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Maltipoo Haircuts: Before & After Photos of Grooming Styles!

Getting your Maltipoo a haircut can be a stressful experience as a pet parent!  What if their new hair style looks silly?  What if they come home completely shaved?

Don’t worry, all of these concerns are totally normal to have!  Luckily, by being proactive and researching Maltipoo hair styles in advance, we can communicate more effectively with groomers and get exactly the look we imagined!

In this article, we’ll give you the rundown on all the most popular haircut ideas for Maltipoos—complete with pictures!  Keep reading afterward, as we’ll give you some incredibly useful Maltipoo grooming tips to make your next experience a positive one for everyone involved!

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Traditional & Cute Maltipoo Haircuts

Maltipoo Teddy Bear Cut

The Maltipoo teddy bear cut is the most popular style for this breed!  It’s a “classic” style that people associate with Poodle mixes of all types.

To achieve this Maltipoo haircut, the body and legs should be cut to a length between 1-2 inches with the hair around the paws rounded off.  The body will be mostly uniform in length but blended up to a longer face and head.

The face and head is what sets the Maltipoo teddy bear cut apart.  The hair around the face and head should be a longer length than the body, particularly around the muzzle.  Rounding scissors will be used to give your pup the signature teddy bear look you know and love!

While this is an adorable Maltipoo hair style, it requires a lot of constant trimming and brushing to keep it looking neat and tidy!

Photos courtesy of @bailey_teddybear_maltipoo on Instagram.

Maltipoo Puppy Cut

A Maltipoo puppy cut is a great style for any age of dog, not just puppies!  The name comes from how youthful this cute haircut makes them look.

Don’t confuse it with a “puppy trim,” which usually refers to a puppy’s first appointment at the groomer to help them get acclimated to the experience.

The Maltipoo puppy cut is achieved by trimming the body, legs, and head all to a uniform length of between 1-2 inches.

This look is often confused with the teddy bear cut due to how similar they are.  The key difference is that in a teddy bear cut, the head and face are trimmed to a longer length than the body.  With a puppy cut, all the hair is trimmed to the same length from head to tail.

Photos courtesy of @jellyandchelsea on Instagram.

Maltipoo Summer Cut

Short Maltipoo haircuts, also called Maltipoo summer cuts, are becoming an increasingly popular choice!

This hairstyle is adorable yet incredibly easy to maintain due to its short length.  It’s perfect for pups who hate the groomer or pet parents who want to limit how much time they spend brushing.

To achieve the Maltipoo summer cut, trim the entire body and legs to a uniform length—typically around half an inch or shorter.  You can choose to either keep the head, face, and tail a uniform, shorter length or give them a longer, teddybear-style look.

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While this haircut is very practical, keep in mind that your Maltipoo may be chilly in the winter months.  Consider your local temperatures and how much time your pup will be spending outdoors.

If you opt for this style year-round you’ll definitely want to invest in a doggy coat or sweater.  Even then, be mindful of ensuring your dog isn’t in cold weather for an extended amount of time.

Photos courtesy of Shweta Mishra on Facebook.

Shaved Maltipoo

Having your Maltipoo shaved down is different than simply getting a summer cut.  This “hair style” is almost exclusively reserved for matted Maltipoos or those experiencing other health issues.

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While it won’t permanently damage their coat, shaving your Maltipoo to the skin is not recommended unless necessary.  Not only will it expose your pup to the cold weather, but it will also leave them susceptible to harmful UV rays from the sun.

If your Maltipoo has significant matting, however, this is the look you’ll end up getting whether you want it or not.

This isn’t because your groomer is mean, it’s for your dog’s health.  Matting isn’t just uncomfortable for your dog—it can lead to bruising and other skin issues.

If your Maltipoo gets shaved, try not to fret!  While they may look a bit scrawny at first, their hair will grow enough in around 2-3 weeks where it’ll look more like a summer cut than a shave down.

Photos courtesy of Theresa Bono Tate on Facebook.
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Fun & Unique Maltipoo Haircuts

Maltipoo Poodle Cut

There isn’t one specific “Maltipoo Poodle cut.” Instead, this term is used to describe a category of similar haircut styles.  There are lots of terms for these individual styles like continental cut, town and country cut, lion cut, Miami cut, bikini cut, etc.

While all of these styles may have slight differences, they all are reminiscent of what you’d expect a show Poodle to look like.  Many have shaved faces, “clean” (aka shaved) feet, and “pom poms” of fluff on the legs or tail.

