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Black Cavapoos: 10 Must-Know Facts About This Color!

10 must know facts about black cavapoos
Photo courtesy of @franklin_thecavapoo on Instagram.

Cavapoos can have a wide range of coat colors, but many people are surprised to learn that Cavapoos can be black!

While it might not be the first color that comes to mind when picturing this breed, black Cavapoos have some distinct advantages and disadvantages compared to other colors.  Believe it or not, there’s more to a Cavapoo’s coat color than meets the eye!

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This article will cover ten facts that every future owner of a black Cavapoo should know.  While there are pros and cons to this breed as a whole, these facts focus strictly on their black coat.

1. Cavapoos can have a solid black coat or black can be just one part of a bi or tri-color pattern.

Cavapoos can have a solid black coat, but more commonly, you’ll see black as just one part of a bi-color Cavapoo or a tri-color Cavapoo.

Some potential color combinations include:

  • Black and White Cavapoo
  • Black and Tan Cavapoo
  • Black and Gray Cavapoo
  • Black, Tan, and White Cavapoo

These color combinations can be classified into a few different types:

Parti Cavapoo: If more than 50% of a Cavapoo’s coat is white with patches of black.

Abstract Cavapoo: If more than 50% of a Cavapoo’s coat is black with patches of a lighter color.

Tuxedo Cavapoo: An abstract Cavapoo with white patches on the chest, making them look like they are wearing a tuxedo.

Jojo is a black, white, and tan tri-color Cavapoo.
Photo courtesy of @jojo.cavapoo on Instagram.

2. Black Cavapoos are relatively rare.

Black Cavapoos are relatively rare compared to other colors.  We estimate that only 4% of Cavapoos are solid black while another 5% of Cavapoos have black in a multi-color coat pattern.

This data is based on a random sampling we conducted of 500 social media posts containing photos of Cavapoos.  More popular colors of Cavapoos include apricot, tan, cream, and white, as well as the traditional Blenheim pattern of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

What’s interesting is that black isn’t inherently a rare characteristic of this breed.  Instead, many Cavapoo breeders actively try to avoid this color in their puppies because there is less demand for black Cavapoo puppies compared to other colors.

3. Black Cavapoos are generally cheaper than other Cavapoo colors.

Simply due to personal preference, many potential puppy buyers prefer other colors rather than solid black.  Since the demand for solid black Cavapoos is significantly lower than for different colors, breeders often have to compensate by offering lower prices on these puppies.

If you’re considering purchasing a Cavapoo puppy, you can save significant money by searching for a solid black Cavapoo instead of a more popular color.  These savings can sometimes be as much as $500.

While you may enjoy some savings on a solid black Cavapoo puppy, don’t expect a low price on a multi-color Cavapoo just because they are partially black.  Bi-color and tri-color Cavapoos tend to be even more expensive than their solid-color counterparts.

Photo courtesy of @franklin_thecavapoo on Instagram.

4. Any generation of Cavapoo can be black.

Mixing two breeds naturally gives you a grab bag of genetics.  However, both these parent breeds can have black in their coat.

With both parent breeds potentially carrying genes for a black coat, we can’t rule out this color based solely on which generation they are.  You’ll find black F1 Cavapoos, F1B Cavapoos, F2 Cavapoos, F1BB Cavapoos, etc.

While they may all have the potential to be black, that doesn’t make all Cavpaoo generations equal.  Check out this article, where we’ll explain what these labels mean and how they’ll impact your Cavapoo puppy selection.

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5. The coat of a black Cavapoo can fade as they get older.

Some black Cavapoo puppies will stay this striking dark shade their whole lives, while others will fade to a gray or silver color as they age.  This is called silvering and is caused by a subtle genetic difference.

A black Cavapoo can change color when they shed their puppy coat around 1-2 years old or later into their senior years.

If your breeder performs genetic testing on their dogs (and they should!), they’ll likely have some insight into whether you can expect a Cavapoo puppy’s black coat to change color as they grow older.

