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Cream Maltipoo Photo Gallery & FAQs

Photo courtesy of @napa_buddies on Instagram.

Cream is one of the many adorable colors that Maltipoos can come in!

With so many color options out there, choosing one can be overwhelming and confusing. It’s always helpful to see as many photos as possible so you’ll have an idea of what your cream Maltipoo may look like in the future!

In this article, we’ll share lots of adorable photos as well as answer all your burning questions about cream colored Maltipoos!

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Do Cream Maltipoos Turn White?

As your Maltipoo ages, it is possible that their coat will change slightly in color.  It’s not uncommon for cream Maltipoos to turn white or a very close off-white as they grow older.

Just because your Maltipoo puppy is a certain color at birth, doesn’t mean they’ll always be that color.  You may never want your adorable pup to change, but I’m certain you’ll find them just as cute regardless of what color they may eventually be!

Photo courtesy of @hala_the_maltipoo_ on Instagram.

If you get your dog from a breeder, they’ll be able to give you an idea of whether your Maltipoo’s coat will fade as they age and roughly how much.

Keep in mind that genetics are tough to predict and your breeder is giving you their best guess based on your puppy’s parents and any DNA testing they may do.

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Are Cream Maltipoos Rare?

Along with white, cream is one of the most common colors of Maltipoo.  You’ll have no problems finding cream Maltipoos at local breeders as well as many rescues and shelters.

More rare colors of Maltipoos include black, blue, parti (multi-colored), and silver.

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Photo courtesy of @maltipo_gofret on Instagram.

How Much Does a Cream Colored Maltipoo Cost?

The cost of a Maltipoo depends on lots of factors including what color they are.  Other influences on price include your location, time of the year, and where you get your puppy from.

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If you purchase a Maltipoo puppy from a reputable breeder, you can expect to pay between $1,000 and $3,000.  Typically, cream Maltipoos are on the less expensive side of the range as they are fairly common.

Photo courtesy of @kikopupper on Instagram.

Should you choose to rescue a Maltipoo instead, adoption fees will be much less expensive.  Expect to pay anywhere from $100-$500 to adopt a Maltipoo, which usually acts as a donation to the shelter to help save even more dogs.

Finally, the most expensive and most controversial method of buying a Maltipoo is shopping at a pet store.  Here you’ll pay upwards of $3,000 while getting a puppy potentially obtained from breeders with questionable ethical and quality standards.

Photo courtesy of @louloumaltipoo on Instagram.

Cream vs Beige Maltipoo: What’s the Difference?

Cream and beige Maltipoos are often thought to be the same color.  But, is that true?  Technically these two Maltipoo colors are different.  Beige is more of a light brown color while cream is more of a yellow off-white color.

In reality, these two colors of Maltipoos are very similar.  Many breeders and owners of beige Maltipoos call them cream and vice versa.  For that reasons, some people use these two colors as synonyms when it comes to the Maltipoo breed.

cream vs beige maltipoo
Photos courtesy of @nia.maltipoo and @bbaileypoo on Instagram.

Cream vs White Maltipoo: What’s the Difference?

While light colored, cream Maltipoos may look white from a distance, when you look at these two colors side-by-side you’ll see a distinct difference.

A great example of cream and white Maltipoos standing next to each other. Photo courtesy of @millieanddaisy_themaltipoos on Instagram.

Cream is a distinctly off-white color with a slight yellowish tone.  Remember that your cream puppy may fade to being even closer to a white Maltipoo over time.

cream vs white maltipoo
Photos courtesy of @napa_buddies on Instagram.

Are There Cream Bi-Colored or Tri-Colored Maltipoos?

Many bi-color and tri-color Maltipoos exist with cream in them!  By far, the most common is the cream and white Maltipoo.

This combination can be primarily cream with patches of white, or it can be a cream Parti Maltipoo where the base is white (over 50%) with cream patches.

cream and white parti maltipoo
Photo courtesy of @teacup_maltipoo_tiamong on Instagram.

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