For this reason, Maltipoo Poodle cuts are polarizing and many owners stay far, far away from them.  However, if you and your dog have an eccentric side that you love to show off, it may be worth a try!

Photos courtesy of Sherri Lewis on Facebook.

Maltipoo Maltese Cut

There isn’t specific criteria for a Maltipoo Maltese cut.  Rather, this term is a general request to have your groomer cut your dog’s hair in a style similar to that of their parent breed.

Keep in mind, there isn’t just one way to cut a Maltese’s hair—they have many styles to choose from just like the Maltipoo!  Without further specification you could end up with a generic puppy cut or a the long, floor-length hairstyle that many show dogs of this breed sport.

Two examples of typical Maltese haircuts.

Maltipoo Shih Tzu Cut

It may seem odd to get your dog groomed similar to a completely different breed, but that’s exactly the idea behind the Maltipoo Shih Tzu cut.

Much like the Maltese cut, the Shih Tzu cut is just a general request rather than a specific hairstyle.

Two examples of typical Shih Tzu haircuts.

Maltipoo Mohawk

If you’re really looking to show off your dog’s wild side, a Maltipoo mohawk may be just the way to do that!  This is exactly what it sounds like—your Maltipoo will have a longer strip of hair on the top of their head!

Sometimes a Maltipoo mohawk will be dyed a fun color like blue, pink, or purple!  Keep in mind, this isn’t a full haircut, but rather a part of one.  It’s usually paired with a Maltipoo summer cut.

Photos courtesy of @babyjaxthemaltipoo on Instagram.

Maltipoo Lamb Cut

The Maltipoo lamb cut is a distinctly unique look that strives to resemble the appearance of a baby sheep.  This as achieved by trimming the legs to a longer length than the body.

This style oftentimes comes with a shaved Poodle-like face.  However, you can ask your groomer to leave it at a uniform length or cut it teddybear-style if you prefer.

Photos courtesy of Alexis El Moon on Facebook.

Which Maltipoo Hairstyle Should I Try?

Here are a few factors to consider when narrowing down which Maltipoo haircut ideas are right for you…

1. What’s you (and your dog’s) personality?  Will you be happy with this cut a week from now?  A month from now?

2. What is the weather like in your area?  Warm?  Cold?

3. Does your Maltipoo go outside and get dirty often?  While products like the MudBuster can help make cleaning dirty paws a breeze, it’s far easier with a short Maltipoo haircut.

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4. How often can you commit to brushing?  Keeping up with a longer hair style can be a big time suck otherwise you risk your Maltipoo becoming matted.  Shorter styles still require regular brushing, just not quite as frequently.

Maltipoo Grooming Tips

Start Grooming Early

From the day your bring your Maltipoo puppy home, you should start getting them comfortable with people touching their paws, ears, tail, etc.  This will go a long way towards lessening their future anxiety at the groomer.

Brushing your puppy frequently and even getting them used to the sound of blow dryers and hair clippers can be extremely useful as well!

Once your Maltipoo puppy is 16 weeks old, you’ll want to schedule their first “puppy trim.”  This isn’t a full haircut, but rather a simple trim of their face and sanitary areas.  This gets them used to the grooming process, equipment, and environment early.

Once your Maltipoo has reached 6 months in age you can take them to the groomer for their first full haircut.  It’s important not to go prior to 6 months, as your Maltipoo’s adult coat is still developing and a full groom this early could damage it permanently.

You may not get the same time advantage of getting your Maltipoo used to grooming as a puppy if you choose to adopt. However, even if you rescue an older Maltipoo, it’s important to ease them into a grooming routine as soon as possible.

Photo courtesy of @hala_the_maltipoo_ on Instagram.

Find the Right Groomer or Try DIY Grooming

Grooming a Maltipoo is no easy task and finding someone who can do it well is even harder!  Look online for reviews from owners of Maltipoos or other Poodle mixes to see who does a good job in your community.

Many groomers will show examples of their work on their website or social media accounts.

Even after this research, it may take a few attempts before you find a groomer who you like their haircuts, you communicate effectively with, and who has experience with Maltipoos.

When you find a groomer you like, build a good relationship with them and be sure to tip well!  Finding someone who your dog is comfortable with and does a good job is like striking gold, so appreciate them!

Alternatively, it’s become increasingly popular for owners to try DIY Maltipoo grooming at home.  While I personally like to leave this job to a professional, there are definitely some advantages to this!

