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20 Doodle Influencers You Should Be Following in 2020

doodle influencers

Let’s face it. In a world full of negativity our social media feeds can get downright depressing. I may be biased, but what better way is there to shut out all that negativity than by flooding our feeds with doodles?

For all of us crazy doodle parents who created separate Instagram accounts for our dogs, we have our Popular Doodle Follow Furiends to connect with each other and share photos to our heart’s content!

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However, if you really want the full doodle-filled internet experience, there are 20 accounts that you absolutely don’t want to miss out on!

These doodle influencers form two groups—compilation accounts which feature user-submitted doodle photos and individual ‘dogfluencer’ accounts. Regardless of category, they all stood out for not just the size of their audience, but the quality of their content!

Let’s get started on overhauling your social media, one doodle at a time! While you’re at it, don’t forget to follow Popular Doodle on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Feature / Compilation Accounts



Username: doodletales

Total Followers: 267,000

Platform Links: Instagram | Facebook

About: Samantha and her Goldendoodle Rusty (@rustydood) are the “doodlemasters” behind DoodleTales. I believe DoodleTales was the first-ever doodle account I followed and one of my personal favorites!

Why You Should Follow: With fun themes like “My Hooman and Me Monday” and “All Puppies Thursday,” this is more than just an account that features photos…it’s an engaging, doodle-obsessed community! They even use their influencer powers for good with a yearly, DoodleTales charity calendar.

i love goldendoodles

I Love Goldendoodles

Username: goldendoodlesforever

Total Followers: 52,000

Platform Links: Facebook

About: “Goldendoodles make life worth living…GOLDENDOODLES ARE LOVE!” This Facebook page features user-submitted doodle photos a few times per day and accepts submissions via Facebook messenger.

Why You Should Follow: If you want less negativity and more adorable Goldendoodles in your Facebook feed, give this page a like. It may be basic without elaborate captions or varying themes, but it’s consistently cute and that’s what really matters!


Doodles of the World

Username: doodlesoftheworld

Total Followers: 150,000

Platform Links: Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | Website

About: This brand was founded after doodle-mom Michelle created an account for her own pups @quinn_doodle. She quickly discovered how much she loved engaging with the doodle community as her pups became influencers in their own right! Not only did she start Doodles of the World, but she created @doodlesofcalifornia as well!

Why You Should Follow: This is a great example of a passionate doodle-mom doing something extraordinary! What started out as a basic Instagram account has grown to a vast, engaged community across several accounts and platforms…they even their own website which has some helpful content for doodle owners on it as well!


Goldendoodles of Instagram

Username: goldendoodlesofinstagram

Total Followers: 218,000

Platform Links: Instagram

About: They showcase high-quality photos and videos of Goldendoodles from across Instagram. All content is user-generated and you can tag or DM them for a chance to get your Goldendoodle featured as well!

Why You Should Follow: If you want some extra doodles sprinkled in your Instagram feed without it becoming exclusively dogs, this is the account for you! They only post a handful of times each week, and when they do it’s always worth it!


Doodle Lovers of IG

Username: doodleloversofig

Total Followers: 167,000

Platform Links: Instagram

About: This account features randomly-selected doodles from across Instagram. While it looks like they’ve taken a brief hiatus from posting, let’s hope they’ll be back at it soon with more adorable content!

Why You Should Follow: Not only will your Instagram feed become 10x cuter, but they also have some pretty great doodle-themed attire to make your wardrobe 10x cuter!

i love my goldendoodle

I Love My Goldendoodle

Username: iheartmygoldendoodle

Total Followers: 43,000

Platform Links: Facebook

About: This is a Goldendoodle dedicated Facebook page part of the iHeartDogs network.

Why You Should Follow: Not only do they feature some user-submitted Goldendoodle pictures, but they also share some entertaining and informative articles from the iHeartDogs website. If you’re a sucker for quick, feel-good dog stories, you’ll fit right in here!

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Individual Dog Accounts


Mini Doodle Bentley

Username: minidoodlebentley

Total Followers: 1,136,000

Platform Links: Instagram | Facebook | TikTok

About: “A goofy Goldendoodle that can’t control my excitement when dad gets home. I also refuse to go outside or to bed without a stuffed animal joining me!”

Why You Should Follow: With over a MILLION followers across his platforms, Bentley is the definition of a true doodle celebrity!



Username: reagandoodle

Total Followers: 563,000

Platform Links: Instagram | Facebook | Website

About: “Your daily dose of doodle. I’m an Australian Labradoodle who loves people, the camera, and treats.”

Why You Should Follow: Behind the hilarious poses and adorable photos is the true, feel-good story of how an adopted dog and a foster child developed an unforgettable friendship. This story has even spawned into a book which you can find on his website!

That Dood Squad

That Dood Squad

Username: thatdoodsquad

Total Followers: 125,000

Platform Links: Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | Website

About: Get ready, because this isn’t just one doodle influencer, it’s a SQUAD of them! This group of fluffy friends is comprised of @bernadettethedood, @doodleandthehound, @misslolathegoldendoodle, @sheldonthedood, @sheepish_addie, @letsgopacker, and @unleash_the_tank.

