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20 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Better Than Your Husband

why your dog is better than your husband

Between dogs and husbands, it’s clear who the superior creatures are.  Put it this way—if your husband pooped on the ground would you even consider picking it up?  Didn’t think so!

Need more proof?  Here’s 20 reasons why your dog is better than your husband…

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1. Your dog never leaves the toilet seat up.

2. You can ask your dog “do I look fat in this” and he won’t say something stupid!

3. Your dog won’t spend all hours of the night playing Call of Duty or Madden Football.

4. Your dog won’t complain about spending holidays with your family.

5. Your dog doesn’t comment on what you wear.

6. Your dog will eat anything you cook without complaint.

7. Your dog will never change the thermostat.

8. Your dog will be your matching dress-up partner for Halloween without whining about it for days or weeks after.

9. Your dog won’t ask you what’s wrong when you’re crying, judge you for bad decisions, or try to ‘solve your problems’.

10. Your dog will listen and smile at your worst jokes.

11. Your dog is always ready to kiss.

12. Your dog doesn’t care if you’ve put on a few pounds.

13. Your dog will never lie to you or cheat on you.

14. Your dog doesn’t steal the covers.

15. Your dog never comes home drunk.

16. Your dog doesn’t care whether or not you shave your legs.

17. Your dog can be forced to take a bath when he needs one.

18. Your dog doesn’t constantly watch sports on TV.

19. Dogs understand what NO means.

20. You can train a dog.