Not only will your pup be more comfortable having someone they know and trust groom them, but you’ll save a good amount of money over your Maltipoo’s lifetime as well!  While proper grooming equipment isn’t cheap, it’ll pay for itself after only a couple haircuts.

You’ll want to be sure that you know what you’re doing before you attempt giving your dog a DIY haircut.  Here’s an online video course that does a good job at teaching you the basics!

Use Before & After Photos of Your Favorite Maltipoo Hairstyle

If you want to avoid your Maltipoo coming home with a haircut you despise, clear communication is key!

When it comes to grooming, everybody has different interpretations of what terms mean.  For example, if you simply ask for a “summer cut” with no other instructions, you could get a variety of different looks.  Some you may be happy with, others you may not.

The easiest way to ensure your Maltipoo looks exactly how you imagined is by showing your groomer a photo.  This can be an old photo of your dog after a haircut you liked or simply a photo of a Maltipoo hair style you found on the internet!

This article is filled with a variety of Maltipoo haircut pictures to choose from.  If you like any of them in particular, show it to your groomer on your phone or print it out so they can reference it!

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Brush Frequently to Avoid Maltipoo Matting

If you have a matted Maltipoo, there’s a good chance they’ll need to be shaved whether you like it or not.  While some matting can be brushed out, once it gets past a certain point brushing can be too painful and shaving is the only option.

If your Maltipoo gets shaved because of matting, don’t take it out on your groomer.  They’re doing their job and prioritizing your dog’s health and comfort.

While Maltipoos are prone to matting easily thanks to their high-maintenance coat, it’s easily avoidable by brushing frequently!

Expect to brush your Maltipoo at least every other day, but potentially every day if their coat is particularly long or curly.

Use the Right Equipment

Just as important as brushing enough is using the right tools to do so.  With Poodle mixes like the Maltipoo, sometimes a generic brush from the dog store just isn’t going to cut it!

I switched from a normal slicker brush to the Chris Christensen Baby G and I can’t even begin to describe how much of a difference it made!

Without brushing any more frequently or using any different techniques, my dog hasn’t had any matting since switching.  It does such a good job at working through dense, curly Maltipoo hair!

Chris Christensen Baby G Dog Slicker Brush

Don’t Forget the Teeth & Nails

Taking care of your Maltipoo’s teeth and nails is an often overlooked part of their grooming regimen.

Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly and giving them dental treats is more than just good hygiene.  It can protect them from a variety of Maltipoo health issues!

Trimming your pup’s nails in between grooming appointments will keep them stronger and healthier.  It’ll also protect your floor (and you) from scratches!  Be sure to learn how to use nail clippers properly on your dog so you don’t cut too far and cause them to bleed!

Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Dogs

Maltipoo Grooming FAQs

How much does a Maltipoo grooming appointment cost?

Expect to pay between $50-75 on average for a full-service grooming appointment for your Maltipoo.  This typically includes a haircut, bath, nail trim, and brushing.

Expect to pay more if you want extras included such as scented shampoos, specialty hair styles, nail grinding, teeth brushing, etc.

The average cost of Maltipoo haircuts are lower than many other Poodle mixes due to their small size. Keep in mind that this price can vary depending on the cost of living in your area, your Maltipoo’s age, as well as what hair style you’re looking for.

How fast does Maltipoo hair grow back?

After being shaved, a Maltipoo’s hair will begin to look “normal” again in about 2-3 weeks.  It’ll grow back completely to the point where they’ll need another haircut in about 2-4 months.

How often do Maltipoos need haircuts?

How often you take your Maltipoo to the groomer is dependent on what hairstyle they have as well as your preferences.

If your Maltipoo gets a short haircut and you let it grow out to being super fluffy again, you can probably go as long as 2-3 months between grooming appointments.

However, if your Maltipoo has a teddy bear cut or puppy cut that you want to keep looking neat and tidy, you’ll be visiting the grooming salon every 3-6 weeks.

When should a Maltipoo puppy’s first haircut be?

While Maltipoos can have “puppy trims” starting at 16 weeks of age, they shouldn’t get a full haircut until they are 6 months old.  Waiting this long will protect the development of their adult coat from potential damage.

What is the best Maltipoo winter cut?

Many Maltipoo owners opt for teddy bear cuts or puppy cuts during the winter months.  This keeps the coat longer to insulate their dog from the chilly weather.

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