Why You Should Follow: For every season, every holiday, and every special event you can possibly think of, there is a themed Doodle Squad photo to go along with it!

that goldendoodle

That Goldendoodle

Username: thatgoldendoodle

Total Followers: 419,000

Platform Links: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok

About: “That Goldendoodle Murphy identifies as human & thinks every hour should be happy hour.” THAT Goldendoodle is actually now TWO Goldendoodles! Murphy and Malibu are the stars of this widely-followed account.

Why You Should Follow: With their hilariously silly poses, costumes, and captions, you’re going to feel like these two celebrity Goldendoodles understand you better than most humans do!

Skylie Ryce

Username: skyliedoodle

Total Followers: 132,000

Platform Links: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Website

About: “I’m a sassy Miniature Australian Labradoodle & a perpetually optimistic hooligan. I love being a social butterfly, playing fetch, & collecting sticks.”

Why You Should Follow: Like Skylie’s personality, the captions that go along with her adorable photos are endlessly optimistic and will be sure to brighten your day.

oliver the goldendoodle

Oliver the Goldendoodle

Username: oliverthegoldendoodle

Total Followers: 170,000

Platform Links: Instagram | Facebook | TikTok

About: While Oliver is the original namesake of the account, there are now two stars—Oliver and Sullivan!

Why You Should Follow: These F1B Goldendoodle brothers from North Carolina are masters in front of the camera. Between their adorably-themed photographs, these two good boys can be found doing modeling and sponsorships for popular pet products.

Charlie & Sawyer, Dogs of NYC puppynamedcharlie

Charlie & Sawyer, Dogs of NYC

Username: puppynamedcharlie

Total Followers: 160,000

Platform Links: Instagram | Facebook | TikTok

About: Charlie and Sawyer know a thing or two about being influencers. Their mom, Paige, is the co-founder of The Pet Summit, a series of classes designed for pet-related influencers and small businesses.

Why You Should Follow: While people tend to automatically associate doodles as designer dogs you get from a breeder, that doesn’t have to be the case! Charlie and Sawyer do a great job of raising awareness for adopting pets and spreading love and adorable photos during the process!

datdoodle brodie the goldendoodle

Brodie the Goldendoodle

Username: brodiethatdood / datdoodle

Total Followers: 961,000

Platform Links: Instagram | TikTok

About: Brodie is an F1 Standard Goldendoodle from southern Florida who, along with his dad Cliff, make some incredibly entertaining videos on TikTok and Instagram.

Why You Should Follow: You HAVE to see Brodie cruising around town, head hanging out of the car, wearing cool, reflective eye goggles!

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what_about_bunny sheepadoodle

What About Bunny

Username: what_about_bunny

Total Followers: 5,600,000

Platform Links: Instagram | Facebook | TikTok

About: This list would not be complete without the infamous Bunny. Bunny the Sheepadoodle has skyrocketed into being a household name during 2020. The reason behind this is that her mom, Alexis, has been teaching her how to talk using a serious of buttons which say various words when pressed.

Why You Should Follow: Come on, how can you not be fascinated and amazed by a talking dog…especially when she’s this cute?!

Wrigley & Theo

Username: wrigleyandtheo

Total Followers: 55,000

Platform Links: Instagram | Facebook | TikTok

About: “🐻 Cub Lovin’ 🐶 Frisbee Chasin’ 🕺🏻 Party Searchin’ 🙈 Trouble makin’ 😈 Always Shenaniganin’ Doodle Bros”

Why You Should Follow: With their matching attire and captivating smiles, what is there not to love about this dynamic doodle duo?!

kipperthecavapoo kipper & holly the cavapoos

Kipper & Holly the Cavapoos

Username: kipperthecavapoo

Total Followers: 78,000

Platform Links: Instagram

About: “Cavapoo duo with some tricks up our sleeves!” From San Diego, CA.

Why You Should Follow: Their Instagram Reels videos are just the right combination of cute and comical!

doodlenessa nessa + macie doodle

Nessa + Macie Doodle

Username: doodlenessa

Total Followers: 23,000

Platform Links: Twitter

About: “2 crazy Doodles always up to no good. Follow us for your daily dose of Doodle shenanigans. #WhatsInMeMouth? Sometimes our tweets get us in trouble. #Sarcasm”

Why You Should Follow: These two doodles are pure, unfiltered, comedy gold. Honestly, their cute faces and terribly-funny dad jokes may be the only reason I still use Twitter! 😂

Mochi and the City

Username: mochiandthecity

Total Followers: 101,000

Platform Links: Instagram | Facebook | Website

About: “Mochi is a 5 year old maltipoo living in New York City. Weighing in at just about 6 pounds, Mochi is a mini style-setter and dog model who knows the importance of finding the best Instagram spots wherever she goes!”

Why You Should Follow: Between fashion, wine, modeling, and traveling, Mochi is the pup of all trades!

samsonthedood samson the goldendoodle

Samson the Goldendoodle

Username: samsonthedood

Total Followers: 951,000

Platform Links: Instagram | Facebook | TikTok

About: Samson is a Canadian, Aquarius, F1B Goldendoodle who lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Why You Should Follow: Making frequent appearances on Samson’s account is his little human, Theo. If watching these buddies explore (and often snuggle) along with their other fluffy siblings doesn’t make you happy, I don’t know what will!