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13 Incredible Goldendoodle Colors You Never Knew Existed!

It’s no secret that there are a wide variety of Goldendoodle colors to choose from when searching for a four-legged addition to your family!  You probably know all about the traditional golden color as well as others like apricot, cream, white, and brown.

While those colors are certainly great options. today we’re going to share 13 more rare Goldendoodle colors and patterns that are as adorable as they are unique!

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If you’re anything like me, you probably had no idea some of these were even an option until now!

1. Abstract Goldendoodle

Abstract Goldendoodles have a coat of any solid color that features white markings across less than 50% of their body.  These white patches can be referred to as abstract markings, mismarks, or chrome markings.

Apricot, red, and black abstract Goldendoodles are all common varieties of this Goldendoodle color pattern.

This type of coloring occurs because only one of the two parents possess the recessive “parti” gene.  If both parents carried this gene, this would instead result in a parti Goldendoodle puppy that features a coat that’s more than 50% white…we’ll talk more about this pattern later!

abstract goldendoodle
Photo Credit: @riley__theminidoodle on Instagram

2. Black Goldendoodle

While black Goldendoodles aren’t uncommon, they are one of the more rare solid colors of Goldendoodles.  

There are a few reasons why people often don’t realize that Goldendoodles can be black.

First, since many people assume that GOLDENdoodles will be the same color as a Golden Retriever, they may assume a black Goldendoodle is just a Poodle, or a different kind of Poodle-mix dog breed.

Second, many black Goldendoodles will eventually see their coats fade to a gray or silver color as they grow older.  This fading, also known as “silvering” or “clearing,” is a genetic trait and completely normal.

black goldendoodle color
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3. Blue Goldendoodle

Blue Goldendoodles have a mixture of black and gray fur, making them appear to have a blue color.

Since this is a type of merle pattern, they’re also called blue merle Goldendoodles.  We’ll talk more about what this means later in the article!

blue goldendoodle color
Photo Credit: @memyselfand_mydoodles on Instagram

4. Brindle Goldendoodle

Brindle Goldendoodles have a coat consisting of dark and light stripes, vaguely resembling those of a tiger.

This incredible combination of colors is produced by a recessive gene and is very rare in Goldendoodles.

Black or brown brindle Goldendoodles with lighter stripes are the most common type.  However, colors can vary from dog to dog.

brindle goldendoodle
Photo Credit: @rufusthegoldiedoodle on Instagram

5. Cafe Au Lait Goldendoodle

Cafe Au Lait Goldendoodle describes a lighter, nuanced brown color.  While considered a solid color, if you look closely at each strand of hair, you’ll usually notice that the base is a lighter shade than the tips.

The nose of a Cafe Au Lait Goldendoodle is often a lighter color brown as well.

cafe au lait goldendoodle
Photo Credit: @bailey_gabrielle_thedoodle on Instagram
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6. Caramel Goldendoodle

“Caramel Goldendoodle” describes a coat that is mostly a cream color with subtle hints of brown or apricot.

Since this term is a bit vague and up to interpretation, most breeders stick with labeling their puppies simply as “cream Goldendoodles” rather than “caramel Goldendoodles.”

caramel goldendoodle
Photo Credit: @welovelucypupp on Instagram

7. Champagne Goldendoodle

A champagne Goldendoodle has a recessive red gene which is diluted down to a more cream or pale yellow shade.

While slightly darker than the traditional cream Goldendoodle color, champagne Goldendoodles can be tough to differentiate.

champagne goldendoodle color

8. Merle Goldendoodle

The coat of a merle Goldendoodle has an uneven, speckled effect between darker and lighter shades of a color.

The most common varieties of this Goldendoodle color pattern are blue merle, red merle, and chocolate merle Goldendoodles.

In addition to their majestic “cookies and cream” coat pattern, you’ll notice that many merle Goldendoodles have incredible blue eyes as well!

It’s important to note that a merle dog should never be bred to another dog that carries the merle gene, otherwise serious health issues can occur on top of the regular Goldendoodle health concerns.

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blue merle goldendoodle
Photo Credit: @bruno_the_goldendoodle on Instagram

9. Parti Goldendoodle

A Parti Goldendoodle has a coat that is more than 50% white with patches of any other color interspersed.

Since they require parents who both carry a recessive gene, they’re more rare than abstract Goldendoodles.  However, you’ll still see a wide variety of puppies with this pattern including black and white, red and white, as well as cream and white parti Goldendoodles.

parti goldendoodle pattern
Photo Credit: @clarence.cecil.gdoodles on Instagram

10. Phantom Goldendoodle

Phantom Goldendoodles have a very particular set of markings that distinguishes them from any other Goldendoodle color pattern.

Their coat will consist of one primary color with secondary markings on the chest, muzzle, eyebrows, and lower legs.  Sometimes these markings will be visible under their tail as well.

This color pattern is similar to what you’d expect a Doberman Pinscher or Yorkshire Terrier to look like.  It’s quite rare, but also highly sought after!

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phantom goldendoodle
Photo Credit: @iamajax_doodle on Instagram

11. Sable Goldendoodle

A sable Goldendoodle has a color pattern that vaguely resembles burnt toast—light at the roots and darker at the tips.

Sable is a fading gene so puppies will appear much darker than they usually end up as adults.  Many sable Goldendoodles will appear almost solid white as adults with just some hints of gray or silver around the ears and other areas.

This is another one of the rare but highly desirable Goldendoodle colors.

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sable goldendoodle coloring
Photo Credit: @maethegoldendoodle on Instagram

12. Tri Color Goldendoodle

Tri color Goldendoodles is a generic term to describe a coat consisting of three colors.

Keep in mind that while these dogs are beautiful and certainly unique, breeders typically charge a higher price for Goldendoodles with more rare colors—especially those with multiple coat colors!

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tri color goldendoodle
Photo Credit: @paddington.and.clementine on Instagram

13. Tuxedo Goldendoodle

A tuxedo Goldendoodle has a solid color coat with patches of white around the chest and legs.  The placement of these markings make it appear that they’re wearing a tuxedo!

This pattern is a more specific type of abstract Goldendoodle.

tuxedo goldendoodle coat pattern
Photo Credit: @bexleythegoldendoodle_ on Instagram

Don’t Overlook More Typical Goldendoodle Colors!

While these color patterns may be more rare and “exotic,” Goldendoodles come in a wide variety of additional colors to choose from.  Just because they’re more common doesn’t make them any less cute!

  • Apricot
  • Beige
  • Chocolate
  • Cream
  • Gold
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Tan
  • White
  • Yellow