ll choose the length of your dog’s body while the groomer will trim around the eyebrows, face, and muzzle to create the “mustache” look that terriers are known for.

Since Aussiedoodles don’t have any terrier in them, this is a rare type of haircut for this breed.  However, that doesn’t mean it can’t look cute!

Aussiedoodle Lamb Cut

The Aussiedoodoe lamb cut is a unique haircut that is far more common in Poodles than Doodle breeds.

The basics of this look is that the legs are trimmed to a longer length than the body of the dog.  However, some variations of this include shaving the face, feet, and tail so make sure you talk to your groomer and understand what you’re signing up for!

Aussiedoodle Poodle Cut

This is the hairstyle that happens when people say, “they poodled my doodle!”  The Aussiedoodle Poodle cut mimics the traditional haircut of a Poodle with longer hair on the head, ankles, and tail while shaving the face and legs.

Since Aussiedoodles are often simply characterized as “Poodle mixes” in the computer system of many groomers, this can sometimes be the default “breed standard” haircut if you don’t ask for something else.

It can look fantastic if it’s the Aussiedoodle haircut style you’re trying to achieve—however it’s not an appearance that you’d want to be surprised with!

Aussiedoodle Mohawk

If you and your dog can’t help but to show off your fun-loving personalities, the Aussiedoodle mowhawk may be for you!

This hair style is probably exactly what you’re imagining!  Simply have your Aussiedoodle’s coat trimmed to a short, even length while leaving a strip of hair on their head longer!

aussiedoodle mohawk
Photos courtesy of Leslie Lara on Facebook.

Aussiedoodle Grooming Tips

Start Grooming Early

It’s important to get your Aussiedoodle puppy comfortable with being groomed as early in their life as possible.

Schedule a “puppy trim” for soon after your Aussiedoodle is fully vaccinated at 16 weeks.  This will just be a light trim that is mostly designed to get your puppy comfortable with the grooming equipment and process.

Once your Aussiedoodle puppy is around 6 months old you can take them for their first full grooming appointment.  Many breeders advise against full Aussiedoodle haircuts prior to this timeframe as they claim you can permanently harm the development of your Aussiedoodle’s adult coat.

In the meantime, you can practice getting your puppy used to baths, buzzing noises like clippers would make, and brushing at home.

Find the Right Groomer or Consider DIY Grooming

It’s no secret—doodles are challenging to groom!  Some groomers even “ban” Poodle mix breeds because of this.

Needless to say, it can sometimes take a few tries to find a groomer that you communicate well with, like their haircuts, and are familiar with grooming Aussiedoodles.  Once you find one that you like, treat them like gold and be sure to tip well.  It’s not easy doing their job and especially doing it well!

Alternatively, many owners are taking matters into their own hands and choosing to do DIY Aussiedoodle grooming at home.  This definitely takes some practice, but it can save you a lot of money over the course of your Aussiedoodle’s lifespan and it’ll give you complete control over their look.

For more information about DIY grooming, I suggest you check out this video course on Udemy.  The instructor even uses a doodle as an example throughout the course.

Use Before & After Photos of Your Favorite Aussiedoodle Haircut

Communicating something as visual as a haircut is incredibly hard to do verbally.  On top of that, many groomers have differing interpretations of what defines each of the haircut styles mentioned above.

The best way to ensure you and your groomer are on the same page when it comes to your Aussiedoodle’s haircut style is providing them with a photo of the look you’re hoping to achieve.

If you have a few photos of a previous haircut your Aussiedoodle received that you really liked, use those.  If you don’t, feel free to show them your favorite before and after photo from this article!

Brush Frequently to Avoid Aussiedoodle Matting

An Aussiedoodle’s coat can be high maintenance, especially if it takes after the Poodle side of their lineage.  Expect to brush your Aussiedoodle at least every other day, but ideally every day.

Without frequent brushing, you’ll find that your Aussiedoodle’s coat will have tangles and matting.  Not only is this inconvenient, but it feels extremely uncomfortable and even painful for your dog!

Once Aussiedoodle matting becomes an issue, your dog will likely need to be shaved to resolve it.  If this is the case, expect some variety of an Aussiedoodle kennel cut.  Even if this isn’t your ideal look, it’s important to let your dog be comfortable rather than keep them in pain for your preferred aesthetic.

Use the Right Equipment

If you’re using a cheap, generic brush from the pet store it’s going to be like trying to dig a hole with a teaspoon!  Maybe it can be done, but it won’t be easy.

Using a high-quality brush designed for dense, curly doodle hair is a complete game changer!  My recommendation is the Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush.  Since I’ve switched from a regular brush to the Big G, my doodle hasn’t experienced ANY matting!

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Don’t Forget the Teeth & Nails

Just as important as brushing your Aussiedoodle regularly is keeping their nails and teeth healthy in between grooming appointments.

Invest in a dog nail clipper and learn how to use It properly to keep your Aussiedoodle’s nails trimmed.  This will not only reduce the amount of scratches you’ll accidentally get, but it’ll keep their nails stronger and healthier.

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In addition, brushing your dog’s teeth regularly is a simple way to protect your Aussiedoodle from a lot of health issuesDental treats are great, but for best results invest in a dog tooth brush kit and use it often.

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Aussiedoodle Grooming FAQs

Do Aussiedoodles Need Haircuts?

It’s safe to assume that all Aussiedoodles will need regular haircuts.

Some straight hair Aussiedoodles, which are closer in DNA to the Australian Shepherd, won’t need as frequent grooming because they regularly shed their coat.

Generations of Aussiedoodles that are closer to Poodle in DNA will need haircuts fairly often since they only shed minimally or not at all.

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How Often Should an Aussiedoodle Be Groomed?

At minimum, expect to have your Aussiedoodle groomed once every 3 months.  However, the average owner will have their Aussiedoodle groomed closer to once a month.

How often an Aussiedoodle haircut is needed depends on whether their coat is closer to that of a Poodle or an Australian Shepherd as well as how short of a haircut you opt for.

What is the Average Aussiedoodle Grooming Price?

Expect to pay between $50-120 (before tip) to get your Aussiedoodle groomed.  The price of an Aussiedoodle haircut depends on the size of your dog as well as the cost of living in your area.  Additional add-ons like teeth brushing, nail grinding, and specialty shampoos can cost extra.

How Long Does it Take for an Aussiedoodle’s Hair to Grow Back?

If your Aussiedoodle gets a bad haircut, the good news is that it grows back!  The haircut will start becoming less noticeable after about 1 month while it’ll take around 2-3 months to go from completely shaved back to very fluffy.

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