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8 Housekeeping Headaches All Dog Owners Can Sympathize With!

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My windows aren't dirty!  That's my dog's nose art.

For dog owners, there are many never-ending battles we face while trying to keep our houses clean.  From missing socks to muddy paws, let’s take a look at all the ways our dogs love to “help” us!  How many of them can you relate to?

1. “Nose Art” On Our Windows

Who needs clean windows when they can be beautifully frosted by the intricately drawn prints of damp doggy noses?

2. Constantly Tip-Toeing Through a Maze of Scattered Dog Toys

Watch your step!  Everyone knows that if you accidentally step on a squeak toy, you’ve just activated mandatory play time.

3. Missing Socks on Laundry Day

Trust me, it’s not the dryer that eats them…

4. Our House Never Smells *Quite* as Nice as Our Dog-less Friends

Forget Febreeze unless you enjoy the scent of flowery chemicals mixed with wet dog.  Pet Odor Eliminating Candles can actually remove those lingering dog odors from the air instead of just covering them up!

5. Floors Become Slip ’N Slides After Rain or Snow

Why wait to be toweled off when you could do zoomies around the house?

6. Dog. Hair. Everywhere.

Sometimes your best friend is your dog.  Sometimes your best friend is a lint roller.

7. The Vacuum Means War

We just want clean floors, yet our dog thinks we’re fraternizing with the enemy.

8. Dogs Decorate “Differently”

Let’s hope that one of these days muddy pawprints will be in style.  Until then, we’ll keep scrubbing!

Struggle to Keep Your House Smelling Fresh?

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