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Male vs Female Cockapoo: Here’s How to Decide!

male vs female cockapoo
Photo Credit: @aura_the_cockapoo on Instagram

Many prospective puppy owners have strong opinions on whether they should get a male vs female Cockapoo.  Others aren’t sure and are trying to make sure they make the right choice.

Luckily, the answer is more simple than you think!  In this article, we’ll go over the similarities and differences between the male and female Cockapoo.  We’ll look at their size, appearance, health, personality, and behavioral traits and help you decide whether a male or female Cockapoo is best for your family!

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It’s important to remember that for this article’s purposes, we’ll assume that you’re planning on spaying or neutering your Cockapoo during the timeframe recommended by your veterinarian.

Size & Appearance Differences Between the Male vs Female Cockapoo

In general, male Cockapoos will grow to be about 10% larger than female Cockapoos.  However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule and greatly depends on an individual dog’s lineage and genetics.

Remember that this 10% difference in average height and weight isn’t going to be incredibly noticeable with a typically small breed like the Cockapoo.  Could you tell the difference between an 18 and 20-pound dog?  Probably not.

Out of the four sizes of Cockapoos, you’ll be most likely to tell the difference between males and females with the largest size—the standard Cockapoo.

While male Cockapoos may grow larger, female Cockapoos usually mature faster.  So up until around 1-2 years old, female Cockapoo puppies may be bigger than their male littermates!

Health Differences Between the Male vs Female Cockapoo

Cockapoos tend to be a healthy breed in general, but there are still plenty of serious health issues that can affect their length and quality of life.  The good and bad news is that, aside from pregnancy and birth-related issues, gender doesn’t play a significant role in your Cockapoo’s health.

I typically recommend all Cockapoo owners do two things to help them prepare for potential health risks in their dog:

  1. Screen for genetic disease risks with a mail-in DNA test like this one from Embark. It can help you and your dog’s veterinarian know what to be on the lookout for and help catch symptoms and begin treatment early.
  2. Invest in a comprehensive pet insurance policy.  Healthy Paws and Embrace are the two companies I hear most often recommended by Poodle-mix owners, so I’d encourage you to compare their plans, coverages, and prices to see which is best for you.

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Personality Differences Between the Male vs Female Cockapoo

You’ll hear a lot of unsubstantiated claims from Cockapoo owners and breeders:

  • “Male Cockapoos are more aggressive than female Cockapoos.”
  • “Female Cockapoos are more social while male Cockapoos are more independent.”
  • “Female Cockapoos are more docile and obedient than male Cockapoos.”
  • Etc.

While there may be slight personality trends when comparing intact Cockapoos, if your dog is spayed or neutered within a normal timeframe, none of these will be present or noticeable.  Personality will depend far more on the individual puppy you choose than whether they are a male or female Cockapoo.

If you’re planning on fixing your dog, don’t let the above myths sway you in one direction or the other.

Behavioral Differences Between the Male vs Female Cockapoo

The two most common behaviors commonly associated with male dogs are territory marking and humping.  The stigma of these negative behaviors often keeps potential Cockapoo owners from choosing a male puppy.

However, these traits are far more common in intact males than in fixed males.  Additionally, even female Cockapoos hump and mark territory from time to time.  Humping, especially, is more of a display of dominance than a sexual gesture for most Cockapoos.

While you may prefer a female’s “classier” way of squatting to pee rather than raising a leg, that’s really the most prominent difference if your Cockapoo puppy will be spayed or neutered promptly.

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Which Gender Should You Choose?

Many veterinarians and canine behavioral experts believe that we tend to over-value the gender of a potential puppy.  It can be tempting to treat puppies like human babies and “personify” them based on gender, but it wouldn’t necessarily be accurate.

Instead of giving too much thought to whether you prefer a boy Cockapoo or a girl Cockapoo, here are a few other questions to focus your time on during this exciting and stressful process:

  • Is the Cockapoo the right breed for me?  Do I know the pros and cons of this breed?  Do I want to consider other Poodle-mix breeds as well, like the Cavapoo or Goldendoodle?
  • Will I adopt a Cockapoo or purchase one from a breeder?  If using a breeder, have I made sure they’re reputable, knowledgable, and ethical, or do they have red flags?
  • What size of Cockapoo do I prefer?  Am I looking for a dog that will look like a puppy forever, or do I want a larger dog?
  • What generation of Cockapoo is best for me?  Do I need to worry about them being allergy-friendly and low-shedding, or are those not concerns for my family?
  • Am I prepared to welcome a new dog into my house?  Do I have all the necessary supplies?
  • Am I aware of the training, grooming, and exercise demands of a Cockapoo?  Is my family on board?

As you can see, there are lots of questions to ponder!  Gender is like which color of Cockapoo you choose—it’s fun to think about but comes secondary to the more critical factors!

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