Photos courtesy of @willowandgwen on Instagram.

6. Getting a good photo of them can be challenging!

One unexpected side-effect of having a black Cavapoo is that it can be challenging to get a good photo of them!  You’ll often have trouble seeing their eyes in pictures as they get “lost” in their dark coat.

It’s still possible to get adorable photos of black dogs, but it’ll take patience, a good Cavapoo haircut, a bit of photography skill, and a decent-quality camera.  Expect to constantly be on the lookout for that elusive perfect lighting!

photographing a black cavapoo's eyes can be challenging
Photos courtesy of @ sailor.bree.the.cavapoo on Instagram.

7. Their coat may not be hypoallergenic.

Many people jump into bringing home a Cavapoo puppy, assuming they’re hypoallergenic.  While this can be true, it isn’t always.  Unfortunately, this false assumption can lead to puppies being brought back to breeders or taken to shelters for no fault of their own.

Read More: Are Cavapoos Hypoallergenic? (We Asked 72 Allergy Sufferers!)

Since Cavapoos are a mix that includes the non-hypoallergenic Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, they still may shed and trigger allergies.  Generations closer to the Poodle in DNA, such as the F1B or F1BB, may be safer bets at being hypoallergenic but still aren’t guaranteed.

If you are concerned about how your future Cavapoo may affect your allergies, consider asking your breeder to do a “t-shirt test.”  In this test, a breeder rubs a t-shirt on your prospective puppy before giving it to you.  If wearing the t-shirt or being around it for an extended period doesn’t make you symptomatic, you’ll likely be okay with that particular puppy.

black and tan cavapoo holding a bone
Photo courtesy of @kodabeartime on Instagram.

8. Most black Cavapoos have curly hair, but some have straight hair.

Cavapoos are often associated with an adorable curly coat that gives off teddy-bear vibes.  However, depending on how the genetic cards are dealt, their coat could be straight or wavy—more similar to that of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Cavapoos with straight hair are sometimes said to have improper or flat coats.  Flat coat Cavapoos will not be hypoallergenic and will likely shed.

They’re great for owners looking for a dog with many Cavalier King Charles Spaniel characteristics.  However, they’re not a good choice for those looking for the allergy-friendly benefits of this breed.

Most straight-hair Cavapoos are from the F1 or F2 generations. Some breeders even strive for these qualities by backcrossing a Cavapoo to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel instead of the Poodle. This rare pairing is called a reverse F1B Cavapoo.

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9. Due to their dark coat, black Cavapoos are at higher risk of overheating.

It’s common knowledge that darker-colored objects absorb heat and lighter-colored objects reflect heat.  However, most people don’t consider that this applies to a dog’s coat.

Expect a black Cavapoo to be slightly less susceptible to the cold and somewhat more vulnerable to the heat.  You’ll want to take precautions, particularly in the summer months, and be on the lookout for signs of heat exhaustion.

black and white parti cavapoo standing on a couch
Photo courtesy of @oreo_cavapoo_ on Instagram.

10. There are lots of fun names for black Cavapoos based on their appearance.

Many owners of black Cavapoos love their unique, striking color and even go so far as to name their puppy based on this appearance.  If you’re looking for a great name for a black Cavapoo, here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Blackbeard
  • Jet
  • Oreo
  • Licorice
  • Shadow
  • Ink
  • Slate
  • Soot
  • Charcoal
  • Onyx
  • Ebony
  • Stormy
  • Espresso
  • Pepper
  • Godiva
  • Bear
  • Ninja
  • Darth Vader (from Star Wars)
  • Kylo (from Star Wars)
  • Severus Snape (from Harry Potter)
  • Wednesday (from the Addams Family)
  • Midnight
  • Ash
  • Cinder
  • Coal
  • Phantom
  • Raven
  • Tar
  • Velvet
  • Twilight
  • Cocoa

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