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French Boodle Dog Breed: French Bulldog Poodle Mix

French Bulldog Poodle Mix

What is a French Boodle Dog?


French Bulldog Poodle Mix

Other Names:

Froodle, French Bulldog Poodle Mix

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French Bulldog Poodle Mix Breed History

French Bulldog Breed History:

Contrary to its name, the French Bulldog actually first traces back to England.  Bulldogs were a trademark of English culture.  Some cities like Nottingham started breeding toy Bulldogs.  This toy Bulldog caught on amongst lace makers in the area and was viewed as somewhat of a mascot for them.

Eventually, many of these lace makers, accompanied by their toy Bulldogs, moved to northern France due to their livelihood being threatened by the Industrial Revolution in England.  In the French countryside, the toy Bulldog was mixed with a combination of other breeds over time, likely Terriers and Pugs, to produce the French Bulldog we know today.

Bigger cities like Paris caught on and loved the new breed.  The French Bulldog became intertwined with French culture.  Towards the late part of the 19th century, the French Bulldog’s popularity had spread to America and across Europe.

In popular culture, a few examples of celebrities that have owned French Bulldogs are John Legend, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Madonna.  A French Bulldog named Stella is also featured in the TV series, “Modern Family.”

Poodle Breed History:

While commonly associated with the French, the Poodle actually originated as a duck hunter in Germany over 400 years ago.  In German, “pudelin” refers to the splashing in water that the dogs would do to retrieve waterfowl.  The Poodle’s curly, weatherproof coat as well as its natural swimming ability and high intelligence made it an excellent retriever.

Eventually, Poodles made their way from the lake to the life of luxury as they were the breed of choice by French nobles, and eventually royalty across all of Europe.  To this day, the Poodle is still the national dog of France.  The entertainment industry then caught on to the Poodle’s showy looks, intelligence, and ease of trainability and gave them a prominent role in circus acts across the world.

While the Poodle started out as the “standard” variety, eventually the miniature and toy variations were bred.  The Toy Poodle started in the United States in the early 20th century to be a city-dwelling companion dog.  Due to the many positive personality traits and its hypoallergenic coat, Poodles are now commonly bred with a wide variety of other breeds to produce the “designer” hybrid dogs known and loved by many as “doodles.”

French Boodle Breed History:

As is common with many varieties of doodles like the Pomapoo and the Yorkipoo, the French Boodle breed doesn’t have much of a documented backstory.  It was likely first intentionally bred around 30 years ago as a designer dog. 

The French Bulldog Poodle mix had the benefits of more genetic diversity to help reduce inherited health issues that plague purebreds.  Attempting to cross the French Bulldog’s physical characteristics with the Poodle’s hypoallergenic coat surely played a part as well.

French Bulldog Poodle Mix Appearance & Grooming

How Big Do French Boodles Get?

As with any doodle breed, the size of the French Boodle comes from two main factors—what size of Poodle was bred and the relative sizes of the parents.  Poodles can come in toy, miniature, and standard sizes.

French Boodles are never bred from Standard Poodles, only Miniature Poodles and Toy Poodles.  This is due to the size difference of the breeds.  French Boodles typically range in weight from 15-25 pounds and stand roughly 12-15 inches tall.

French Boodle Dog Breed Coat & Grooming:

The French Bulldog Poodle mix tends to have a shorter, shiny coat but this can vary depending on which parent the French Boodle puppy predominantly gets this trait from.

As you can imagine, their coats can come in a variety of different colors including black, white, cream, brown, gray, or a mix of any of these.  This depends a lot on the coloring of their parents and your breeder should have a good idea of what colors will be in any particular litter.

Are French Boodles Hypoallergenic?
Do French Boodles Shed?

While Poodles are hypoallergenic and non-shedding, French Bulldogs are not hypoallergenic and shed quite a bit.  Whether a French Bulldog Poodle mix sheds depends on which parent they inherited that trait from.  Do not bank on a French Boodle puppy being non-shedding or hypoallergenic.

While crossing the French Bulldog with a Poodle may produce less shedding French Boodle puppies, you should still make sure you have a good vacuum handy and are prepared to clean up after your dog if they are a shedder.

Remember, the higher percentage of Poodle the puppy is will increase the likelihood of them being hypoallergenic.  For example, an F1B French Boodle (25% French Bulldog / 75% Poodle) is more likely to be hypoallergenic than an F1 French Boodle (50% French Bulldog / 50% Poodle.)

French Bulldog Poodle Mix Health & Wellness

French Boodle Dog Breed Lifespan:

The lifespan of a French Boodle dog is roughly 11-13 years in length, assuming proper care and good health.

French Boodle Dog Breed Common Health Concerns:

As you would expect, the French Boodle can have some of the genetic issues of both the Poodle and the French Bulldog.  However, thanks for being a crossbreed and having more genetic diversity, the French Bulldog Poodle mix is less likely to get any of these conditions than its purebred ancestors.

As an owner of a French Boodle, here are a few of the health concerns you should be on the lookout for in the Poodle Bulldog Mix: Patellar Luxation, Brachycephalic Syndrome, Urolithiasis, and Hip Dysplasia.

Due to the cost of treating these common health concerns, we highly encourage all dog owners invest in pet insurance. We recommend getting a free online quote from Healthy Paws Pet Insurance.

French Bulldog Poodle Mix Temperament & Personality

French Boodle Dog Breed Behavioral Traits:

The French Boodle has an endearing personality that many people fall in love with.  They are extremely affectionate towards their family.  This is great, but can reach a point where it turns into neediness and can result in separation anxiety.

They would fit better in a family where there is often someone at home.  Too much alone time can result in destructive behavior, especially amongst newer dog owners who aren’t pros and handling this issue.

They are very friendly and are not known to bark a lot.  While this doesn’t make them great guard dogs, it does make them excellent apartment dwellers.

French Boodle Dog Breed Activity Requirements:

French Boodles can be spunky little dogs who love pleasing and being around their humans.  However, as far as the exercise spectrum of doodle breeds goes, they are quite low-maintenance.  Most of their daily exercise can be accomplished with playtime.

The rest can happen over the course of a few very short walks that double as potty-breaks throughout the day.  In fact, the flatter the face your pup has, the less strenuous exercise they should be doing.

French Bulldog Poodle Mix Pictures

French Boodle Dog
Photo courtesy of @liillyy.and.maaddiie on Instagram.
French Boodle Breed of Dog
Photo courtesy of @nico.frenchboodle on Instagram.
Poodle Bulldog Mix
Photo courtesy of @claudiasimaes on Instagram.

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